Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Sat Sep 29, 2012 10:47 am

We may spend all our lives praising Wahiguru, but if we do not experience it by ourselves, we can not get Him.
Mere talking or listening does not take us to Him.

It is our "karnee", our sincere efforts, in the form of bhakti, which takes us closer to Him.

But then, most of us will say: I regularly go to the Gurdwaras, recite the Bani, do paaths, drink the amrit ......and so on, outer activities. And all this is better than nothing, but it is like a child playing with toys, to familiarize himself with the reality when matured as an adult. So is the same with us, enough playing with toys, we have to mature and face the reality, the sooner the better, for us. And this reality is none other than the worship of Wahiguru Akal Purukh, through Nam Bhakti, as taught by our Guru Sahibans.

Let us face the reality.

Wahiguru is inside us.

But inside ourselves, we pay no attention. We are lost and entangled outside; there where, all is maya ....

That is why our Guru Sahibans, have stressed upon only one true bhakti, which is Nam Bhakti, Nam Simran, Nam Abhyaas, which draws all our attention from outside, and makes us concentrate upon only one eternal Truth, namely Wahiguru.

It is only then, when we experience by ourselves, the bliss of Wahiguru.

That is why, the bani says: "Jin Har japiyaa, se Har hoeeyaa"

This is the only road(Nam Bhakti) which takes us, to His Charan Kamal.
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Sun Oct 07, 2012 10:26 pm

In this Shabad of Fourth Patshahee, the essence of it, is going to be put forth.
As per the title of this post, and so is it in this today´s shabad, importance is given to the Gurmukh and Nam.

That is why Guru Sahiban says:
bin bhaagaa satsang na labhai bin sangat mail bhareejai jee-o.
Without good fortune, the Sat Sangat is not found; without this Sangat, people are stained with filth and pollution.

He is saying, that to come in the company of a Gurmukh, a Sant, is not in man´s hands. It is by great good fortune, a blessing of Wahiguru, that, we meet a contemporary Gurmukh.
That is why most of the people will slander Him, and trouble Him....because, they can not recognize Him, who He really is? They will think and say: He is a fraud, He is going against our mazab ....which is totaly false, because He has come, not to create a new dharma, but to awake us from our deep sleep in Maya....we are going against the teachings of our Guru Sahibans.

So these Gurmukhs,have never ever stopped coming, it is we, who have plastered our chit, with all outer rituals and worships. We have lost of our sight the most important teachings of the Bani. The Gurprasad of Nam.

Guru Sahiban is warning us, without the meeting with a Gurmukh, we are remained unclean with filth and pollution. And if we do not put remedy to it, dirty we came, and even more dirtier we go, by collecting more karmas on our soul.
Jap, tap, virat, pooja, paath, idol worship, pilgrimages are all useless activities. Not even a single atom of dirt is removed in this way, from our dirty inner self, means the mind. Rather we become more inflated with ego, with haume, with agyanta, thinking we have done a real good job. But the reality is, we have walked in the wrong direction, thus gone even further away, from Wahiguru.

har har amrit har man bhaavai mil satgur amrit peejai jee-o.
The Ambrosial Nectar of the Lord's Name, Har, Har, is so sweet to my mind. Meeting the True Guru, I drink in this Ambrosial Nectar.

We all know the real Amrit is Nam, so Guru Sahiban is telling us in the above lines, where and how it is obtained.
He says: meeting with the Gurmukh, this Parsad or Amrit is obtained. Then by doing it´s kamaee, following the Gurmukh´s instructions, we drink that real Amrit which is already inside us, made and showered by Wahiguru Himself, that is why it is the real Amrit.

Not like the man made, which is just a ritual in the eyes of our comunity, our society, our dharam. That is why, in spite of having this amrit, our kam krodh lobh moh and haume is not lessened...but rather we are its´victims time after time.... but even then, we do not open our eyes, we do not question ourselves ....why is this so?

Why do we take it for granted all the nonsense which is put in front of us by our, so leaders, or board members... why do we never ask them why do they try to hide the reality, the spirituality of the Gurbani, in the Guru Granth Sahib ?

Why do they want to control us?

Frauds are not those who bring the reality of the Bani in front of us, but frauds are those, who while being amongst us, like our aquaintances, our trust worthy people, manipulate the pure paviter Bani and hide the reality of it; and covering the truth of Nam, with all outer rituals and customs, and at the same time turning our attention away from the reality, and by filling our minds with poison by slandering and misbehaving with a real Gurmukh, never ever allowing us to think of a Gurmukh, or, of His Sadh Sangat ...which is all about in the Gurbani, in each and every ang.

It is not that we should not follow the customs of the community we are born in, but we should not miss the main objective of meeting Wahiguru.

And for this, nothing else is needed, except love and devotion, to the needful, which Guru Sahibans say in the following line:

Har jee-o sabday jaapdaa, bhaa-ee poorai bhaag milaa-ay.
Which means, the Lord Har or Wahiguru Akal Purukh is met by doing the Nam Bhakti(Sabday jaapda). And, this Nam is not got by any other means, except, through His Grace or Daya Meher(poorai bhaag). Poorai bhaag is not to be rich, and have a luxury life, but it is to have the chance to meet in one´s life with a Gurmukh of our times, and get from Him, the Gurprasad of Nam. But this is not going to happen so easily, because we are warned by the manipulators, with their saying: do not go ever to a Gurmukh, they are all fake and frauds. It is true, there are thousands of frauds, they crop up like mushrooms; but it is also true, that real Gurmukhs do exist, though in front of our very eyes, but we fail to recognize them, because of our already polluted mind, by these so leaders.... wolves disguised as our aquaintances.

The least we can do, is pray sincerely and fervently inside ourselves to Wahiguru, that please make me meet with your Gurmukh. This is only what I ask from you.

