Method of Naam Simran

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Re: Method of Naam Simran

Postby carlos » Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:48 pm

Nam Simran, means merging oneself in that primal truth, known as Aad Sach, Jugad Sach, hae bee Sach, Nanak hosee bhee Sach. Apart from that everything else is false, transient and perishable. As the saying goes: As you think so you become!
And what is thinking in terms of Gurmat? Thinking here means, Simran, means attaching one`s attention in that Parbraham Parmeshwar.
But then, how to do that, we have not seen Him, He has no shape, size or colour, He is beyond the reach of our mind , thoughts and intellect. Words fail to describe His greatness. But our Gurus are not less also. They are one with Him, they know our limit in every sense. Having seen the nature of the three worlds full of maya and filth, they taught us the simplest and safest way to attach our chit, our mind to His lotus feet, by the only way accepted at His door, and that is Nam Simran. That is why, Guru Nanak in raag Aasa, has very clearly said: "saachai sabad mukat gat paa-ay". Which means: Through the True Word of the Shabad, the state of liberation is obtained. This means, by Nam Simran alone one is freed from the cycle of births and deaths, and we merge in our origin, none other than Wahiguru Akal Purukh. He clearly says, only Nam Simran, and not by our manmukhta of ceremonies, rituals, rites, fasts or pilgrimages.... nothing of that the whole Granth Sahib, only mahima of Nam or Shabad is mentioned on each line, each parragraph. Wahiguru is a living consciouss entity, He can not be found from lifeless objects, or idols. His Nam is the current which is spread everywhere, and by Nam Simran, what we do is we just board on that ship, and go go back safely...that is why it is said: Nanak Nam jahaz hae. Means the Nam is the only vessel, which we have to board on, to get back to Sach Khand, our true home, where Satnam resides.
Wahiguru jee kee fateh!
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Re: Method of Naam Simran

Postby djjs_khalsa » Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:54 pm

||Bawan Aakhar lok treh, Sabh Kich Inhi Mahi
Yeh aakhar Khin Jayenge, Woh Aakhar in main nahi ||

This Shabad is in the begining lines of of "Bawan AAkhari" in Shri Guru Granth Sahib.Saint Kabir daas says. in sanskrit Alpabet there are 52 letters
and eveytihn in this cosmos can be describes/spoken using these letters. However the TRUE Name of Lord can not bound to words
sanskrit is the oldes language and most versatile ever. all other language evolve from the subset of this language so LORDS True Name can is not in words.

Name of lord is unspoken as. lord himself is far above our five organs.however we can expericnce the unspoken name of lord in SIMRAN
SIMRAN is not process of repeating certing words from any scripture.Saint Kabir in a different ocasion says

"Guru Aisa Kijiye, pade nishane chot
SUMIRAN asie kijiye. Jeev hile na honth"

which means find such a guru who can eastablish your direction perception with GOD. so that when you do simran "YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE YOUR LIPS OR TOUNGE"

so we need to find a true guru. a perfcet master of time who can helps us realize the unspoken name within us. whihout taking refuge of such a guru none/can/has been/will be able to attain salvation
Guru Nakaj Dev ji says

"Sache Shabad Sachi patt hoyi
Bin naven mukta pave koi
Bin satguru kine nau na payi
prabh aisi babat banayi"

ans this is the rule stabilished by the lord himself that who so ever wants to meet the lord SATGURU the True Guru is the way.

Jesus in Bible Quotes

"i am the way, i am the life, i am the truth
no one come to father except through me"

here "me" stands perfcet master of Time.

Quran Quotes
" Atsallah tu Atsallah. Allhaiy kiya Habhibullah"
which means "my revered habib/ master" i bow to you. you are my praryer as you are the one who helped me meet the lord. the allah

All different religious scriptures accross the world bow to the GURU. the perfect master. once some one asked shir Guru Nanak Dev ji
Lord ! how do i recocnize a guru ?
he replied
"Kaho nanak yeh netra aandh se. satguru Mileya divya drishti Hoye "

which means these eyes are blind when you meet the master he will open the devine eye for you.that is also called as DASHAM DWAR
or Divya Drishti. and when the devine eye opens you experience the UNSPOKEN NAME of lord in form of devine light. and Bramha NAAD
or Eternal MUSIC or "nagme-e-elahi"

To conculde.
"Satguru aage seesh bhet deyo, je satguru saaahe payo
guru paras hum loh, mil kanchan hoya ram
Jyoti jyot milaya kaya garh soya ram"

if you find such a guru.devote yourself you him. when you meet the true guru you will expericnce the devine light that will wash away your sins and prejudices and you aproach purity of gold
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Re: Method of Naam Simran

Postby carlos » Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:07 pm

As it is written in the Bani: Shabad Guru, Surat Dhun Chela.

