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Can anyone do this/

PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 9:02 am
by GuruKaPyara
Please UpLoad Dukhbhanjni Sahib by ANy kirtani or raagi

Re: Can anyone do this/

PostPosted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 3:46 am
by admin

please dont do this

PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2012 10:52 am
by navneet7575
what is the bull shit is going on this website, why u people created a PUNJAB a different Country apart from India, Is punjab a different country , it is not included in INDIA & why u mention Khalistan, Is there any place in the world called Khalistan, I wnat to to know, why ur website creating this bull shit things, why r u creating this things , is this to create bad situations in India, we all are Indians , please dont do this, pls delete your columns when we are signing up ur user id.

Navneet Singh Bhatia
A sikh person

Re: Can anyone do this/

PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 6:55 am
by issondhi
GuruKaPyara wrote:Please UpLoad Dukhbhanjni Sahib by ANy kirtani or raagi

guru pyario -VJKK VJKF.Please do not be misled by such words ,"Dukh Nivaran sahib/Dukh bhanjani sahib.'Gurbaani- Guru Di Baani saari hi Dukh Bhanjani hai. Ik vaari Amrit vele Vaheguru vaheguru da simran ik man ik chit kar ke vekho." Kar isnaan Simar Prabh Apna Man Tan Bhaye Aroga. Bhul Chuk di Mafi.

Re: Can anyone do this/

PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 10:11 am
by carlos
Dear Mr Navneet, we have well heard: God made humans and men made divisions. Like lands, territories, countries, castes, creeds, communities, religions, dharmas, and a long etc.

So all these divisions are not new. We must bear in mind, if this creation has to continue, imperfections have to continue also. It is true, that because of these imperfections many have killed and given their lives as an act of something heroic, which has led them directly to their pitfall, as having missed their chance of this human birth to merge with Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

Only Wahiguru Akal Purukh, His Sants and Sach Khand are pure and perfect, and these have to be our objective.

The lord knows very well, how to handle His creation. That is His job. Not ours.

So let us not get entangled in Maya and it´s web.

Having said that, please do not use any foul language. You are requested to be polite and gentle, you may freely express yourself, if not, you may take leave, nobody forces you to stay here, only do not use harsh and hard words.

Everybody has freedom to express himself or herself, but nobody is allowed to behave improperly.

Hum kookar Tere Darbar....

pls remove khalista from your website as a cpuntry

PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 12:38 pm
by navneet7575
it means u r creating a wrong environment about sikhism, just tell me one hing where is the khalistan, don try to be over smart under the gurbani, by doing all these things you creating a things like u are starting a fight against India our own country.
I m not doing any fight, this is a humble request to removes these columns from website, this creates a bad impression against our nation & world sikhism also.

Re: Can anyone do this/

PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 12:43 pm
by navneet7575
Everybody has freedom to express himself or herself, but nobody is allowed to behave improperly.
yes but in law, in country law but this is totally wrong, it should be notice & it should be removed.
pls don't misled all these things in sikhism. we all are Indians,

Re: Can anyone do this/

PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 2:57 pm
by carlos
Can you please cool down! You are in a state of agitation, so you have not even read or understood properly what I have written. I am totally against any caste , creed or country. I am a human being, and so I try to live. So what if we are indians? Are we going to live here forever? No. Then?

We are spiritual beings, going through human experiences. Our true nature is spiritual(soul). Nobody is trying to be smart under Gurbani...that is your misconception. Rather, Gurbani gives us the right perspective to perceive life from a broader point of view . That is all.

I do not say, we do not have fanatics, who mix politics with Gurmukhta, but Gurbani, deals only with soul(atma) and Wahiguru Akal Purukh(the Lord), through love and devotion. Anybody trying to get other things from it, is an ignorant...leading himself and others to a huge loss, the loss of the chance given by Wahiguru, to return back home.

So you see, Gurbani has nothing to do with politics or desh bhakti.

Gurbani by itself is nothing but mahima of Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad and Gurmukhs.

These petty things of countries, races and nations, communities are useless things. We have to improve ourselves and be better human beings.

For me what others write or do, matters nothing...but only if someone has love and devotion for Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

As it is said: Sahib ke darbar mein , kewal bhakti aur pyar!!!

Re: Can anyone do this/

PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 5:48 am
by Greenlandzone
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