That is what Third Patshahee Guru Amar Das in Raag Sorath, guides us with the following inspiring words of wisdom and truth:
Har jeeo kirpa karahu Tum Piaaray, Satgur Daata mayl milhavhu,Har Nam dayhhu adharay
This means, oh my Dear beloved Lord, make me meet with with your form of a Satguru, a Sant, a Gurmukh ....so that I may obtain from Him, the support for my soul, here and hereafter....the support of Nam.

He means support here, because, with the Nam, we get mental peace, we get our mind cleaned from it´s filthy coverings. And hereafter is our support because, it takes us within itself and leads us to our real Home, Sach Khand. That is why also the bani says: Nanak, Nam Jahaz hae.

The Dear Lord is realized through the Word of His Shabad, O Siblings of Destiny, which is found only by perfect destiny, in the Sadh Sangat, or the company of a Gurmukh.

This is the essence of Sikhism, of Gurmat. The way to meet, is not made by us, but by Him.

And that is why He clearly says: Awar kaaj tere kitte na kam ...Mil Sadh Sangat, bhaj kewal Nam.

Wah Wah Sache Badshah, haun tudh pe barambar, kurban jaoon.
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:28 pm

The meeting with a contemporary Gurmukh, for the purpose of God realization for each and everyone of us, is of vital importance.


Because as the Bani of Fifth Patshahee says:
gobind gunee niDhaan gurmukh jaanee-ai.
The Lord of the Universe is the treasure of excellence; He is known only to the Gurmukh.

This means, if only a Gurmukh knows the real measure of Wahiguru, His real essence, He knows with what He is pleased, and above all He knows the real way, the real method to realize Him, it is only He, who can teach us the way to realize Him.

Naturally, this is because He sees Him, by direct perception or visualization, as we can see each other. Everbody else talk on presumption of faith or imagination, but only a Gurmukh talks us about Wahiguru, because of self realization and constant comunion with Him.

That is why at other place, the Bani says:
Har kiya katha, kahaniya, Gur meet sunaiya. Which means, my friend Gur Satgur, tells me everything about my beloved Wahiguru.
We must bear in mind, according to Gurmat, these Gurmukhs in reality can do this wonderful job of creating a sincere desire in us to meet Wahiguru, and developing genuine love within ourselves for the Charan Kamal of Wahiguru, because Wahiguru Akal Purukh , has, Himself, assumed the form of a Gurmukh, for all of us, the lost and astrayed souls.

This has to be so, otherwise,who can know the infinite so well?
Naturally nobody.
Except He Himself.

At other place, the Bani says: AApeh Satgur, Aapeh Har, AApeh mel milaveh.
This means: You yourself are the Satgur, the Gurmukh; at the same time You Yourself are the almighty Lord, and thus You Yourself unite us with You.

Have we ever thought, why only a Gurmukh can do so?

That is because, it is only He, who can give us His Gurprasad of Nam, the Bhed, the jugtee of Nam Bhakti.
The Bani says: Nam amolak ratan hae, pooray Satgur paas.

We can clearly see, at each and every step in the Granth Sahib, only Gurmukh and Nam Bhakti are stressed upon, and in fact, this is the only reality in the whole creation, whether in gross, astral , causal or spiritual planes.

The Bani of our Guru Sahibans should be taken literally once well understood completely, then only can it be followed and practiced correctly.

So Guru Arjun Sahib, in the following line tells us, what happens, if we go and join the company of a Sadh a Sant, a Gurmukh, a Sajjan Meet, or if preferred Sadh-Sangat ....

He says:
ho-ay kirpaal da-i-aal har rang maanee-ai.
When He shows His Mercy and Kindness, we revel in the Lord's Love.

This means, when we get in the Sadh Sangat of a Gurmukh, He showers His Daya Meher on us, by bestowing upon us the gift of Nam if we are destined so.....but in any case we are definetely showered with His glance of mercy and forgiveness.

As this Nam Ratan, is the only remedy for cleaning us from the filth of our karmas, it allows us to taste the Amrit of love, of eternity, inside us. It makes us pure, paviter, it makes fearless, and above all, it makes us fit, to merge and become one with our true Father : Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

This all is possible only, with the mercy and blessings of a contemporary Gurmukh, and with His Prasad of Nam.
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:24 am

In this beautiful Shabad, Guru Ram Das, gives us the clue, reveals us the secrets, of meeting with Wahiguru Akal Purukh, just as all true Gurmukhs do.

In the very begining, He emphasizes with the most important factor in spirituality, for our union with Wahiguru.

He says: gur sant jano pi-aaraa mai mili-aa, mayree tarisnaa bujh ga-ee-aasay.
I have come in the sanctuary, of the Sadh Sangat of a Gurmukh , a beloved Sant, so now my thirst since aeons, of meeting with the primal Lord Wahiguru, is quenched.

We may ask, why has it to be so? Why the need of a Gurmukh?
Because as the Bani says, even there may be hundreds of moons in the sky, along with one thousand Suns, but even then, by the light and energy created in that fusion, spiritually speaking, without a contemporary Gurmukh, this universe is filled with utter darkness, and this naturally means ignorance.

Bani says: hum moorakh mugadh .... this means, we are ignorant and stupid. Why? Becuse we are manmukhs, we do all types of rituals and ceremonies, building a fence around the real Gurmat, giving it a name of religion or dharam, and start putting chains and layers upon ourselves and thus binding ourselves more tightly in the creation. Our guru Sahibans, through their Banis, only tell us three things: Wahiguru, His Saacha Nao or Nam, and His Gurmukhs or Sant Janas. But we have forgotten these teachings, and if someone reminds us of them, we call him a thief, and abuse him verbally and physically.
Let us open our eyes through Gurmat, and see who are the manipulators of the pure paviter Bani, and those who just plainly remind us, of the unpolluted truth in the Gurbani. We are so entangled in these chains, that we have willingly accepted them as the Bani, and we do not want to listen or look anything else.