We have also read: Aad Gureh Nameh, Jugad Gureh Nameh, Satgureh Nameh....

This means, Wahiguru is the Guru since the begining, He has been so in each and every age, and when He comes at our human level, He is known as Satguru.
Having said that, obviously, as some Mahapurush has said: the real Guru is not the body, neither the real disciple is the body. Both of them have to shed away their bodies one day, as anything made of one, two... or all the five elements has to decay or perish sooner or later.

So the real disciple is our soul, and the real Guru is the Shabad, and this Guru as such, never perishes, is eternal, is self sufficient and is a level of Highest Consciousness. And this Consciousness can never be stilled for eternity in perishable and inert objects, such as those made of paper, stone, ink, wood, plastic or metal...or any alike. These things can only be as much as reminders only, but are not at all, what we tend to believe and take them: as truth, this is called or known as manmukhta, avidya or agyanta. This highest Consciousness, which is beyond the limits of mind and matter, can make us aware of our limitations, and make us elevate our souls to it`s level. This Consciouness when condensed and manifested in the highest form possible as human body, is called Satguru or Pooran Guru, which can talk to us in a clear and simple way like us to make us understand and inspire in us the quest for this Highest and eternal Truth, as it is beautifully said in the Bani: Paarbraham, Parmeshwar Anoop, Safal murat...Gur,tiska roop.

My God...such a noble and great expression; can ever a human mind think ever about it? The answer is No... only someone coming from that highest level can say such things. Because we are mugadhs, we are murakhs.
At our worldly level, students or professors, leave each other at some time... but the spiritual Guru never leaves our souls. Though any may have part sooner or later, but this relationship of love and care, once started by and with a Pooran Sant Satguru, continues without interruption on the spiritual planes, only that now both of them are without physical bodies, in astral planes both continue with their subtle astral bodies, and then on causal plane, again with their still finer bodies, and after Daswan Dwar or PaarBraham, even that causal bodies are left behind, then and only then, that Satguru, which once on the lower regions of the creation such as physicall, astral and causal , merged from the Shabad to fulfill His(Wahiguru) job for some particular souls, to them He imparted the technique of Nam or Shabad, which is known as Gurparsad mentioned on each page, and also in the beginning of the Granth Sahib.

So as said before, after crossing Paarbraham region, there is utter darkness up to Sach Khand, then that Satguru, with His real form of light and the sound of Shabad, guides the real disciple or soul up to the lap of Satpurush, of Satnam, of Wahiguru. This is the real Guru of which the Bani talks about, not any other, to whom we should seek and offer Him our love and devotion. This also explains, why it is also said: Agam Agochar Prabh Abnasee, Pooray Gur te paaya.

The full Granth Sahib, is nothing but mahima or greatness of these following 3 (Satnam, Shabad and Satguru), like water as liquid, solid as ice and vapour in gas state, but same in essence….. so in a similar way, Satnam, Shabad or Nam and Satguru are same in essence and nature, though apparently different in aspects. Everything is clear and simple in the pure paviter Bani, it is in the language of divine love, light of wisdom, and the sound of truth...but we people do not understand it`s greatness, to where our Gurus pointed and chalked the way for us, even they gave their lives for us, out of their daya meher for us, but we are such donkeys, that we do not cling on the truth of their teachings and give importance to them, which are precious and priceless diamonds, but rather we give more importance to the jewel box. Are we not murakhs by doing so?

