Human Beings & The Purpose Of Life From the Point of Gurmat

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Human Beings & The Purpose Of Life From the Point of Gurmat

Postby carlos » Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:09 pm

I think by discussing some topics saying if sikhs can do this or that,means we are limiting the mankind. We have already so many limitations on us that by adding more on us, we become more and more artificial and less natural human beings. limitations like caste, creed, nationality, then rich or poor, blacks or whites, yellows or browns...

Are we not silly? God created souls, same in essence like Him; then who are we to do the opposite and limit His creations? Or is it that, there are differnt gods for different people? Because the bani is very clear: Sabna Jeea ka iko Daata, so me visar na jae.
It does not matter, if the limited human beings try to prove that different cultures, countries, or religions have different gods, it is their agyanta, their ignorance, lack of knowledge of truth...Because the Lord is only one,(Iko Onkar Satnam) like one sun for the whole mankind, He is one creator for that exists, seen or unseen ( Karta Purukh) He has no colour, shape or size; He has no language, neither words, He has no fear or enemies (Nirbhav, Nirver), He has no begining or end( Akal Murat) He is beyond birth or death ( Ajoonee Sembhav); He can not be understood by any amount of thinking ( Sochay soch na hovaee)... These are some few lines of His inmense Glory, His inmense Majesty, His utmost beauty...So why say there is one God for sikhs another for hindus or jews, or muslims... are we not murakhs and manmukhs by doing so and going against nature?
Definetely yes. Or do we think with our petty and dirty mind that He favours only sikhs or he speaks punjabi only, or do we think that when we shall go in His presence we are going to see a large number of people like our faiths, with our wrong ideas and baseless fantasies, like the way we dress or talk or shape our bodies with hair, beards or moustaches, etc... We have to grow in maturity, expand our vision of the reality, and accept the nature as it is. The lord is like the water, it quenches the thirst of any man of any country caste or creed, no matter from where he may be, anybody who drinks it gets his thirst quenched. In the same way, anybody who approches Him with sincerity, love and devotion, gets his ignorance or agyanta removed and gets His true knowledge, then, he sees Him in everybody and everything, without any distinction, and sees Him at all times.
We should respect the traditions and customs in the dharma, country or comunity one is born, but we should not be bound or chained by them, our true home is Satlok, our true Father is Satnam, apart from Him, nobody is ours, neither parents, brothers, friends... neither the piece of land for which we are ready to cut each others throats, and destroy each other because of our ego, our limitations...and still we say it is in God´s name... can there be more stupids than us?

Once we leave this world, nobody is going to ask what is your religion? how many children have you brought up? how much wealth have you gathered? what is your graduation? What have you done for your people or land or country? what is your economis status? Nothing of this sort. Only your karmas will go with you. And your love and devotion for the Akal Purukh.

That is why it is said in the Bani: Jin prem kiyo tin hee Prabh payo. It does not say dress in this way, or speak so and so language, or go here for this pilgrimage or do that ritual or ceremony. It also says more clearly: Sahib ke Darbar mein kewal bhakti aur pyar. Means, in His court only those who have love and devotion for Him in their hearts, only they are going to be allowed in.
Our Gurus when they came they tried to remove the class and differences systems by the people of those times, they said all are equal in the Lord´s eyes. Even the genders do not exist in the spiritual realms. Nothing at all like that. No language, no white or black or anything of that sort. Please let us bear that clearly on our minds, and let nobody make fools of us. Why should we say, are sikhs allowed this or that? Is there not only one God as said before? By saying so we consciously or unconsciously say that my God is superior to yours or mine is better than yours, things kike that cloud our chit and we ourselves invite troubles and fights and wars and confussions.
If He is tried to be found outside, He is not going to be found in anyway, no matter where and how we go, in that way we make diversity and we get lost in those turbulences. But if we try to find Him in His true living temple, which is this human body or Nar Naryan Deh, then there is only one way, and it does not matter where you come from, it is the only way and same for all, then all differences among us are vanquished, and everybody thus reaches his goal. But outwardly there are many ways and all lead to nowhere.
Then why to put more layers and more chains on us? As Christ said, the highest law that I give you is: love thy Lord with all the heart, and your neighbour like yourself. If only we could put this simple thing into practice, many misunderstanings could be avoided. No matter what anybody may say or behave, it is solely for his advantage or his against, each and everyone is responsible for his acts or karmas, there is a divine judge waiting for evrybody( Kal Purukh).

Nobody should be forced to believe or disbelieve in Him. Or even if someone speaks ill of Him, we are nobody to cut his throat, or fight with him. Or do we think, that if anybody insults the Lord, His glory or power is going to diminish? If anybody tries to spit the Sun, what will happen? His spit is going to fall on him. We should not think that the Lord is our property, we should look to ourselves only, if we love Him or not, the rest is not our business, He knows best how to handle His creation, He is far more wise, than we petty little beings.
For example let us think a little bit... who was Guru Arjun Dev? Was He not the almighty Lord Himself? And what He did differs totally than what an ordinary human being would do. when He was sat on the hot plates, if He wished, He could turn those plates in flowers... He could just by one glance turn in ashes those who were infliccting pain on Him. But instead He said: tera bhana meetha laage. Even when Christ was crucified and nailed, He could do whatever He wished, but He said: let thy will be done. And we, how do we react? Our eyes turn red, we become ready to cut the throat and kill anybody who does not think like us or according to us we think he is a wrong doer, and then still we say we believe in God, and do it in His Name. It is better to be a non believer than that believer full of krodh or anger.