What a pity!! Wahiguru has given us this precious human birth to merge back in Him ...but we say, no thanks, we are happy with these chains(caste, creed, land, country, society, name, fame, rituals....and an endless etc), and we love so much these "bandhans", these chains, to the extent that we become ready to kill and fight for them, and most of us believe, that we are going to take them with us, or even believe, that these chains are going to pull us upwards towards Wahiguru .... which is totally wrong, chains are meant, to keep us as prisoners, chains can never be the cause of freedom, of true liberation, except His Nao.

Simple and clear are the teachings of our Gurus, but we have blocked them in our square limited vision and filthy mind. So as we can see, we are all drowning in "maya", who can help us? We are all in the same drowning situaton. Then when a Gurmukh appears, He extends His powerfull arm, through the all powerfull Nam; but even then we say no, no, you are a fraud, and start arguing with Him. He is ready to pull out everbody, but only those wadbhagee jeevas, who have faith in Him, get pulled out and reach safe home ...the rest get drowned in the chaurasee ka chakar, due to the "haume"...what a pitifull scene.

Guru Nanak, regarding Wahiguru Akal Purukh has said in Japji Sahib: thapia na kae, keeta no hoe, this means, Wahiguru can not be created or established in any frame or palce. This means, we are all made of clay, any thing we do and make is made of the five perishable elements, so how can we say God is here or there, for example in paper and ink, or idols, or in waters, stones, iron, metals .... or east or west, or pilgrimages... let us stop and think, is there any logic and comon sense in the things we manmukhs do, according to our "manmat", and then we proudly say, we are sikhs.
Wahiguru is inside each and everybody,as it is there where He has hidden Himself, and He has given us directions through His Gurmukhs, as to, where to find and meet Him.
But, what do we do?
Well, according to our ignorance and limits, we want to capture and keep Him forever in idols and lifless,and inert things...which is against nature, as it is much much easier than doing Nam Bhakti and realizing Him inside ourselves according to the bhed or updesh of a Gurmukh. We humans are so manipulators...that even we do not spare Wahiguru.

Instead to try and live in His will, we want to control Him, like a Tv set, with a remote control. Now I want you here, now I hide you and close you...see you tomorrow or after a week.a month or an year. When He is available all the 24 hours of the day and 365 days of the year to all of us in equal measure. This is when we invite problems.... we say my God is superior to yours, I am going to finish you, you have disrespected my God and so on, and start fighting and killing in name of religion. But if each tried to find and meet Him inside, nothing of this sort of problems would happen....This is the situation and condition for the most of us.... We would then see and say: Sabna jeea ka iko Daataa

We do mix and mistake materalism and politics for spirituality. So naturally, we are manmukhs. Sikhs are many, but our aim should be, to become a Gursikh. The bani clearly says: Se Gursikh dhan dhan hae, jin Gur updesh suniya har kanee.

Means, only those are called Gursikhs, who have the good fortune of getting the Gur Updesh or Gur Prasad, from a contemporay Gurmukh. At other palce in the Bani, it is stated: Gur bachnee, Har Nam uchaaray. Means the Gur Prasad, that is given by a Satguru, by a Gurmukh, that is the Nam alone, to be meditated upon.

So if we do not go in the Sadh Sangat....how will we ever get that Parsad?
Sadh Sangat, othe jaaniye, jithe iko Nam vakhaniye. It is in the Sadh Sangat, where we come to know and learn about, the reality of Nam and Shabad.

Let us not get controlled and manipulated by no one, each and every one of us, has his own destiny and way to go through...nobody is ours and nobody can ever be. All worldly relations are false and temporary.

The bani says: Bin Navai , nahee kou thao. Means, without the support of Nam, there is no place where I can lean on. So only Wahiguru, His Saacha Nao and His manifested Gurmukhs are true, and that also, because Nam or Shabad is their base and true essence.

Regarding His Gurmukhs, Guru Ram Das says: gur sajan pi-aaraa mai mili-aa har maarag panth dasaahaa.
I have met my Beloved Friend, the Guru, who has shown me the Path to the Lord.

We can clearly see in these words of our beloved Guru, the importance of a Gurmukh. He says, only when I met a Gurmukh, I left all my manmukhta practiced until then; but after that, by getting the Gurparsad, I started the path of Nam Bhakti, not otherwise.

In the next line He says: ghar aavhu chiree vichhunni-aa mil sabad guroo parabh naahaa.
Come home - I have been separated from You for so long! Please, let me merge with You, through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, O my Lord God.

Means , by the Gurparsad, of a Gurmukh, I have been able to merge in Wahiguru, from whom I had been separated, until then.

And this is the summary of the Gurbani, nothing more, nothing less.
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:30 pm

Sache Patshah Guru Amar Das, gives us a clear explanation of who a Gurmukh is, in Raag Bhairao:

He says:
Nanak, gurmukh naam pi-aar.
O Nanak, the Gurmukh loves the Naam.

Now when He says, He loves, He means a human being. But loves what? Loves Nam.
Means, If ever we come across such a Gurmukh, means He will only give us the bhed or updesh of Nam, He will never ever entangle us in rituals, ceremonies or any outer form of worship, except Nam Bhakti. Because Nam or Shabad, is the only reality of Wahiguru, which unites us with Him.

Then He says:
kaljug meh raam naam ur Dhaar.
In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, enshrine the Lord's Name within your heart.

bin naavai maathai paavai chhaar.
Without the Name, ashes will be blown in your face.

So if we do really considere ourselves Gursikhs, let no one fool us, let us follow the Bani and put it into practice with what our Guru Sahibans tell us in each page. Nam Bhakti. Enough of theory.

It is our practice of Nam Simran, which is going to take us across the maha bhavsagar.

Then once again Guru Sahiban reminds us of the truth which we tend, not to look or pay attention:
gur parsaad vasai man aa-ee.
By Guru's Grace, it comes to dwell in the mind.
raam naam jan bhaaleh so-ay.
That humble being who seeks the Lord's Name,
pooray gur tay paraapat ho-ay.
receives it from the Perfect Guru.