Without Shabad, there is no Wahiguru and without Wahiguru there is no Satguru.
Shabad, Shabad and Shabad...nothing more... all is Shabad. And all this, how do we come to know? Due to the grace of Shabad, in the form of Satguru, like Guru Nanak and the following nine, like Kabir Sahib, like Guru Ravi Das, like Paltu Sahib, like Sant Nam Dev, etc. We can clearly see, whenever He has come between us, it has been in a human form, and it will continue being so. Whatever He does, He is firm and loyal to it, not like us, that what is black today it may turn out white tomorrow, we are so mean, so narrow, and so "matlabee", He can not change things just like that. For example, Sun rises from the east since million of years, has this changed? If not, then why is He going to change His way to let us know Him, understand and realize Him, which is none other than the human form.
Why do we want to limit and confine Him, to the square of, inert, transient , perishable and unconscious things? Our behavior is certainly against their teachings, and still we proudly say, we are Sikhs and are religious minded. What difference is there left then, between us and the Hindus, or the orthodox of other religions, engaged in idol worships (water,paper, statues, stone, metal...etc), pilgrimages, fasts. They taught us, the reality, which is none other than Nam or Shabad, apart from that, devoting or worshiping anything else, is useless, is binding oneself again to this creation, rather than getting real freedom. This is our problem, while they remain between us, somehow we are on tracks, but when these Satgurus leave us for some time, we get derailed like trains from it`s tracks. We are so weak, so confused, so a word...... we are manmukhs. What else can be expected from us?

This Shabad can manifest at any time and any place(in the human form only, not any other), it can be at one time at one, at 2, or at three places, like in Guru Nanak and Kabir Sahib, both were contemporaries, it is all His mauj, He can even withold Himself for some limited time, and for that we mortals can neither question nor understand, it is all His Mauj.
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Re: Method of Naam Simran

Postby carlos » Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:53 pm


As it is said: Prabh Ka simran, sadh kee sangat. This is just a simple line of 6 words; but have we ever seen the depth in it?
Guru Sahiban, wants to tell us that the method of Simran of Nam or Prabhu Wahiguru is got only, if we keep the company of a Sadh.

So the question arises, what is a Sadh? This word sadh in repeated several times in the bani of our Gurus. Is he somebody wearing colored robes? Is he a sanyasi or a yogi? Definetely not. Though this is what most commonly is believed to be. But the fact is totally different, totally the opposite .
Let ´s have a correct view of it. Let us start giving the exact value and meanings of some common terms, in order to understand the message our Gurus want to give us through their teachings.

Words like sikh, khalsa, sadh...Satguru. All these words denote degrees or levels of consciousness, of purity.
Just like we have students, monitors, teachers, graduates, professors, head masters....

So also in the science of spirituality, there are also degrees.

The first one is the one of a Sikh: Sikh means, that person, that jeev, that soul, irrespective of gender, who with bravery , some discipline, and purity, has reached the first spiritual realm, known as astral region or Sahansdal Kamal or the thousand pettaled region

The second degree is that of a khalsa: Now once again, khalsa is not what really we usually tend to believe, it is very light interpretation to this word. Rather Khalsa, is that jeev who has reached the region of Braham, or known as causal region. Only then is one entitled to be called a khalsa.

Then is the stage or degree of a Sadh.This jeev is called a Sadh, because through sadhna of Nam Simran, has crossed the region of Braham, and thus reached Parbraham. This stage can only be reached by those wadbhagee, who have the grace from Wahiguru, by meeting a real Sadh or Satguru and getting from them the bhed or technique of Gurprasad or Nam or Shabad.

So this is the sadh which is referred in the bani of our Gurus, not the one wearing colored robes or splashing ashes on the body, nor the one with rosarys or malas...etc.
These are all fake.
The company of these spiritual beings or sadhs, works much more than philosopher´s stone. The philosopher´s stone converts into gold anything with which it comes into contact, but never makes it like itself.
But when one comes into contact with a true Satguru, a true Gurmukh, a real Sadh, one´s happy days have come in our lives, as then one becomes same like them in purity and refulgence.

It is a sign of mercy, of Daya Meher from the almighty and infinite Wahiguru Akal Purukh, because now we are sure to become one with Him. The soul (a drop) merges first in the wave(Sadh or Gurmukh), and ultimately the drop and the wave merge into the sea( Wahiguru Akal Purukh).