No matter where one comes from, if any path says or teaches that ruhaniyat or spirituality is universal for all human beings, is correct, other wise, namaste from far away . Sikh means also, one who learns( sikhiya ), but learns what? The ones who learn Gurmat. That makes the ultimate difference, either one is a manmukh (one whose face is towards world and maya and mind) or either one is a Gurmukh ( one whose face is towards the Real, the Eternal, Wahiguru Akal Purukh).

Names or words do not matter, what does matter is the power behind it and reffered too, and in this case, we refer to Sat Purush, Pari Puran Parmatma. Human life or form is got by only His grace. The wheel of births and deaths is a big one= chaurasi lakh = 8.400.000 spices of lives. And is got only for one purpose, to realize Him and get freed from the pains and sufferings of this ephimeral, transitory, perishable creation where only darkness prevades, we have a golden oportunity to jump from here to the land of light, true happiness, knowledge and love, and freedom. Because that is what exists only in the house of our true Father.
It is for us to decide if we want to stay here in this world and planes ( physicall,astral and causal ) full of misery. Or get back to Sach Khand, our true inmortal and eternal home, becasus if He is an Ocean, we are the drops, and unless we go back and merge in Him, we are restless and prisoners in this alien land ( And, Pind and Brahmand), all these are subject to Parlay and Maha Parlay. We have to secure our beings, by merging back in our Father, Parbraham Parmeshwar, Satnam, Alakh, Agam , Anami Purukh, Deen Dayal, Wahiguru... my God.... inmense is your sweetness.

As it is said: Jis vakhar ko lain toon aaya, Ram Nam Santan Ghar paaya. Means: The purpose for what you have come into this world is to gather the true dhan, true wealth of His Name, which is to be found by His grace alone, as gurprasad, as gurmat. May the Lord bless everyone.
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Re: Human Beings & The Purpose Of Life From the Point of Gurmat

Postby carlos » Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:58 pm

As seen above, our main purpose of getting human birth, is to first realize that we are not the body which is perishable, like all objects and things made from the 5 tattwas in this huge and unimaginable creation. We have a divine flame of His consciousness, which is known as soul or spirit. We are part and parcel of Satnam. If He is a sagar we are a boond. If He is the Sun, we are rays, emanated from Him.

Once realized our true nature, that we are not the body, our next step is to find the means to merge back in our origin. And this we have to take advantage of His daya meher by bestowing upon us the unvaluable gift of human body, who have the privilege of returning back to Him. Nobody else can do that. Not even the devis or devtas or the so called gods . So let us imagine, what is in store of the destiny of those who worship, to those (devis devtas or gods) who themselves are bound in the Chaurasi Ka Chakar, and long to get this unique oportunity of the human body for their real freedom. By worshipping them we go to their level at most. A B.A teacher can give you give knowledge only up to his level, not more. So by worshipping entities up to Brahm, we are still in the limits of Parlay and Maha Parlay, that means subject to birth and death.
So our sole object of our love and devotion should only be Par Braham, Pari Puran Parmatma, Wahiguru Akal Purukh Satnam. Who is limitless, infinite and beyond the concepts of time and space and everlasting. By worshipping Satnam, who is akal murat, ajoonee(without birth or death), then only, we also become akal and ajoonee.
As it is said: jaisa dhiyaiye vaisa hoiye= which means as you contemplate so you become. So by putting our love and devotion at His Lotus Feet, we surely merge in Him and become one with Him, without distinction.

But for that we have to join the sadh sangat, from where we get our milestones to stay on the right track, not any otherwise.
And that also, as soon as possible, because we have a limited time, as Kal is over our heads, our stock of breaths is decreasing at each passing moment, and death is certain.

We are actually now in this birth, on the bridge, which takes us from one form of life to another, so lets not be so murakhs to build our future on it, our future lies in Sach Khand, with Wahiguru, so all our attention should be there, and do our real job with Nam Simran and cross bhavsagar, our aim should be Wahiguru, not this world, where we are chained with zaat, paat, family, relations, land, country or religions, possesions, wealth, honour, fame... which are all means of Kal to keep us prisoners in this creation.

So we have to hurry up with our real job of getting the graduation of being really free from this maya. Because if one remains uneducated in life, after death one can not be M A or B A or get the Masters degree, if during being alive, one can not merge in Wahiguru, certainly it can not be possible after death. It is a great mistake to believe that by doing this or that ritual or ceremony or fasting we earn merits for entering His court. Nothing matters, one may do whatsoever, but what is only going to take us from here is His simran, Nam simran. This is mentioned at many places in the Granth Sahib. And this method is not a policy of any man made religion, it is His method for all the mankind, irrespective of color, caste, creed, religion or nationality, given to us by Him, through our Gurus.
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Re: Human Beings & The Purpose Of Life From the Point of Gurmat

Postby carlos » Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:04 pm

Here are some basic truths from the Granth Sahib, which we human beings either do not know or are not aware of it´s importance for the goal of our life of the liberation from the Chaurasee Ka Chakar, from the cycle of births and deaths, so that union with Wahiguru Akal Purukh could be made possible. The raag taken to illustrate these truths, is Raag Malaar, with the banis of Guru Nanak, Guru Amar Das, Gurus Ram Das and Guru Arjan Dev.

(1262-13, mlwr, mÚ 3)
baho biDh thaakaa karam kamaa-ay.
He performs all sorts of rituals until he is exhausted.

The rituals mentioned here are those which the mortals perform with much enthusiasm, such as fasting, pilgrimages, idol worshipping, reading and repeating the sacred texts like parrots without understanding, bathing in the so called sacred waters...etc

(1267-4, mlwr, mÚ 5)
raaj tay keet keet tay surpat kar dokh jathar ka-o bhartay.
From a king to a worm, and from a worm to the lord of gods, they engage in evil to fill their bellies.