All the merit and grace(Daya Meher) is of the Gurmukhs......
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:28 pm

Someone asked a Sant, the definition of a Gurmukh, the qualities to be valued and recognized:

The answer was:
You want me to define a Gurmukh, and to state what He gives. Well, the Gurmukh is a Man-God or a God-Man. He is a human being, in whose person, the Lord of the Universe, the eternal Satnam, the everlasting Shabad comes to reside on earth.

He is the "Shabad", turned into flesh(for a temporary, or a limited time).

The Lord leaves His Palace(Sach Khand), conceals Himself in human garb and goes out in search for His son(the astrayed soul), in the habitation of the gypsies(mind-maya) who have kidnapped him.

He lives amongst them and leads the life they lead(wordly people). His son(souls)does not recognize Him.

Nobody(worldly people: religious leaders, priests, scholars, political leaders, board members, manmukhs), believes what He says.

With great difficulty, He prevails upon His child to accompany Him to His Palace, to see for himself, with his own eyes, what great heritage(Satnam-Sach Khand) by right belongs to him.

From a gypsy hamlet(this earth-bhavsagar), He(Gurmukh) brings him to the Royal palace, and offers him the Throne, till he is restored to his original glory.

Though this was a story, but it reflects what our condition is now here in this world, we are misguided, and misled, by mind and maya, up to the extent, that we prisoners here, in the wheel of eighty four(chaurasee ka chakar).

And then Wahiguru Akal Purukh Himself, comes at our human level, in the form of a Gurmukh, a Brhamgyani, a Sant, a Satguru, with His power of Nam, which he shares with us, through His bhed, as updesh, as Gurprasad, as Amrit, give it any name, it is the same thing, and liberates us from the powerful enemies: Kal- mann(mind) and Maya.

Not only that, but accompanies us with His Shabad Swarup, throughout the spiritual planes(khands, brahmands .... paar braham), until He settles us, in the lap of Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

This is the real job and nature of a Gurmukh. He showers His daya meher on us, and washes our dirt, and loves us , like a mother to her child .... no no, even a million times more than that.

Are there any words to declare His majesty in the right way? One is speechless ....

Lakh khusiya patshaeeya, jeh Satgur nazar kareh....this is only what a gursikh wants....he longs to have constant darshan of his Sajjan Gur-Satgur.

Mohe raehan na aveh, mohe neend na aveh, bin dekhe Gur darbare jeeo... hau gholee jeeo, jiu ghol gumaee, Gur darsan Sant pyare jeeo .... tera mukh suhawa jeeo, sahaj Dhun bani....hun kad miliye, Pyare, tudh bhagwanta .....

Oh my God.. such sweet and paviter Bani of our Guru Sahibans .... suitable to offer, to such Gurmukhs ...... may God bless each and everyone, to taste this state of bliss, which is to be found only in the relationship between a gursikh and a Gurmukh.
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:46 am

In this Shabad, our beloved Guru Sahiban, Sachhe Badshah Gur Amar Das Jee is giving us the secrets of spirituality in a few and simple words, just as all real Gurmukhs of any time and place usually do, as said many times, their message is only one and stresses on only three things: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Shabad or Nam, and Gurmukhs....as is the title of this post.

They never engage us in rituals, or dogmas, or codes of conduct of or for any particular comunity, race, or country. Any other thing apart from Nam Bhakti,binds us in this creation...that is why we fight and quarrel upon things like: land, country, dharam, mazab, my religion, my god...and so on. We think we belong to a particular race or community, we are even foced to believe such bitter lies, and said that if you give your life for these purposes, you shall go direct to heaven, what a pity...such a precious gift of human life received from Wahiguru, which is wasted away for peanuts.

So these Gurmukhs, try to get us out from all these petty things, and divert our attention towards the only one reality, and goal or objective: Wahiguru Akal Purukh. We may protest and say, what rubbish is this? I do believe in Wahiguru. Let us be frank, we do partially name Wahiguru as our objective, because along with Him, we have many more things in our minds ..... And that is not sufficient enough neither correct. Wahiguru means, only Wahiguru, nothing else, that is why the bani says: Saas saas simroh Gobind. It does not say eat this, drink this, wear this. This means, to have in mind at all times, because only when He alone exists in our minds at all times, only then, full devotion can be offered to Him. All these outer things are man made, to show off, or please the manmukhs of our same community, by following the rules or codes of conduct established by them. But their(Gurmukhs, Sant Janas) main concern is to unite back our souls with Wahiguru Akal Purukh, from whom we have been separated since aeons. They unite us with Him, through their Daya Meher, through their Bakshish, their Parsad, their Updesh.

Without this Prasad, we may do anything.... it is all useless. As seen in some other post, Goswami Tulsidas, reagrding this Prasad of Nam Bakshish, says: If someone wants to get spiritual realization, leaving aside Nam, and doing anything else, it is like, trying to reach the skies, by trying to hold on the rain drops falling from the clouds.

So Guru Amar Das first talks us of Wahiguru in His following words:

naanak sachaa eaek dhar beebhaa parehar aahi
O Nanak, the One Lord alone is True; stay away from all other doors(means all other methods, which do not attach our minds or chits, with Nam Simran, with His Simran). Clearly He is telling us, give your heart and devotion to the one and only Akal Purukh.

Then in second place He talks us about the other true nature and essence of Wahiguru, and that is His Nam or Shabad, as the means of attaining true liberation, and the state of pure bliss :

dhookh visaaran sabadh hai jae ma(n)n vasaaeae koe
The Word of the Shabad is the Dispeller of sorrow, if one enshrines it in the mind.
What is the biggest sorrow that a man suffers? He is born again and again from a mother´s womb, "chaurasee ka chakkar".
So He is saying, if one does constant simran of Gobind, of Har ...that Har comes and abides in your mind and body ...and when He comes, that means, we have become one and perfect like Him, and if we become Him, we go where He is, this means Sach Khand, and so naturally there is no place for mind, maya, karmas, births and deaths .... or Kal himself. We are beyond all this.