That is why it is also said: awar kaaj tere kitte na kam, mil sadh Sangat bhaj kewal Nam. Which means, nothing else will be of any avail or useful to you, seek refuge and company of a Sadh, of a Gurmukh of your time, get the Gurprasad of Nam from Him, and do it´s kamaee.

At other place in the bani it is said: Gur bachnee, Har Nam ucharay. Means, only when you get that Word, that Gurmantra, that Gurprasad from a Gurmukh or a Sadh, do you learn to do Nam Simran in the correct manner, and only that is considered Nam Simran.
Not that we may say, I do simran of Wahiguru, Hari Om, Satnam, Rama, Vishnu or Shiva or whatever it may be....that is all manmukhta.
We have to bear in mind, our Gurus do not leave any place for doubts or misunderstandings. It is a different thing, that we, instead to look towards the light(wisdom of our Gurus), we look at the darkness or our ignorance.

They have very well stated terms like: sikh, Khalsa Sadh, Gurmukh, Sant , Gurprasad....but we have made mess with them. As said many times before, we have been led astray by some leaders, and have been directed to the pitch of utter darkness, in spite of having the bani of our Gurus in a very simple and clear language. They(Gurmukhs) say 1+1+1+1=3. That means sikh or soul + Gurmukh + Gurprasad of Nam, which leads us to Nam Simran is = equal to Satpurukh or Satnam.

But we murakhs now say : 1+1+1+1=3, means soul + pilgrimages + rituals(outer forms of worship)= God.
Which is totally wrong, according to the teachings of our Gurus in the Bani.

It is a real pity, that even by having such pure, paviter and highest teachings regarding devotion to the Lord, in the Bani, that we do not pay attention to them, but have got ourselves tightly chained in rituals, pilgrimages, fasting, idol worship...thus lost the goal of Spiritual realization within ourselves, of the Self(Soul) with the Supreme Being(Parmatma).
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Re: Method of Naam Simran

Postby carlos » Fri Mar 09, 2012 9:00 pm

Just as a father loves all his children, but those are dearer to him, which are obedient; and those, who in spite of going astray, try to get back on right tracks.
In the same way, when we say Sabna jeea ka iko Daata: which means, there is only one Father for all the creatures, Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

As we are away from our true Home Sach Khand since eons, we are going astray, going nonstop in the wheel of eighty four- "chaurasee ka chakaar".
So when we come in contact with a Gurmukh of our times, and get from Him the gurprasad of Nam, and do its kamaee...slowly and gradually, with patience, with love and devotion, with hard work...with His grace...we start getting back to the Royal Highway leading to Sach Khand.

So then, when our Father Satpurukh sees that wadbhagee soul trying to get back Home, by first becoming a sikh when we reach the 1st spiritual region(astral region- Sahansdwal Kawal), then when that soul reaches the 2nd spiritual region of Braham or Trikuti, is called a Khalsa...after that when again, with further more love and abhyaas, crosses Braham and reaches Paarbraham, it is called a Sadh....

So when the Bani says: khalsa meree jaan...khalsa mero roop...means, it refers to that situation, when that wadbhagee soul, who with love and dedication, with purity, crosses Parbraham... and the Father standing far away in the balcony of His house: Sach Khand, sees that His beloved child(astray soul) has reached Parbraham with the grace of a Gurmukh; so He becomes utterly happy, because in spite of the difficulties of maya , and karmas, and the panch chor inside ourselves, plus the invincible mind ...that inspite of all that, a brave and pure soul is approaching and trying to get back into the lap of Satpurush, as said before, His joy is boundless, and cries out for that soul: Khalsa mero roop hae-Khalasa meree jaan. Because then surely, that soul becomes one day His roop or form, and merges in Wahiguru, becoming one with Him.

So it is this Khalsa, which is beloved to Wahiguru Akal Purukh. The rest of us are just khalsas-sikhs by name only, we are very much attached to our land,rituals, our traditions, our culture, etc...there is nothing wrong in it, it is rather very beautiful and we should be proud of it, but we should not be chained by all these all of these are related to the body, which one day shall surely perish away.
Empty hands(without Nam dhan) we came, empty hands we go.