All the beings by not offering their love and devotion to the one and only true Lord Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Paree Puran Parmatma, are covered by maya, by manmuhkta, and do all sort of wrong things.

(1267-4, mlwr, mÚ 5)
kirpaa niDh chhod aan ka-o poojeh aatam ghaatee hartay.
They renounce the Lord, the Ocean of Mercy, and worship some other; they are thieves and killers of the soul.

So they are called thieves and killers of the soul by Guru Sahiban, because they deprive their souls of the purpose of the meeting and union with the Lord Satnam, and for that very purpose which we are given the privilege of the human birth. It is a privilege, becasuse from the huge bahvsagar, creation, this right is only given to human beings; not even to the gods or devis, devtas.

(1267-5, mlwr, mÚ 5)
har bisrat tay dukh dukh martay.
Forgetting the Lord, they suffer in sorrow and die.

So by being engaged in all the useless activities, one forgets the real Lord Satnam, one is not aware about Him; so the preciuous unvaluable human birth is wasted.

(1267-5, mlwr, mÚ 5)
anik baar bharmeh baho jonee tayk na kaahoo Dhartay. rahaa-o.
They wander lost in reincarnation through all sorts of species; they do not find shelter anywhere.

And the consquence is that, one condems himself or herself in the cycle of births and deaths, in the womb of a mother, in reincarnations, in all types of lives, and the Judge Kal, whips with pain in suffering, for wasting the anmol human life just like that, without making anything useful, not anything but only one thing and that is Nam simran.

i (1267-6, mlwr, mÚ 5)
ti-aag su-aamee aan ka-o chitvat moorh mugaDh khal khar tay.
Those who abandon their Lord and Master and think of some other, are foolish, stupid, idiotic donkeys.

Here our Gurus clearly declare, that worshipping anything else apart from Sat Purush, is being stupid, is being foolish, is being a donkey for instead of gathering the wealth of Nam, we gather karmas upon karmas, dirt, and thus binding ourselves, perpetuating our existence in this maha sagar, this creation. So brothers and sisters, let us awake from the braham, from the misconception of building relations here, a piece of land, a piece of earth, or gathering material wealth, or we can say, anything which has nothing to do with our beloved Akal Purukh, without considering in which race we are born. Because anything that is made of the 5 tattwas, has nothing to do with ruhaniyat or spirituality.

(1267-7, mlwr, mÚ 5)
siv biranch asur sur jaytay kaal agan meh jartay.
Shiva, Brahma, angels and demons, all burn in the fire of death.

Even worshipping gods of the status of Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva will not lead to the liberation from maya and Kal. Just because even they do not know the majesty and inmensity of Akal Purukh. They themselves are under the limits of Maya and we can imagine what is going to be of those who worship them. Only devotion to Par Braham Parmeshwar, Wahiguru, takes us to those realms where He really is, real and eternal, away from Parlay or Mahaparlay... to Sach Khand.

] (1267-8, mlwr, mÚ 5)
naanak saran charan kamlan kee tumH na daarahu parabh kartay.
Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of the Lord's Lotus Feet; O God, Creator, please do not send me into exile.

An what is that Sanctuary or the Lord´s feet, where reaching one is freed fron reincarnation? It is Sad Kee Sangat... it is His Nam.

1262-12, mlwr, mÚ 3)
naamheen binsai dukh paa-ay.
Lacking the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the mortal suffers and dies.

Doing anything, excepting Nam Simram, one condems oneself in the unending cycle of births and deaths.

(1262-12, mlwr, mÚ 3)
tarisnaa jali-aa bhookh na jaa-ay.
He is burnt in the fire of desire, and his hunger does not depart.

Desiring anything apart from Wahiguru, is poisoning oneself, because the root cause of pain and suffering is haume, ego and desires, which bring us back again and again in this creation.

(1263-7, mlwr, mÚ 4)
tirath athsath majan naa-ee.
Instead of bathing at the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage, take your cleansing bath in the Name.

So our Gurus, tell us that if you want to cleanse yourself from the dirt of Moh, Maya, Mamta, Agyanta and Kam, Krodh, Lobh Ahankar... do just one thing.... take a bath in the real Amritsar... in the waters of Nam Simram.... By meditating on Nam, our sins and all the dirt of our countless births is washed away in a second. These true Gurus, never say to do anything else apart from Nam Bhakti.

(1262-12, mlwr, mÚ 3)
vin bhaagaa naam na paa-i-aa jaa-ay.
Without good destiny, he cannot find the Naam.

But then they also say, without good destiny one can not find Nam. So one has to starve and pray sincerely to Wahiguru to bless oneself with this grace, otherwise there is no hope, as seen in the bani.
Jap Ji Sahib could be well said, isthe summary of the whole Granth Sahib, and the summary of the Japji Sahib could be well said in the following words: Iko Onkar, Satgur Parsad. There is only one God, which is realized by His grace. Here Parsad is not any sanctified eatable...His Prasad here means grace, for which we have to humbly fold our hands and spread our jholees as begars at his door, so that He may pour His bakhish, His Daya Meher in the form of the Parsad of His Nam.

