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Brazilian SIkh

PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 1:24 am
by patyjam
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

I'm Patrícia, from Brazil.
I had the chance to know about Sikhi two years back, through an Indian-English friend.
Last year I went to India to meet some Sikh friends and I lived with two Sikh families as well ...
From Christian to Sikh here I am now... Growing my hair, doing path and learning how to play kirtans... actually I do not knwo where to find chorus! :(

Well, have got many things to learn!!

Guru Fateh Ji!


Re: Brazilian SIkh

PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 2:50 am
by admin
Guru fateh ji!!!!

Welcome to Sikhi and!!!

I hope Sikhi will help you become one with God. It's very good that you're learning to do kirtan, so congratulations on that. If you need any particular shabads let us know. Also, you can check for english translations and transliterations, which can be helpful. I think one of these sites also has online tutorials for new kirtan lovers.

Sorry for the slow welcome. This site isn't so populated with talkative people, most of them tend to be kirtan lovers and downloaders. But you can find better Sikh forums where you can learn a lot more through discussions and help, some of the popular ones are:

Re: Brazilian SIkh

PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 2:56 am
by patyjam
Waheguru Ji KA Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki FAteh...

Dear bhai,

I appreciate yor welcome response and I'm glad that I've found a way to know more and more about shabads/kirtans.

Actually as I do not play the harmonium not (and we do not have it here in Brazil) I 've been trying on the keyboard, using accordion/harminica style... It's been really amazing to be able to sing to our Babaji, but I really wanted to have some more guidancy... What I meant in my previous message was not "chorus" but "chords".. :oops:

There is a way Western musical notation adopt as a matter of guuiding those who are not able to read "musical partiturs'.
For example, is a song, the letters C D E F G L B are used to represent the musical notes do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, which would be those sa, re, ga, ma, pa... you know? Then the "notation" would be something like that: *(bla bla bla= any song lyric)

C D G G# A F D
bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

So, that was what I was wondering.. If there is something like this "notation" anywhere to guide kirtans doers...

I look forward to hearing from you....

Rabb rakhaa...

Patrícia from Brazil :roll:

Re: Brazilian SIkh

PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:44 pm
by punjaban
While it is sad that there aren't many resources available for learning kirtan online but there are some tidbits of info here and there. I'm am providing some links here, they aren't much help but they will help you get started. ... yGuide.asp

Here's another link:

I don't know how they are coz i'm not a member but i'm hoping its helpful you should sign up and find out.

Re: Brazilian SIkh

PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:49 pm
by punjaban
Also if you search for "learn kirtan" on you will find some videos that display the suraan while they are played. These are not fast so its easy to learn.

Hope that helps!

Re: Brazilian SIkh

PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 7:42 pm
by Canuck Physio
Wow, hello brazil.