So let us make the proper use of the teachings of our Gurus, and practice what they have said in their Bani: Nam Simran, and become first true sikhs, then true khalsas, then true in the end become Gurmukhs, by merging our true self of our souls in Wahiguru Akal Purukh.
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Re: Method of Naam Simran

Postby carlos » Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:25 pm

raag ttoddee mehalaa 4 ghar 1
Raag Todee, Chau-Paday, Fourth Mehla, First House

jan naanak naam guroo thae paaeiaa dhhur masathak bhaag likhaeraa
Servant Nanak has obtained the Naam from the Guru; such is the destiny inscribed upon his forehead

What a pity, we say we have the Granth Sahib as Gurus´words, but alas, we do not follow what is written in it. As we can see in the above line, and not only there, but throughout the whole Granth Sahib, in each paragraph of each page, only mahima of Nam or Shabad and Satguru or Gurmukh is sung, and this we do neither understand nor try to follow.

It clearly states: Servant Nanak, has obtained the updesh, the gurprasad, the Nam from a true Satguru or a Gurmukh. Here Guru sahiban refers to a human Guru, a conscious being, whose consciousness has merged and is one with Wahiguru.
That being is a human being at our physical level and at the same time His consciousness is at Akal Purukh ´s level. Only who is beyond the creation of 5 tattwas, maya and kal..... can elevate our souls, our consciousnesses to higher and purest level of Sach Khand, the abode of Nirankar, Satpurukh, through His power of Anahad Shabad, which is mentioned in Anand Sahib also...Nam jiske man vaseh...vaajeh Shabad ganere....

Nothing made of any of the 5 elements alone, single or combined together can take place of a true Guru. Because the real Guru is not the body, He is the bani manifested(that is why the Bani says : Guru hae Bani, bani Hae Guru; which means, that Anahad Shabad or Bani comes in the form of a Guru, and then when His mission of taking across the souls from Bhavsagar is accomplished,He goes and merges Himself in that Shabad or Bani, from where He emanated) the Shabad manifested takes the body for a temporary mission, for some particular number of souls. He comes to give Gurprasad to those wadbhagee jeevas, who come to His Sharan, His Lotus Feet.

That is why also, in the ending of the line above the same is said in a simple and clear statement: dhhur masathak bhaag likhaeraa, which means, only on those foreheads, if it is written to believe in a Gurmukh of his time, and go and humbly ask for Nam Daan(Gurprasad), shall surely go and get it, and do the real job of getting the human form, which is to liberate from the chaurasse ka chhakar, by doing Nam Simran, by doing Nam bhakti or abyaas and merging once and forever their souls in Wahiguru Akal Purukh.
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Re: Method of Naam Simran

Postby carlos » Sat Mar 24, 2012 10:24 pm

From the teachings of our Gurus´, we know that the main reason of our being wandering without any hope, is due to our desires and attachments with this world and its objects. As the bani says: jaisa dhiyaiyeh taisa hoveh, means, as you dwell upon so you become. Let us have a look around ourselves, what is it all about? Nothing but maya and objects made of the 5 tattwas or elements, such as earth, fire, water, air and ether.
So naturally being attached to them, we shall definetely get pulled down back into this creation, because that ultimate truth Wahiguru Akal Purukh, can not be perceived through the intruments available to us , and these are the 5 gyan indriyas and 5 karma indriyas, plus mind and intellect.
And even in spite of having them all combined fully, we can never know anything of our heavenly Father Satpurukh. So we may reach to the conclusion, are we lost? And the answer is, unfortunately and sadly yes. As the bani says: Sochay soch na hovaee, jeh soche lakh vaar. That means, we may try to examinate the true nature of Akal Purukh millions of times, but even then, it is impossible. It is not in men´s hands to understand the Uncomprehensible Mighty Lord...OOOCH APAAR BEANT SOAMI....

Just as our reason of going astray in this creation is mainly our attachments, our thoughts, our contemplation, of the perishable and temporary objects and relations of this the same way, but in the opposite direction is the road leading out of the creation, going directly to our Nij Ghar Sach Khand.

That means, by attaching ourselves to something pure which is beyond the limits of time space, not polluted by maya or karmas, and beyond Braham, where there is no trace of all these things.