This is what really counts for all human beings, irrespective of colour, caste, creed, poor or rich, strong or weak, tall or short, hindu, sikh, isaee, jew or a muslim... it does not matter. Only He and His Nam are Sach, are eternal, and by attaching oureselves to Him and His Nam, we can also become like them in this very life, like our Gurus did, they have been an example to us, though they were one with Wahiguru, they come to our human level by His orders, to teach us the spiritually blind, the way leading to Him, with the light of the truth, with the light of Nam.
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Re: Human Beings & The Purpose Of Life From the Point of Gurmat

Postby carlos » Sun Oct 10, 2010 3:40 pm

The beauty of sikhism, the teachings of our Gurus´ is in it´s simplicity. They have made it so simple and easy that anybody can do it. It is not that one has to be a yogi, a scholar, a gyani, a pandit, a priest or be of any religious status. It is not something which is reserved for any particular class.
But for the whole of humanity: east, west, north, south...small, big... any size....any colour, same for all. Because all have the spark of the divne light(soul).
They themselves, while being one with Akal Purukh, practiced it and made it clear and simple enough that anybody could practice it. And stressed it´s importance, by revealing us the countless virtues and qualities of Nam and Wahiguru.
It is the life of lives. The conscious power behind the whole creation.
No particular place or time is needed. Any time any place is good for His worship. No flowers, no candles, no fastings, no pilgrimages, no rites no rituals, no incense, no money... nothing of that sort is needed. He is freely available to any soul.
What is needed, is only humility to please Him, purity and will power to win the deadliest of our enemies, Mann(mind) Maya and Kal.
They taught us the method of Nam Simran... what a lovely and a beautiful thing. So simple, yet so necessary and powerful. It is the highest form of devotion, with this method, we gradually loose our fake identity, because we think we are the body, and thus gain our true identity and then the wonder of wonder ocurrs...we become one with Wahiguru, in knowledge, in power and with virtues. From finite we become infinite.
And apart from all these wonderfull things, there is still one more good thing which distinguishes us from other religions.
While others promise heaven after death... our Gurus make it possible for us.... not heaven itself... but Wahiguru Himself and that also... while living.

Wow what a fantastic and a beautifull thing, just let us stop and give a slightly deep thought to it. While others deal with theories, our Gurus make all this real and practical for us. We can have His darshan while living, in this very present body. So much grace, so much daya meher... and we are neither aware about it, neither worthy, nor interested.

What a pity! Having got the human form, the top of the creation, and wasting it just like that... if not murakhs... what else can we call ourselves. So the first step is to find and join sadh-sangat, from where we can get the true knowledge of Wahiguru, so that we can love Him and get the right directions of the union with Him, through Nam Simran as seen in the
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Re: Human Beings & The Purpose Of Life From the Point of Gurmat

Postby carlos » Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:59 pm

As seen above at several places, the foremost duty of each human being is to to get back to it´s origin.

But how is that possible? Through a definite and a precise method of devotion to the highest being or Wahiguru.

We should be thankfull to our beloved Gurus, for describing so accurately Akal Purush, removing our misconceptios, of somebody of whom we can never even think about, no matter how hard we may try.

That is why it is said, sochay soch na hovay, jeh sochay lakh vaar. Why is it so hard or practically impossible? because we do not know anything even about our true and simple reality, that we are a drop,a soul...then how can we know Him, the huge and mighty ocean?

Because all the instruments(karma indriyas, gyan indriyas, mind) that we possess, are for material things. we have made a lot of progress in this physicall universe, we have gone up to the Moon and sent rockets to Mars, and further progress is made in science and almost all the fields. But where spirituality is concerned, ruhaniyat is concerned, we are lost, we have no clue as to where to start from, so many give up and say that, any such thing like God does not exist. Because if He existed why, can not He be seen?

For example, we know that germs and virus exist, though we do not see them through our eyes directly, but if we take a microscope and see, we can cleraly observe them and their activity. Now what we did was just to adjust an adequate instrument needed for something according to its characteristics. In the same way, the Lord exists in a realm, where we have to discard these physicall eyes, and put into practice something essential for that purpose, which is known as raja yoga or more popularly known as meditation. There are several types of meditations for different goals, targets or ends. like for example, with a bycycle we can move several Kms, with a motobike again we can reach at different places, the same happens with cars, aeroplanes... etc. Though all have in common, that they are a way of transport but with different reaches.

In a similar way, though all perform different types of devotions, meditations....all do not reach the same destination.

If one goes to a priest, or a brahmin or a monk, or a mullah, etc... all of them will tell what they know, according to their knowledge aquired, and tell us do this type of prayer or pilgrimage or fasting, or worship so and so gods or godesses.

What is the consequence of all that? That one will get the reach at most, to the level of our instructor. And if they themselves are not out of the reach of parlay and mahaparlay, naturally one will go there at most...for instance Swarg, Baikunth, Heaven....

And here lies and comes the greatness of our Gurus, that as they come directly from the level of Sat Purush, they speak to us about Him, they awake in us the real love for Him, and teach us to worship to the highest only, Wahiguru Akal Purukh, with the only possible way accepted by Him, that is love and devotion.

As it is said: jaisa dhiaye waisa hoiye, and so if we worship cows , bulls, elephants, serpents,parrots, etc, which is totally wrong, as they are under the level of human beings, they are not worthy of devotion, because in this ladder of evolution, once reached the human form we have to move forwards and upwards. Their level of consciousness is below then that of a human being, lesser than that is still of the vegetable kingdom, like as we have seen trees and plants are worshipped, and at the lowest, comes the level of lifeless things or objects, made of stones, paper, wood, metal, etc. We can see that the Lord is just a highest level of consciousness, the level of consciouness is what differs, among all living beings or souls, indepent in the form of life where they are in each moment. From the lowest form of vegetable kingdom to the highest of Satnam, just one step before is the human form. So the comon sense says we have to move towards the next and the last one, and not to go backwards. And among us human beings also, we all do not have the same level of understanding(consciousness). That is what differs in each and everyone, and because of that we have different characters, likes,dislikes, tastes...etc. Here our karmas and sanskaras play a vital role in our destinies and personalities.