Then in third place He talks us about the Gurmukhs, or Satguru, He says:

sathigur milae, s oubarae saachai sabadh alakh
Those who meet with the True Guru are saved, through the Shabad, the True Word, of the Inscrutable Lord.
This means, when we come in the company of the Gurmukhs(Sadh Sangat), we get the Gurprasad(of Nam or Shabad) from them.
That is why also at other place the bani says:

Se Gursikh dhan dhan hae, jin Gur updesh suniya har kanee.
This meeting with a contemporary Gurmukh of our time, is essential, for the purpose of realizing Him.

Again Guru Amar Das says: only when you get that Gurprasad from a Gurmukh, can you meet Wahiguru, not otherwise :

gur sabadhee har man vasai maaeiaa kee bhukh jaae
Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, the Lord abides in the mind, and the hunger for Maya departs.

Then He explains us, that by engaging, and thus merging ourselves in the Nam bhakti, only then we become pure :
sae jan niramal oojalae j guramukh naam samaae
Immaculate and pure are those humble beings, who, merge in the Naam(Gurprasad or Updesh) given by a Gurmukh.

Then He clearly states, what happens if one follows the Bhed or Updesh given by a Gurmukh, He says we can meet the Lord Har:

guramathee bho man, pavai thaa(n) har ras lagai piaar
If one follows the Guru's Teachings, and keeps the Fear of God in his mind, then he is lovingly attuned to the sublime essence of the Lord. And what does that mean: it means we become one with Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

Then He talks about who can get that Gurprasad, or where or how to get it:

gur saadhhoo sa(n)gath milai heerae rathan labha(n)nih
Joining the Saadh Sangat, the diamonds and jewels are obtained.

naanak bin sathigur, naao n paaeeai jae so lochai koee
O Nanak, without the True Guru, the Name is not obtained, even though one may long for it hundreds of times.

We may read the pure Bani, from any page, or point of view, and though many manipulate the Bani and make us believe and force us towards non-sense ....the fact is, we should use our own brains and hearts and see, what the manmukhs are telling us, and thus making us loose our lives after shadows, leading us towards pitfall(Chaurasee ka Chakar).

And on the other side, if we come through such Gurmukhs, who stress only upon Nam, let us open our ears and hearts and try to profit from them. Not paying attention on the blasphemy and rubbish,thrown upon them, by the near and dear manmukhs around us, enemies of the humanity.

While the Gurmukhs are benefactors of the humanity, by giving us the support of Wahiguru alone, only through His Nam Bhakti.

Wah wah Sachhe Badshah.
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Fri Dec 21, 2012 10:39 pm

Bani Guru Arjun Dev
Shabad: sookh sahj aanad ghanaa har keertan gaa-o

In this beautiful Shabad, Guru Sahiban, Guru Arjun Dev, talks us about true love and devotion. As per, how and where is it obtained or learnt, how is it performed, what are it´s consequences or fruits.

Well, first of all, He says:
sookh sahj aanad ghanaa har keertan gaa-o.
Peace, celestial poise and absolute bliss are obtained, singing the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises

Here He says that, we should only worship one Wahiguru Akal Purukh, who is the everlasting infinite fountain of peace and true happiness.

sagun apasgun tis ka-o lageh jis cheet na aavai.
Good omens and bad omens affect those who do not keep the Lord in the mind.

He then says: If we do not keep Him as our objective, we are under the influence of mind & maya, and this is the cause of our coming and going in this painful creation.

garah nivaaray satguroo day apnaa naa-o.
Bestowing His Name, the True Guru removes the evil omens

But then, He says, this painful and pitiful situation of ours can not stop by our own efforts; except when we came to the refuge of a Sant Satguru, a Gurmukh, a Sadhoo, a Brahamgyani, and get the bakshish of His Gur Prasad, His Nao or Nam.

balihaaree gur aapnay sad sad bal jaa-o.
I am a sacrifice to my Guru; forever and ever, I am a sacrifice to Him.

So, to only that Guru, I am a sacrifice, who shows me the way to Him, within this temple of human body. He stops me from "manmat" and blesses me, with His Gurmat.

guroo vitahu ha-o vaari-aa jis mil sach su-aa-o.
I am a sacrifice to the Guru; meeting Him, I am absorbed into the True Lord
Here He clearly assures us, that once one becomes a sikh of a Gurmukh, only then, can one blend himself with that Sach, that One Truth, Wahiguru Akal Purukh. And this law is not man made, it is the eternal law of Wahiguru. No matter how much manmukhs may try to violate these truths, but His commands are as true as Himself, and He Himself comes at our human level(Sadh-Sangat), time after time, permanently, to help us go through them, for our own benefit.
They say, if there were no such Gurmukhs on this earth, this earth would just burn off.

punn, daan, jap, tap, jaytay, sabh oopar naam.
Donations to charity, meditation and penance - above all of them is the Naam

Nam is the root cause of everything, Wahiguru inclusive, so, do Nam bhakti only.

har har rasnaa jo japai, tis pooran kaam.
One who chants with his tongue the Name of the Lord, Har, Har - his works are brought to perfect completion.

Then He says: once you get the Gurprasad from a Gurmukh, chant it with the tongue of your mind cesaselessly, non-stop, so that you may merge in Him. This is the perfect or real devotion for wahiguru Akal Purukh, nothing is superior to this.

bhai binsay bharam moh ga-ay ko disai na bee-aa.
His fears are removed, and his doubts and attachments are gone; he sees none other than God
naanak raakhay paarbarahm fir dookh na thee-aa.
O Nanak, the Supreme Lord God preserves him, and no pain or sorrow afflicts him any longer.

In the end He says: once you become fit in Nam Bhakti, your biggest fear of death is just removed away, your filth of sins is washed away, you becom strong, and you become a brahmgyani, because then you see Him everywhere. And as you stand in His eyes, He becomes your "rakhwaala", protector ....what else do you need?