Now here comes the wonderfull grace of Wahiguru, He knows that the negative power Kal, has cunnigly made this creation in such a way that, it is almost impossible for any soul to escape from it, but Wahiguru is much wiser and merciful, that is why one of His names is Dayal Purukh, so out of His inmense and boundless daya meher(grace and mercy), he left a door open for the souls to get out of this wicked web.

That door is this human form or life, and as said before the way to get out is the same one as the one of binding us back here, but only that it is on the opposite side.

So which or what is that way?

As seen before we said jaisa dhiyaiyeh taisa hoiyeh, which means as you dwell or contemplate, so you become
Here comes into action the role of a Gurmukh, a Sant, a Satguru. From the teachings of our Gurus´we know that Gurmukhs or Sant janas, are the embodiment of Wahiguru Akal Purukh, whensoever He wishes to come on this earthly plane and dwell among us.

Through their inmense love and grace, they plant real unselfish love in our hearts for Satpurkh, at the same making us aware of our true divine nature as souls, thus removing the filth of our karmas and ignorance...and in due time we fall in love with them, as they are the embodiment of infinite ocean of love called Wahiguru.

And when once we fall in love with somebody, what does usually happen? Well, that the safal moorat or face, remains in front of us, and the deeper the sentiment of love, the more time it stays in front of our eyes. So this is the only trick, the only way to get out of this Maha Bhavsagar, and that is first getting in the company of a living Gurmukh of our time, menas He has to be alive as us.
The question then arises, why has it to be so? Firstly beacuse, to get the Gurprasad, the updesh of Nam Simran from Him, as said in the Bani: Ik Onkar, satgur prasad. Means, there is only one Lord, and He is found by getting the Gurprasad. If there was any other way, surely it was written in the Bani...but it is not so.

That is why also it is said, Prabh Ka simran, Sadh kee sangat.... Sant Kee sewa...Nam dhiyaveh.......Mil mere Gobinda, apna Nam devoh....we may take the bani from any page, any parragraph, the Guru always and everyehere referred, is a Gurmukh in human spite of that, the real teachings of the bani have been twisted by the moorakhs, and presented to us according to their limited level of consciousness, though they may have aquired the grades of graduates or PHD in the holy texts, but the thing is that, real knowledge is got at the Lotus Feet of a Gurmukh and applying ourselves in the devotion of Nam Bhakti alone. This is only what a real Gurmukh will ask us to do, the real devotion of Wahiguru, through His nam Simran, and this is one of the signs to recognize a real Gurmukh.

Anything else we may do, are just rituals, are just symbols, just politics, rules and regulations to get us entangled in this creation, is just putting and tightening chains around us, just as zaat, paat, dharam, land, country, religion, pilgrimages, fasting endless list of activities in which man engages himself uselessly and looses his golden oportunity of human birth.

Only one thing is important: Prabh ka simram sabh te oocha. This is the real pooja, paath, ritual, fasting, and pilgrimages, as it is clearly stated in Sukhmani Sahib.

Let us ask ourselves, do we do all this what is simply said in Sukhmani Sahib? That is Nam abyaas(Prabh Ka Simran). If yes, congratulations, if not, sorry to say we are wasting our precious lives.

So going back to the point when we come into the shelter of a Gurmukh, we start loving Him intensely, to the extent that His sweet swaroop, is around our eyes all the time, so naturally in this way, we are contemplating on the Swaroop of Wahiguru on this earthly plane, in this way by meditating and comtemplating on His physical form, we get realeased from the cluthches of maya and Kal.

So by falling in love with a Gurmulh, we attach ourselves to Him, and so in that way He acts like a powerful engine of a train, that pulls and takes to its destination anything attached to it . He is the Supreme authority , no power can stop Him taking back the souls with Him to Sach Khand. It is only through the love and power of a Gurmukh that a soul crosses Parbraham and reaches in the safe lap of Wahiguru.

Because when a Gurmukh leaves this plane, He is responsible to take those souls back to Sach Khand, to those whom He gave the Gurprasad of Nam, as He goes back, He merges Himself in Wahiguru Akal Purukh along with those souls only, whom He gave the Gurprasad, in that way, the souls, the Gurmukh, all become one with Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

How or why is this so possible?