And again among us human beings, those who are in constant touch with Akal Purukh, like our Gurus are, their level of consciousness is still higher, because they have merged themselves in Him, constantly through Nam Simran, thus have become one with Him. So in that way while being at our human level, at the same time they are at the level of Wahiguru, otherwise how can we give an explanation of how they describe so accurately Satpurukh. Do we think, they are ordinary humans or do we think their fantasy is over developed?
Outwards they look like us, but inwardly they are in constant comunion with Him.

So we can see how our Gurus, in a very clear, simple, practical and safe way, teach us the way to reach the highest goal of our human life, by knowing Him and becoming one with Him, through Nam Simran. And through their instrucctions, we meditate, we contemplate on Him, the one who is: Ooch Apaar Beant Soami, and so by worshiping Him, we become pure and pavitra, sach chit and anand like Satnam.

Isn´t it marvelous? There are no words to thank them, for all their daya meher, for getting us out of brahams, and giving us in bakshish, in parsad, the method or realizing and becoming one with Wahiguru. In each page, in each parragrapgh of the Granth Sahib, directions are given clearly, as per who is the Highest being and how is HE obtained.

Because devotion, even a brahman like Ravan did of Shiva, with a lot of hardships, japas, tapas, pujas...etc. But as the instructor of Ravan was not perfect, neither the objective of woship(Shiva) was perfect, so the consequence was that, instead of getting free from Maya and reincarnations, inspite of all his knowledge and power, he was unable to know anything about Wahiguru, neither do gods like Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva.

Because if one does bhakti or abhyas of Wahiguru, of Satnam, slowly and gradually one gets cleansed of all the dirt gathered since we were separeted from Him, one becomes worthy of merging in Satnam, such is His greatness, and such is the grace showered on us by his messengers, Saints or Gurus, we have ample examples of all this in the Granth Sahib, there, only their fragrance of love and highest devotion is described and obtained up to the extent of one´s purity.

Wahiguru Jee Ki fateh.
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Re: Human Beings & The Purpose Of Life From the Point of Gur

Postby carlos » Sun Jan 16, 2011 12:03 am

When we say the purpose of human life to is find God and become one with Him, that means we cut off our chains of karmas which bind us in this creation and free us forever from its clutches.
But then we may ask, where to find Wahiguru, though He is present everywhere. Usually the place we worship Him is callled a temple or a Gurdwara, at least that is the idea which almost everybody has. But where is that real Gurdwara, where He is to be sought. According to our Gurus, the real Gurdwara is this human body. This can be confirmed with the Granth Sahib, in the Raag Tukharee, in the words of the first Patshahee, Guru Nanak Dev, as we can see in the below line:

Nav ghar thaap mahal ghar oocha-o nij ghar vaas muraaray. 107-7,
Establishing the nine houses, and the Royal Mansion of the Tenth Gate above them, the Lord dwells in that home deep within the self.
So what are these nine houses or the Royal Mansion? The nine houses referred, are the nine portals of our body, from where our consciouness goes out and gets entangled in Maya. What are these nine portals? These nine portals or nine apertures are the following ones: 2 eyes, 2 ears, one mouth, 2 nostrils and the 2 beolw apertures.

And which is the Tenth Gate, which is referred above and leads us to the Royal Mansion, that 10th gate is above the eyes in the forehead, known also as Tisra Til, Shiv Netra, or daswan Dwar...

It is a spiritual aperture, and its location is at the area mentioned above, and it is from there where our spiritual journey begins, first come the astral region, then causal region and then ParBraham, which is abov and beyond the reach of Parlay or Mahaparlay...still there is along way to travel before we can reach our true Nij Ghar: Sach Khand.

Outer temples, however respectable because Wahiguru is reminded, but they are not real Gurdwaras, because they are lifeless and inert, they are man made, made out one element(earth), and we also know that any thing made out of any of these 5 elements, are transitory, changeable, and perishable, Truth is not to be found in them.

They are just reminders, of our objective and aim: Wahiguru Akal Purukh. In the way a photo or any picture or statue of any person are not that person, they are just reminders, of how he or she look likes, how are the features...and that is all, they do not have or contain any such thing like a soul or consciousness. That picture or piece of paper or stone can neither talk to us, neither they can be talked to. And if this is a case of ordinary limited human beings, we could be well called mahamurakhs, if we think that a superconciousness being like Satpurush is to be found in lifeless and inert objects.

If we think otherwise, we are manmukhs wrapped by a thick covers of agyanta= ignorance.

That is why Christ also said: ye are the living temple of God. All Saints have the same message to share with us, they can be of any time or age, they do not come to establish any new religion, it is only when they are gone away, we limited and weak humans, forget their real message and start with our own interpreations, and surround them with rituals, dogmas and so on outer forms of worship... and we go on to that extent that we start fighting and killing in the name of religion. What a shame. Is this all that our Gurus taught us? When they themselves were an ocean of mercy. Christ was nailed and crucified, Guru Arjan Dev was tortured and made to sit on hot plates and so are the case of almost all Saints, who just come and talk us about Him, about how to go back to Him, and they also talk us about the true nature of Maya and creation, to make us awake from our zombie state, and make us consciouss of our true nature as souls, which are trapped here by Maya and Kal.

We are not just human beings, we are spiritual beings going through earthly experiences.