And all this sacred changes take place in us, due to the inmense grace of a Gurmukh, by giving us His Gurprasad, a particle of Nam, from His "jholee".

Wah wah, Saache Badshah
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Tue Dec 25, 2012 8:09 pm

We may try our best to understand or explain the Bani of our Guru Sahibans, but we are not that pure enough, neither we have that capacity, to do justice to it.
So let us simply enjoy the following Shabad of Sree Guru Amar Das Jee, with it´s beauty, it´s sweetness, and the nectar of truth contained in it.

I ususally do comment and try to give the right interpretations of the Bani, by His grace; but, today with this beautifull Shabad, I just want you to taste it by yourselves as it is, it is full of Amrit, and gives us the directions for our success in ruhaniyat or spirituality.

It deals mainly with, the importance of Wahiguru, His Nam, His Gurmukhs and their "akhoot"(infinite) Daya Meher:

Guramukh Giaan, Bibaek, Budhh Hoe
The Gurmukh is blessed with spiritual wisdom and a discerning intellect.

Har Gun Gaavai, Hiradhai Haar Paroe
He sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord, and weaves this garland into his heart.

Pavith Paavan, Param Beechaaree
He becomes the purest of the pure, a being of supreme understanding.

Je Ous Milai This Paar Outhaaree
Whoever he meets, he saves and carries across.
(So let us ask ourselves, if we do not meet a Gurmukh, how can we be saved and carried across? The Bani is very clear, no manipulation, it clearly says meeting with a Gurmukh. And the fact is that meeting alone is not enough, but as it further states, it is because He gives us the bhed, updesh or His Gurprasad of Nam Dhan).

Anthar Har Naam, Baasanaa Samaanee
The fragrance of the Lord's Name permeates his being deep within.

Har Dhar Sobhaa, Mehaa Outham Baanee
He is honored in the Court of the Lord, and his speech is the most sublime.

Je Purakh Sunai ,Se Hoe Nihaal
Those who hear him are delighted.

Naanak Sathigur Miliai, Paaeiaa Naam Dhhan Maal
O Nanak, meeting the True Guru, one obtains the wealth and property of the Naam.

Let us not take the Bani lightly, or repeat and read it like parrots, rather beleive in it firmly, as each word in it, is Amolak Ratan.

Mera Har Prabh atee sundar, me saar na jaana ....
Wah Wah Sache Badshah.
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Tue Dec 25, 2012 8:57 pm

In each and every heart, the Lord is hidden; He creates and watches over all. He reveals Himself in the humble, Saintly Gurmukhs.

We may wonder,why so much importance is given to a Gurmukh...

Well, Guru Nank can not be more explicit and clear, He has dissolved our doubts in just a few words... He says: Wahiguru Akal Purukh Himself, resides and reveals Himself in the Gurmukhs or Sant Janas. It is quite clear, Wahiguru comes and abides Himself, in a living human being, because He Himself is a Superonsciouss being. He can never reveal Himself, forget animals, birds or plants, but neither in lifeless inmanent objects, made of paper, wood, iron or stone.

Thank God, the words are of Baba Nanak Himself, the supreme authority. These words may seem us strange and painful, not because they are not full of truth, but because we have been misled since we have been born, we are told that Gurmukhs are fake and do not exist, and though the Bani is very direct and clear, our attention is diverted outwards.... that is why the truth is difficult to accept, because we think, how can I be wrong for so long? Our ego creates doubts and anger in our minds.

Only when we come into the company of such a Gurmukh, we slowly and slowly, see sense of the Gurbani.
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Sun Jan 27, 2013 11:48 pm

Shabad is independent of its surroundings.
It stands by itself.
It is the essence, and all else sprang from it,
even what we know as Wahiguru or Satnam.

Humanity is entangled with the matter, and does not study(pay attention) to the mind,
not to mention the Shabad or the spirit behind the mind.
In account of its association with changeable things, it is subject to change, dies and is reborn.

This will continue, as long as, it does not catch the unchangeable.
It must rise on the Shabad, and reach Sach Khand, the place of perpetual bliss.
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:36 pm


Each word, each line , each page of the Bani, is filled and full with the sweetness of truth. That truth, which, if pondered and paid attention carefully, goes inside oneself and becomes a garden of flowers(virtues), and all this is due to the Daya Meher of our Guru Sahibans.

Though, the words they spoke, were several hundred years ago; but the beauty and value lies in, that they contain their own experiences; experiences full of bliss, and are set as an example for us; that, if we too follow them implicitly, we shall also become pure and paviter like them; provided we do not alterate their teachings, and twist them to our own limited intellect and thus loose its essence.

Following are, the words of Dhan Dhan Sree Guru Sache Badshah Arjun Dev, simple in expressions, but deep and full of love and devotion for Wahiguru Akal Purukh. We may not like to read or listen the real truths in the Bani, but in one way or other, they shall be coming in front of us; and not because of our limitations or moorakhta, shall it ever change. Thanks to the Gurmukhs, the flame of the Bani shall never go off, and shall continue to give light and wisdom to the present and future generations of mankind.

First He says: "aa-i-o sunan parhan ka-o banee".
The mortal came to hear and chant the Bani.

Here He clearly says, almost all of us, at most take reading and listening to the Bani, as the be all .

And in the following line, He points out, what happens then:

"Naam visaar lageh an laalach birthaa janam paraanee".
But he has forgotten the Naam, the Name of the Lord, and he has become attached to other temptations. His life is totally worthless.

He warns us, He says, by doing so, we forget the essence of their teachings, which is none other than Wahiguru´s Nam, and we become much engrossed, in outer rules, regualtions, code of conduct, mazab, land or bhoomee, race, pilgrimages, politics, idol worship, etc, etc, etc ..... and thus miss our objective of becoming one with Wahiguru.