Beacuse the real form of a Gurmukh is not His body, it is His true spiritual form , as He is the embodiment of Shabad or Bani, so when He leaves this physical plane, means His physical body, He goes back and merges in His origin, which is none other than Akal Purukh in Sach Khand. His physical form was just assumed for giving Gurprasad or Updesh to those wadbhagee jeevas marked on their foreheads, none others, and this continues going on by His sucessors. These may appear at any time and any place, it is all in the hands of Wahiguru, He knows best where and when to make Himself known in human form as a Gurmukh. A This is the way designed by Wahiguru, to go back to Him, which no man can alterate. It has been so in the past, it is so also in the present, it will continue to be so in the future. Around 200 hundred years befor Guru nanak, was Sant Nam Dev...contemporary to Nanak was Kabir Sahib...and some more examples, it is totally in His will if He chooses to be in 1 or 2 forms at a time, or hide Himself for some time and appear afterwards at different places.

For that reason , the bani says: Mat Koee bhoolay Sansar, Bin satgur koee na utras paar... Bin Satguru ghor ander.And so what is that light, that these Gurmukhs give us? That is the light of Nam, as it is said: Mil mere Gobinda, apna Nam deho, means dear Lord, come and give me the bakshish of your sweet Nam. And the only possible way for Him to come at our level is in the human form, not of any gods or devis or devtas, neither lower species of lives just as animals, plants or birds, much less in lifeless(cosciousless-souless) objects.

It is this Satguru in human form,which is mentioned and referred in the bani: Mera baid Guru Gobinda, Mera Satguru(Gurmukh in human form) Deen Dayala, means Gurmukh and Akal Purukh are equal.

My God, can we ever understand the inmensity and beauty of the teachings of our Gurus´. The answer is simply no. Even gods as Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu, neither Maha kal, can ever comprehend a Gurmukh or Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

Oooch Apaar Beant Soami.
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Method of Naam Simran

Postby carlos » Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:04 pm

In this shabad of Guru Arjun Dev, we can clearly see that, that Nam about which our Gurus´and all perfect Sant Satgurus talk about, is as the title says: in the company of the Sadh , the Sadh Sangat, the Gurmukh, the Satguru... we learn the jugtee of Nam Simran, the bhed of Anhad Shabad, Apaar Bani....give it any name, all is reffered to that universal and eternal truth: Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

Now we human beings, are very clever...we may say that I do not need any living Satguru....but the fact is, that even Guru Granth Sahib, from the begining to the end, is nothing but mahima of only three things: Gobind, Guru, and His Saacha Nao or Nam...and clearly states by different words, ways maybe...but pointing always in the same direction, that it is learnt, it is got in the company of a Gurmukh or a Sadh,and above all by a very great fortune, or let us say a wadbaghee jeev, or by the daya Meher showered by Wahiguru on that particular soul, who inspite of the world and maya, goes to the sharan of a Satguru of His time.

At other place Guru Sahiban says: Gur Parsad Kin virle jaatay.
Or also: Agam agochar, Prabh abhnasee... pooray Guru te paaya. Which means, the act of going and getting the Gurparsad from a living Guru, only a few,a handful go and get it...the rest are lost in rituals an outer forms of worship.
The unfathomable and unaccesible Lord, is got by the mercy (gurparsad) of a true Guru or Satguru.

Countless are the statements, in each parrgraph, each page of Guru Granth Sahib, where terms like Gurparsad, Gurmukh, Nam, Shabad, Amrit Bani, Sadh Sangat, etc ..... are very oftenly repeated....but in spite of that, we fail to understand, or we change our view in other direction... so the the essence is lost...what a pity.

The fault is not totally ours, the thing is, since we have been born and grown up , the bani has been presented to us in a twisted form since some couple of hundred years back, so now we are so formed up, that even if any truth is presented to us in a normal and sensible and logical way...we shall not take it seriously.

We must remember, Wahiguru has no form, caste, color, nor religion.... neither does He belong to any particular country, political party, nor speaks any particular language. He is an infinite ocean of love, mercy and grace. So these are the virtues, the qualities we have to dress ourselves on our souls, (which are possible through Nam Simran only), when we go in front of our true father Akal Purukh, otherwise we shall not be allowed to enter His court or call it Sach Khand.