Saints of the level of Guru Nanak, and the following Gurus or Saints like Kabir Sahib who was contemporary to Guru Nanak, Christ, Guru Ravi Das, Sant Tukaram, etc... They all come with one message, the message of Wahiguru, and His power, which is Nam or Shabad, through which He prevades each and ever corner. Different Saints at different times have called this power with different names and in different languages, but its meaning is the same, the essence of truth in them is the same. Christ called it Word or the Holy Ghost, chinese mystics called it Tao, muslim mystics called it Kalam Illahi or Kun, hindus called it Nad.
But the problem is, that as long as those Saints were present, things went more or less right for us humans. Their each and every effort was to draw our attention from unreal things, and attaching it to the real power of Shabad and Nam. The moment they left, we again forgot their real purpose of taking us out from outrer things, and started being murakhs again, Maya once again succeded in defating us.

Thanks to Him, this world has never been a single moment of His messengers or Saints. He is like a inmense Ocean, who comes to the seashore(this world) in the form of waves(Saints).

But what for, do they come? They come to collect those drops(souls) ready to merge back in the Ocean(Satnam); so they are first merged in the wave, and where does the wave go? Naturally back to the ocean, so then there is no difference now between the drop, the wave or the ocean. All have become the one ocean. The ocean in spite of its inmensity, can not take back those drops(souls), unless it takes the form of a wave( Saint). So that is the greatness of Wahiguru, through whose utter grace, daya and meher,He comes at our human level like a Saint, and takes us back with Him.

Well going back to the talk of today, which was of the meaning of a true Gurdwara, it ihas to be so, as seen in the above lines of Guru Nanak, because it is there where we get the real Gur parasad, and drink that Amrit of Nam which constantly flows down and by drinking it we become immortal. In this real Gurdwara, we get the true Prasad and the true amrit of Nam. Outer Prasads and amrits, how so ever we may have, and also as many times as we may wish, even then we are not going to wash the dirt of our sins, neither that makes us pure, to be able to merge back in Him.

Only with the abhyaas of His Nam or Shabad.
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Re: Human Beings & The Purpose Of Life From the Point of Gur

Postby carlos » Sun May 22, 2011 1:54 pm

What is the aim of each individual? To be truly happy. And where does true happiness come from? Does it comes from: name? fame? zaat? paat? land? money? relationships? Well in some way the happiness from these things and situations could be ephimeral, but in no way evelasting and true. And why is it so?
Because true everlasting happiness, can come only from the source which by itself is everlasting truth, consciousness and pure bliss..... which is, no other than Wahiguru Akal Purukh Himself.
So if we get entangled in the transient, transitory and perishable things and relations, how can we get that true peace and happiness?
So the only way, is to attach our chit and soul to His lotus feet. By doing so, firstly we shall start shedding our dirt accumulated on our minds and souls, and secondly we shall become pure and inmaculate like Him by His grace, to be able to merge ourselves in Him, and become one with Him, then yes, we can become really happy, in the true sense.
As it is said in the bani, money even dacoits get, children even the rest of the creation gets, but human form and love for His lotus feet, is only by His grace. So let us be happy under any circumstances, due only to the result of our own karmas.
If there is anything to be worried about, is only if we have love or not, in His charan kamal, for His Nam.
As it is said also in the bani: Jis vakhar ko lain too aayaa, Ram Nam, Santan ghar paaya... It clearly states, we have come, with the only purpose to collect as much as possible, the wealth of Nam. Because He and His Nam is the only eternal true fact, everything else is maya and perishable. So let us pour our love for Him, at His lotus feet, so that He may bless us, with more and more love, which is the fountain of real happiness, truth, humility and contentment, which is known also as Sahaj avaasta. It is a state of inimaginable grace, daya, meher, bakshish. Such is His magnificence, His majesty .

So if we have, even a penny of common sense, let us refocus our lives, and make Him the center of our topmost priorities, because we never know when are our "swaasas" coming to its end, so let us prepare conscioussly ourselves, with sincere resolution and bravery. Then we may be called sikkhs, in its real meaning. Because bravery(spiritual, not physicall) and purity are the main qualities, which define a true sikh.

Nothing else really matters, whether we have spouses or not, whether we have children friends or not, wealth, land or poverty.... because all this, is only due to our past karmas, which nobody can alterate or modify. If all this we get it, we should thank Him for allowing us to have these beautiful experiences, if not, it matters not much, we may take it as a special grace, in the sense, that we have less interaction with the world, and thus have more time to dedicate to Him , our true mother, father, brother and friend.He is truly ours, here and hereafter. Etthe othe naal, sada sangahee.

Love is a divine quality, but loving Him only, is divinity + grace. And love is what we have to cultivate in us, because as it is said: Sahib ke darbar mein, kewal bhakti aur pyar; kewal bhakti aur pyar mein, Sahib raazee.

No matter , how many rituals, ceremonies, pilgrimages, fasts may one perform, all is useless. As it is said in the bani, without love and devotion for Nam , everything else is like decorating a dead corspe, is like a dog, trying to find food(something to eat) in the waste (trash).

So let nobody be under any misconception, or let anybody fool us, as clearly and powerfully it is stated in the bani, anything else apart than Nam bhakti, is futile, is useless.

Good actions will make us prisoners with golden chains in this mayavee creation, and bad karmas will also make us prisoners, only the simple action of Nam abyaas, Nam devtion, Nam bhakti, will ferry us across this mahabhavsagar; from Braham to Parbraham, our nijh ghar, Sach Khand.
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Re: Human Beings & The Purpose Of Life From the Point of Gur

Postby carlos » Sun May 29, 2011 8:28 pm

We should respect all dharmas, respect our fellow beings and their beleifs. Nobody should be forced to believe anything. We can explain our views in a gentle manner, but should not expect instant results, like a coffe maker machine.... we said it and it is done.... No, spirituality does not work in that way. Each one of us has a different level of consciousness, due to our past karmas, past sanskaras, we are brought up in different envoirments, different atmospheres... so you see, each one of us is different in that way. No two people are on the same level, even though travelling on the same path. A mother gives birth to several chilfren, each one has diiferent characters, behaviours, intelligence...etc. It is not like for example at a supermarket, where any packet of sliced bread we take, have the same weight, same packaging, same taste...etc.