To become one with Him is very very simple, not difficult at all. Just as the Bani says: "Jin Har japiya, se Har hoiya". And if this is so simple, have we ever asked ourselves, why do we not do it, or do not know about it? That is beacuse, since we have been born, we have seen these outer things being done, so we take them for normal. And so was with our parents and grandparents...all misled by the manmukhs, though they maybe scholars in theology, they have created many rules and regulations, giving them the name of conduct for sikhs .... the thing is, they themselves do not know anything about Nam, all talk like parrots, without knowing what they are saying ..... and the consequence is that, we are driven away from real ruhaniyat.

He clearly says, reading and listening the Bani is not the be all. There is something much more important to be done.
And what is that, according to Guru Sahiban?

He is pointing towards, Nam Simran, Nam Bhakti, Nam abhyaas.
Reading and listening, just inspire us, give us more faith to walk as Gursikhs, on the path of Gurmat, which leads us to Akal Purukh. But doing Nam Simran, is actually not pretending, but in fact becoming one with Him, slowly and slowy, as we get purer with it´s regular and constant practice: "Saas Saas Simroh Gobind"

Without this devotion, one´s life is useless and worthless. He can not be more clear, as said sometimes, we may do whatever we want; but if we have not got the Gurprasad and done it´s abyaas, we have done nothing!

Sachay Badshah Sree Guru Arjun Dev Jee, and any true Satguru or Gurmukh of any time or place, shall never engage us, in any other job than Nam bhakti, this is the proof, of them being genuine Gurmukhs.

Wah wah, Saache Badshah!
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:29 pm

We have defintely heard and read something about Gurmukhs and Sant Janas, but let us see some lines from the Bani to refresh and remind ourselves, of their vital importance for us; as no spiritual progress and improvement is possible without their assistance. Any glory about them are but just feeble words ....

Dhan Dhan Sree Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj, in His paviter Bani of Sree Raag says:

"Gurmukh Pooraa, Jae Karae, Paaeeai Saach Atho"
He says: True Gurmukh is He, who through the perfect action of Nam bhakti, has become one with the Inmeausrable True Lord.

ਓਨਾ ਅੰਦਰਿ ਨਾਮੁ ਨਿਧਾਨੁ ਹੈ ਨਾਮੋ ਪਰਗਟੁ ਹੋਇ
Ounaa Andhar Naam Nidhhaan Hai Naamo Paragatt Hoe

ओना अंदरि नामु निधानु है नामो परगटु होइ

The Treasure of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is within them, and through the Naam, they are radiant .

Then again as seen in the upper line, He says, with Nam Simran, they have gathered so much Nam Dhan( true spiritual wealth) within themselves, that they have revealed or manifested, that Nam within themselves, and are full with the radiance or refulgence of that Nam, which is in essence Wahiguru Himself.

And in the following line, He clearly tells us about the signs to be looked for, in our search of such a Gurmukh.

ਨਾਉ ਪੂਜੀਐ ਨਾਉ ਮੰਨੀਐ ਅਖੰਡੁ ਸਦਾ ਸਚੁ ਸੋਇ

Naao Poojeeai Naao Manneeai Akhandd Sadhaa Sach Soe

नाउ पूजीऐ नाउ मंनीऐ अखंडु सदा सचु सोइ

They worship the Naam, and they believe in the Naam. The True One is forever Intact and Unbroken.

He is saying that, such Gurmukhs, Sant Janas, Satgurus, only worship Nam, because Nam is the only Truth, as anything apart from that is "koorr", is "fanah", is "manmat".

They will never ever, tell us to eat, drink or wear anything in particular, or go to such or such places, because all that is related to the body, and all that shall be left here, there is no ruhaniyat in it, it does not matter much, who we are, or where we are from... in the eyes of Wahiguru, we are all souls. As the Bani says: Jeeo, Pind, sabh teree raas ....Jeeo, here means souls.

It does not say, indians, americans, europeans or sikhs..... it says: jeeo, means souls. And so, if the Bani is so clear and universal, why should we limit it, to only our Punjab. Are we not mean, unjust and petty minded by doing so?

We must bear one thing in our minds very clearly: the Bani of our Gurus is universal, and deals only with spirituality, based only on the relation of love and devotion(Nam Bhakti), between a soul, a Gursikh, and Wahiguru Akal Purukh, through the medium or ladder of a beloved Gurmukh, that´s it. This is the essence of Gurmat.

That is exactly, what Sree Guru Nanak tells us, in the following line:

ਬਿਨੁ ਪਉੜੀ ਗੜਿ ਕਿਉ ਚੜਉ ਗੁਰ ਹਰਿ ਧਿਆਨ ਨਿਹਾਲ

Bin Pourree Garr Kio Charro, Gur Har Dhhiaan Nihaal

बिनु पउड़ी गड़ि किउ चड़उ गुर हरि धिआन निहाल

How can I climb up to the Fortress without a ladder? By meditating on the Lord, through the Guru, I am blessed and exalted.

We can clearly see, in the words of Guru Sahiban, that we alone by ourselves can achieve nothing, it is by using the ladder of NAM, given or supplied by a Gurmukh, that only then can we reach our Nijh Ghar, Sach Khand.

Wah wah Sachay Badshah.
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:02 pm

Most of us stay in perpetual motion all our lives. Afraid of death, we fill up our time – and
minds – with the comfort of business, with responsibilities and pleasures. We fear death
because it lies on the other side of the barrier between known and unknown. Although it is
the one inevitable event that we are all moving towards, we avoid thinking about it and run
desperately the other way. We plunge into all kinds of enjoyments. We pursue money,
power, and status. We submerge ourselves in our family responsibilities and attachments.
But still we have the nagging realization that something awaits us at the end of it all, and that
is death.

Is there any way to know what is on the other side? Has anyone ever been there and come
back to tell all? It would seem not; it would seem that we’re all in the same situation. Yet
somewhere amid the din and distractions of life is the voice of the(Gurmukhs) mystics, those enlightened
souls who have appeared in all religions and at all times in history and all places in the world.

These(Gurmukhs) mystics teach us that if we can still our minds and take our attention within, we can
transcend the limitations of the body and mind and experience God. Their process of
meditation takes us beyond the barrier of death, and that is why it is sometimes called ‘dying
while living’.