All our outer forms of dressing and weapòns or decorations of/upon our bodies, shall be left behind when we leave this world.
Anything made from 5 tattwas is perisahble and left back in this creation. That is why our Gurus have stressed total importance on Nam Simram only, because by doing so, we gather the real wealth, which we can take with ourselves... and this wealth nobody can snatch away from us, not even kal or Maha Kal... so,let us make the best use of this human body, granted on us by Wahiguru, to meet Sadh Sangat, then get gurparasd from Him, and do it´s kamaee, it´s bandagee, and thus reach our true Nij Ghar: Sach Khand.

Wah wah Saache Badshah !!!!
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Re: Method of Naam Simran

Postby carlos » Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:06 pm

Kabir Sahib, was a pooran Sant Satguru, just as our Gurus of the highest level, that is why His teachings are also added in the Granth Sahib ; He was contemporary to Guru Nanak. His teachings exalt the importance of Satpurush, of Nam Bhakti and Satguru sharan through love and devotion. With the only difference, that instead of being born in Punjab, He was sent by Akal Purukh to a different place, to the redeem the souls in that area.... though the Saints of this highest order, are like sandalwood, wherever they pass, they give and spread their scent of Nam. In the end, they may be born at any place, but if we pay attention to their teachings, all of them stress on only 3 things: Wahiguru + Nam or Shabad + Satguru.
So, from Raag Chaubolas, we are taking a simple line of Kabir Sahib, which shows us the importance of a Sadh, a Satguru, a Sant:

kabeer nigusaaN-ayN bahi ga-ay thaaNghee naahee ko-ay.
Kabeer, those who have no guru are washed away. No one can help them

From His words, we can clearly see the importance of His teachings and the direction where we should draw our attention. Just as in the begining of the Granth Sahib, it is also said : Ik Onkar, Satgur Parsad.

Now if we see carefully, both are telling us about the vital imporatnce of a Sadh, a Satguru.

Guru Nanak says, there is only one God, and He is realized by the grace(gurprasad) of a Satguru.

Kabir also says the same, but in different words. He says that, if one is without a Satguru, means one who is a nigoora, that unfortunate being is washed away, means, that soul wanders ceaseless in the Chaurasee ka Chakar. Why? Because, without Satguru, there is no Gurparsad, and if there is no Gurprasad, there is no realization of Wahiguru Akal Purukh. One may do whatever one may want, but brothers, let us bear in mind, without a Sadh, who can bestow upon us His glance of mercy(Daya Meher), there is no salvation. Any other prayers, rituals, ceremonies or pilgrimages are useless activities, which just inflate our ego, and at most leave us with our last breath; while Nam Simran or Nam abyaas, is the true wealth which we gather here and can carry with us in the next world...not only that, we can go on increasing that wealth in the spiritual planes, it is something which has affinity with the soul. True Nam, goes with the soul...on the other hand, anything made of any of the 5 elements of the creation, at the most is left behind along with this physical body, of which we are so proud, and because of which we fight and kill, in name of religion or dharma...what a shame!

Real Sants, or Satgurus, will never ever say us to do anything to bind us in this creation, in form of politics, religions, caste, langauge, creed, country or land, fasting, pilgrimages, worshipping idols and lifeless things, etc...

They will always talk about Wahiguru Akal Purukh and His greatness, and about Nam and Shabad, as the only means of going back to Sach Khand and merging in Him, being this as universal path, for any soul, wanting to go back Home.

Just as the Bani says:
Prabh Ka Simran, sabh te Oochaa
Prabh Ka Simran Dargeh Maneh
Prabh ka Simran, Sadh kee Sangat

Let us think, if there was anything everlasting apart from Nam or Shabad, surely the Saints would have told us about it.
We may do things, or perform rituals, to show the people that we belong to some community, and thus go along well with them, beacuse we are social beings also, but in the eyes of Wahiguru Akal Purukh, nothing of these things are important at all, it is all smoke(gas) that evaporates, all these outer observances are related with the body, and end with the body, they have nothing to do at all with the soul, except Nam Simran, which is truth and everlasting.

Wah wah Wahiguru !!
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