At human and spiritual levels, these things do not work in this way. Even at school, the teacher teaches all the pupils, gives them the same lecture, not less or more, but then why do all, do not have the same passing marks ? Why do some fail? Because all do not have the same level of consciousness. All seeds are of a particular grain are same(truth for example), but not all the soils( chit, mind or souls) have the same fertility. Some are like a dry desert, some are like a garden, some like a valley, some have weeds.... all need a paricular time to fertilize, though the seeds are the same.... and for that nobody is to blame... each has his own lot of karmas, of sanskaras.

One thing is for sure, that all souls have a natural pull towards its own origin, Satnam. But due to mind, maya, and one`s past karmas, most of us are lost in outer ways, nobody is aware of the truth inside of us. We do things mechanically, read and talk about the bani like parrots, without ever giving a slight thought to what and where our Gurus are pointing our attention to be directed in a usefull and practical and sucessfull manner.

Our Gurus have given us the highest teachings, in a very simple and a clear manner, which is reachable to every mortal, independent of color, caste, creed, nationality or social status. Their words are eternal, always evergreen, they were same 700 years ago, 200 years ago, and ever hereafter. Inspite of the limited and manmukhs having twisted their real meaning, and are thus misleading us, having tapped our sense of discrimination of truth , handicuffed our freedom, with their limited vision, their agyanta. And we do blindly follow them, sometimes our behaviour is of fanatics, without we being consciouss of the situation.

Guru Nanak Jee, has said the following words in Japji Sahib :

Sabna Jeea Ka Iko Daata, so mai visar na jae: There is only One giver for all the beings, and I should never ever forget Him.

An He tells us the way, to know Him and realize Him, and also to get us purified of all our sins and burn to ashes our karmas, which bind us in this creation; to also vanquish the powerful enemies, like mind, kaam, krodh, lobh, moh and ahankar or haume, with the only possible way, and that is Nam or Shabad . This Nam or Bani, or Shabad, is the active aspect projection of Wahiguru , which can be contacted and heard and seen, that is why in the Bani is said: Anter Jot, Niranter Bani, Sache Sahib Siu Liv Lae. Inside this human body is the divine light, from it cometh the Holy Sound of the Shabad, which merges the soul in the true Lord. This is the essence of any true religion

That is why He says: Suniai jog jugat tan bhed. Which means: By hearing His Name, Nam or Shabad, the method of realising Him in the temple of this human form or body , becomes known to the listener. Moreover ,Suniai, Dukh Paap sabh naas, which means : listen to this Shabad, and all our pains(karmas) and sins shall be washed away. So simple, and so true. If taken these words into practice, our pùrpose of human life, shall be only then accomplished or fulfilled.

Our Gurus, take our attention inside us, where the truth can be contacted and realized. But we like to wander outside, in karam kand, reet, rivaaz, poojas, sacrifices, pilgrimages, fasts... etc, which are futile in terms of results, in realizing the one universal truth Satnam, Wahiguru Akal Purukh.
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Re: Human Beings & The Purpose Of Life From the Point of Gur

Postby djjs_khalsa » Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:46 am

"Bhayi prapat manukh dehuriya, Gobind milan ki yeh teri bariya
awar kaaz tere kite na kaam, mil saad sangat bhaj keval naam"

As baani says, purpuse of human life is to meet the lord. and you can meet the lord only with hepl of perfect master. a true guru
a true SAADU.

"Mero sundar kaho mile kit gaali
Hari Ke SANT, batao marag, hum peeche laag chali"

A saint will give you the way. without meeting the true guru human life goes wasted. "BAAj GURU DUBA SANSAR"

all masters of past have warned that you are a musafir and you must reach your home in time. and guru is who can show you the way
so my dear friends. we should pray to lord that make us meet the perfect master

"kar kripa prabh saad sangh meli, jah phir dekho tan mera allouh velli"

"Kripa kareh Jo paarbramh, hove saadu sangh"

when i talk pepole. they say say KRIPAH HAI we have wealth. good family and worldly accomplishments. that is not true grace.
when lord showers grace you will mee the TRUE SAADU.

Gurmukh are people who have met the true master of era and attained Bramha gyan from him.gurmukh are those who know
the way to within themselves where god resides.

"is dehi main Bramha, Viahnu, Mahesha"

"har vin jeeyara reh na sake, jiyon baalak kheer aadhari
agam agochar pram gurmukh paayie apne SATGURU Ke balihari"

Gurumati is not mere dressing, eating like sikhs. it is meeting the true master era.getting the devine eye awakened and
seeing the JYOT.and telling others about Bramha gyan

"Guru paras, hum loh mil kanchan hoya ram
Jyoti Joty milaya Kayagrah soya ram"

wen you meet the true guru. meet the lord. Jyoti sawroop that is withing this Human Body.