It is our divine nature or core, our soul, that is the only permanent thing about us; everything
else is temporary. At our death, the soul leaves the body and the body dissolves and decays.
Earth returns to earth, water to water, air to air. So what are we really?

The mystics say that our essence our soul, is nothing but love, but we are not aware or in tune with our true nature
because we are so caught up in the activities of our lives. We identify with everything we do
and we stay ignorant of who we really are.

The mystics teach a method of meditation(Nam abhyaas) that enables us to realize our intrinsic divine
nature. They tell us that life itself can become a journey of self-discovery through which we
can lose our fear of death. Now we are slaves to this fear. With practice we can be free.

By seeking the guidance of a true mystic, we can take our attention to higher planes of
consciousness within ourselves and experience God’s love manifested as spiritual sound and
light. This sound and light(Shabad) is projected from the highest realm of the Godhead(Sach Khand), the source of
love, the source of all. The spiritual journey cannot be taken without the instruction of a
master(Gurmukh, Sant Jan) who has himself experienced God-realization and whose purpose is to take souls back
to their origin.

The path home cannot be followed only by reading scriptures or performing
the traditional rituals of religion. Every student of spirituality requires a master to guide him
on the journey within – and to walk with him side by side through the challenges of life.

The masters teach that if we really want freedom we will have to make sacrifices. Freedom
requires discipline. We will have to follow a lifestyle that will lessen our bonds to this world,
rather than increase them. But the sacrifice is worthwhile, because it brings with it total
liberation. A spiritual way of life includes more than just meditation – we have to make
ethical and moral choices at every moment of our lives, through a vegetarian diet, steering
clear of alcoholic drinks and drugs, and so much else.

We run from death, while we long to love and be loved. We give lip service to the concept
that God is love, but we want to experience that love and live in its reality. When we become
truly conscious through spiritual practice, we will be attuned to the will of the Creator Wahiguru Akal Purukh, and
experience His great love.
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:10 pm

A mystic(Gurmukh, a Sadh) is often thought to be someone lost to reality, head in the clouds, full of frothy, misty
notions. Yet if we examine the writings left by great mystics throughout history, we find that
real mysticism is practical, objective and scientific.

Mystics instead turn out to be among the humans who have most dedicated themselves to the search for truth and reality and are among today’s great scientists, except that the questions they ask are different.

Mystics only concern themselves with humanity’s ultimate questions, ones that fester in everyone: Who am I? What is
the meaning of my life? Where has this consciousness of mine come from, and what happens to
it at death? What is true? What is real?

Mystics are like scientists in another way: they are not satisfied with words or promises, but insist on verifying every theory by their own experience, seeing and hearing the truth with their own eyes and ears, so to speak.

If this is true, then the question naturally arises: what have these mystics – who include among
their number many of humanity’s most renowned religious leaders, philosophers, and thinkers–
discovered over the millennia of their endeavors? If we turn to their writings, we find an
extraordinary unanimity on many points – extraordinary given the diversity of cultures, times
and places from which their voices come down to us. Indeed, the unity of their account is strong
testimony to the validity of their discoveries.

One point on which all mystics agree is that no one, not even the accomplished mystics
themselves, can simply tell us the answers we seek. This is, they say, partly because the answers
cannot be captured in our ordinary words and concepts and partly because they must be
experienced. Just as no parent can learn for his child, similarly each of us has to grow to see
these truths for ourselves. While others can offer us guidance on where to look, and even suggest
what we will learn, still the looking and learning must be our own.

A second point mystics insist on is that the answers we seek, indeed all true knowledge, can be
found nowhere outside us but must be uncovered deep within our own consciousness. Socrates
declared, “Know thyself.” Mystics tell us that this self-knowledge is the first step in discovering
the Lord. They make a most astounding claim: they say that God, the Ultimate Reality and Truth,
himself dwells within us. As Christ said, “The Kingdom of God is within you,” and the Qur’an
reads, “We are nearer to [man] than his jugular vein.” Guru Arjan, the fifth in the line of Sikh
gurus, wrote: “He who believes in God as Truth in his heart knows the essence of the Creator,
the Cause of causes.” Kabir Sahib, the great Indian poet and saint, wrote:
Complete, entire, and ever present
Is the one true Lord
Within the body of each man—
The Lord who is beyond all bonds.

This wondrous statement, of course, meets instant doubt in us: if God is within us, how then can
we be unaware of him? This leads to another point on which mystics speak as one: we are under
the spell of a deluded mind. It is our disordered thoughts that drown out reality and muffle
God’s inner voice. The Theosophist Madame Blavatsky wrote, “the Mind is the great Slayer of
the Real.” Mystics tell us that the purpose of human life is to overcome this delusion here and
now, and they show us how. They teach various forms of prayer or meditation by which
ordinary human beings can still their thoughts, develop inner calm and concentration, and
gradually become aware of God’s presence. In the Psalms God says, “Be still, and know that I
am God.”

Another point of unanimity among mystics, handed down over the long reach of human
experience, is that a life of purity and mental discipline is necessary for seeking truth. Immoral
acts hold us back in several ways. One is because we have to account for our actions. Our
actions require recompense. Indian scriptures call this the law of karma, or cause and effect;
Christ explains it as “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Immorality is also an obstacle because
only a pure mind sees God within.

Therefore mystics urge us to adhere to the highest precepts of morality, among them vegetarianism, avoiding all intoxicants, and earning our own living.

Finally, mystics always insist that we seek guidance on our journey from another human being
who has already traveled it. Though we must make the journey ourselves, still, as in other
difficult areas of endeavor, a living guide is essential.

The true spiritual seeker will look for a guide who knows the way, who can teach spirituality, no matter his race, sect, or country of origin.

As the Muslim mystic Rumi wrote: “ If you wish to go on a pilgrimage, go with one who has already made it, whether he be a Hindu, a Turk or an Arab.”
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