"Jaani re Jaani raja raam ki kahani, aanrar Jyoti raam pragassa, GURMUKH virle jaani"
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Re: Human Beings & The Purpose Of Life From the Point of Gur

Postby carlos » Mon Dec 19, 2011 11:43 pm

The begining of everything is Satnam...and the end of everything is Satnam. But this Satnam works out His Hukum, with His power of Nam or Shabad, which is also His very essence, we can say, it is His projection. In the begining He was not manifested, He was hidden, then He so wished and expressed or manifested Himself, and that to say in words....was His Shabad swarup.
It is only when He manifested Himself into this Shabad form....all creation from Sach Khand to this our physicall world and the nether worlds came into existence...absolutely everything was created by this Shabad and from it.
This Nam or Shabad is mentioned in the Bani of our Gurus, and so do all Sants or Gurmukhs sing of different times, whensoever they have blessed the mankind with their presence among us, this is the unfailable truth to distinguish the beadbis, or frauds from the true ones. The first ones are many lakhs and are spread almost everywhere and they confuse the poor humans with outer forms of devotion , though their teachings seem similar...but the later ones....are fewer...maybe one or two at a time...and then too, almost unnoticed, they do not do any publicity about themselves, though they are one with Wahiguru Akal Purukh , and many a times they have to face harsh words and hatred from us....because of our ignorance and spiritual blindness.

But anyhow, we are going to take some lines from the Bani, where the above statements are proved to be true, and not just personal beleifs.
The lines are from Raag Asa , Third Mehel:

gurmatee ghat chaannaa naam ant sakhaa-ee.
Through the Guru's Teachings, the heart is illuminated, and in the end, only the Naam shall be your companion

naamay hee naam varatday naamay vartaaraa.
They are occupied with the Naam, and only the Naam; they deal only in the Naam

antar naam mukh naam hai naamay sabad veechaaraa.
Deep within their hearts is the Naam; upon their lips is the Naam; they contemplate the Word of God, and the Naam.

naam sunee-ai naam mannee-ai naamay vadi-aa-ee.
They listen to the Naam, believe in the Naam, and through the Naam, they obtain glory (means union with Wahiguru)

naamay hee ghat chaannaa naamay sobhaa paa-ee.
Through the Naam, their hearts are illumined (real gyan or brhamgyan), and through the Naam, they obtain honor

bin naavai ko-ay na mannee-ai manmukh pat gavaa-ee.
Without the Naam, no one is accepted(means, witout Nam one can not approach Wahiguru Akal Purukh, such is His will); the self-willed manmukhs lose their honor(manmukhs are all of us, who are niguras, means without a Satguru, without the company of the so called sadh Kee sangat, a sant, a Gurmukh)

In the following line,Guru Sahiban clearly tells us , what will happen to those who may do everything else, but do not do Nam bhakti, of Nam abyaas, so they are held as robbers or thieves and taken in front of Dharam Raj as soon as one dies and goes into the next world.

jam pur baaDhay maaree-ah birthaa janam gavaa-ee.
In the City of Death, they are tied down and beaten, and they lose their lives in vain.

We may see it by ourselves through the Bani, the real Gurus will never ever tell one to do anything, except if it is not Nam Bhakti, because all else apart from this is as said by Guru ArjAn is like decoratring a dead body....what else do we need to beleive in their teachings? The thing is, religion has been mixed up by the corrupted ones, with dirty politics by the ignorants and manmukhs, and so as they themselves do not comprehend the truth, so they mislead the people, which are eager for ruhaniyat...and trap them in the web of this mayavee world with : dogmas, rituals, fastings, idol worship and so many outer things.....up to the extent, that they say, if you give up your life for your country, or your dharma or people, you become a saint and go direct to heaven...... What a nonsense! But the fact is you shall go direct to hell, and be heavily punished. Let us open our eyes and ears: only love for Wahiguru and practice of Nam bhakti, shall take us to Akal Purukh...according not to my thinking...but to the Bani of our true and beloved Gurus, true Gurmukhs.... it can be verified from any page of the Granth Sahib...which is full of the Glory of only three things: Wahiguru, His Nam or Shabad and His Gurmukhs. Apart from this all is maya, all is unreal, all is transitory .... which is the opposite of, the one eternal Truth of Satnam, Shabad and Satguru.

jis no dayvai tis milai gurmatee naam bujhaa-ee.
He alone receives it, unto whom it is given. Through the Guru's Teachings, the Naam is realized.

But receives what? Receives the Gurprasad mentioned in the mool mantra.( Ik Onkar, Satgur Prasad) And how is this received? Through the bakshish of a Gurmukh.

naanak sabh kichh naavai kai vas hai poorai bhaag ko paa-ee.
O Nanak, everything is under the influence of the Naam; by perfect good destiny, a few obtain it.

But as the bani says, all shall not believe in these simple truths, only the wadbhagee ones... it seems easy, but it is not that easy.
Just as Prthvi Chand , inspite of being the son of a true Guru (Guru Ram Das) and the brother of another true Guru or Satguru( Guru Arjun Dev), by being born and living in a Guru Ghar, could not understand and recognize the manifestations of Wahiguru at that time, and thus he was so wicked. Why so? Because it was not written in his mastak so...from the dhur was not in his destiny, to beleive or benefit from the company his Father and Brother, who were the swarups of Sat Purush.
It is only by His grace, His apaar Daya Meher, that one comprehends the simple truths in the Bani and tries to act upon them, not otherwise.

May wahiguru bless us all with His dhrishti of bhakti and daya meher!
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Re: Human Beings & The Purpose Of Life From the Point of Gur

Postby carlos » Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:51 pm

Our main object in taking human birth,
is not to enjoy this world,
but to achieve that objective,
that destinantion,
for which we have got this human birth,
and that is none other than,
Wahiguru Akal Purukh.
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Re: Human Beings & The Purpose Of Life From the Point of Gur

Postby carlos » Wed Mar 12, 2014 11:35 pm

Sun sundar, saaDhoo bachan uDhaaree.
Listen, O beautiful soul-bride: By the Word of the Holy Saint, you shall be saved.
jo ih mantar kamaavai, naanak, so bha-ojal paar utaaree.
One who practices this Mantra, O Nanak, swims across the terrifying world-ocean

Raag Aasaa Guru Arjun Dev.
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