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Karmas and the Wheel of eighty four...

PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:41 pm
by carlos
Karmas are nothing but our own deeds, performed by us. Karmas are a way of keeping souls in this creation, because every action has an reaction... so naturally, for this very reason, one even not wanting the consequences, is condemmed over here in perpetuity. In hinduism and sikhism, this coming and going is called "chaurasee ka chakar " or the wheel of eighty four, which compromises all the species of lives, from the lowest of plant kingdom, up to the human beings, the highest. The soul goes on wandering, in different bodies, according to it`s "karmas" and "unsatisfied desires" or "attachments", which are the main causes of reincarnations. Even in christianity, it is said, as you sow, so shall you reap... or... even the hair on your head is if we pay attention, we can see, nothing is left to be labelled as luck, chance or random... everything is precise. The world would be a chaos, if it was so. Just because we humans are limited in mind and knowledge, so we think that God or Supreme Being, is just something like us but on superior level...which is far from reality. He is, sat chit ananad, which means everlasting truth, omniscient and embodiment of bliss.

Karmas are of three types:
a)Kriyaman: those which we perform in this present life
b)pralabdh: those which are responsible of our present life destiny
c)sinchit: those which are the storehouse.
It is just like, suppose we have $200.000, in our bank account(sinchit), and we are going for holidays, and we make budget that we are going to spend around $2000(pralabdh) in those scheduled days, which we withdraw beforehand and proceed for our planned trip, and while there, we make some more money(kriyaman), which we bring back with us and put it in our bank account... so we can see this process is inevitably unending... we are caught in the web of this trap... it is such cunningly designed, that not only we humans but even gods or ishtas can not escape. All our tempers, characters, relations, health, wealth, honor , dishonor, span of life, friends , foes.....are all due to the effects of karmas.
Yogis, increase their span of life through yoga, because they minimize their number of breaths and morsels, which of course, sooner or later, that credit has to come to an when one has not to take anything from anybody or give anything to anybody, one leaves this world, because one has finished one`s cash... so one has to go and come back with it again. The trap, consists of making and spending (karmas).

We all know who Dhritrashtra was, the father of the kauravas. If I am not mistaken he was blind from birth. Once when he was in the company of Krishna, he told him that, due to his spiritual developement, he could go back through his previous 99 births, and he could see no karma as such for which he was blind in this present life. So Krishna, with his power, took him 5 lives more backwards, means his 104th life, and showed him how once as a child, he was near a pond and was taking out the eyes of a worm with a pointed object.
From this simple example, for those who believe, karmas and reincarnation do exist. And it is clear, we do freely perform karmas, but it is totally not in our hands, how and when are they to bear it`s fruits, that is the job of mother nature,(not God please), where and when to unfold.
Karmas are very mysterious, mostly beyond our reach of mind and intellect. It would be wise on our part, to talk good, do dood and be good. Beacuse as said before, our present life is built from our past karmas.... naturally our future will be based on our present karmas. If pain is given(sown), naturally pain will come back to us(destiny).

Mostly, nobody is perfect, so that is why some are more happy , and some are more miserable. If we had more good karmas, we may be reaping it in a paradise, or if we had more bad karmas, we may have been be in a reformatory plane, but in either case, we shall not escape the wheel of eighty four, again we would be born in some specie.
So one may ask, how to come out of this trap? As the bani says: Awar kaaj tere kitte na kam, mil sadh sangat bhaj kewal Nam, which means, nothing else will be of your avail, but get in touch with a saint, a lover of God, a holy man,( holiness is not got, by wearing saffaron dresses ot special attaires, or external complements, or by fastings, nor pilgrimages, or by splashing ashes on the body, but by comunion with the almighty Lord, through meditation) and practice the meditation according to His instructions... this is the remedy, according to the wise ones! As Christ said: man is the living temple of God. God is spiritual being, which has to be realized by our true nature spirit or soul. We are not the body, if anything as such has to be merged in the Universal Spirit, naturally it has to be the spirit, as the body is left here once we die, all phisicall or gross matter is made of the 5 elements, which are transient and perishable.

So it is the soul, which has to merge in it`s origin, known also as Supreme Being, and for that we have to use the vehicle of guided meditation from an expert, from a teacher... or call it Guru.
This science is not anything new.. it was the same with Christ, with Kabir Sahib, Guru Nanak and His succesors, Guru Ravi Das, Tulsi Sahib, Sant Tukaram, Sant Namdev... and some others, but always with the one same message. If the Sun is one, naturally the rays emanating from it are the same, they can not be different. If we try to find Him outwards, we shall not only not find Him, but shall get lost in disputes,ignorance, fights and wars. But if we try to find Him in His true temple, which is this human body, there is only one way, no matter to which religion, caste or color one belongs.... there only love, devotion and purity counts, for being allowed to enter His court; as it well known: Sahib ke darbar mein kewal bhakti aur pyar, kewal bhakti aur pyar mein hee, Sahib raazee. Which means: Only love and devotion is needed for the Lord`s court, and only with love and devotion is the Lord satisfied!

Re: Karmas and the Wheel of eighty four...

PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:47 pm
by carlos
Most of us know that, we can not exist in the creation without creating karma or without reaping it. We are always busy either creating or paying for it. Karmas can be good or bad. Good karmas give us a temporary and a limited happiness, at most it takes us up to Swarg or Baikunth. On the contrary, with bad karmas we suffer. In any case, good karmas can be viewed as golden chains on us, and bad karmas as iron chains on a prisoner. By all means, we are prisoners without any freedom nor real happiness nor wisdom. We are prisoners between the four walls of the physicall , mental, astral and causal bodies. And while being prisoners, we go on gathering more and more dirt on us. Such is the pitifull condition of the "jeeva".
Seeing this painfull condition of the soul, He came down to our human level, to talk to us about Himself, to remove our agyanta, our ignorance and brahams, at the same time infuse His knowledge and love in us, for Him. There was not, and is no other way. Only humans can make humans understand. If He was supposed to come as birds, serpents or cows...or any other lower specie, first of all we do not know their language, and secondly, let us think rationally, if man is considered the top of creation...why would Sache Badshah, Satpurush, Kul Malik go below the level of mankind. Are we not irrational by thinking in that way ? And still we say, we are the most intellectual... What to say, of those who worship paper, stone, or metal idols, which have no conscioussness in them. Frankly speaking, Wahiguru is the highest level of consciousness... why would He degrade Himself in the lower forms? It is all our manmukhta.
From our Gurus, we have seen, that whenever He decides to come to our level, it has been always in the human form, like Guru Nanak and His 9 succesors, or Kabir Sahib, Guru Ravi Das, Tulsi Sahib, Bhagat Nam Dev, etc.... On the contrary, when the hindu deity of lord Vishnu, has come, he has adopted the form of a tortoise, and some other forms. But this is because, the hindu trinity and their gods are from a level much more lower than Satpurush. Thiers is the job to keep the souls trapped in the creation, to keep it running.
One more thing, they never mention anything such as Nam, Amrit Bani or Shabad. Why? Because they themselves do not know anything about it. And so if they themselves do not know, how can they talk about worshhiping it?
This is the major difference, between sikhee or Gurmat and the rest of worldly so called religions. While on the other side, if we take the teachings or banis of any of these Gurus named above, all talk about this one truth : Nam or Shabad, of which our souls are like rays from the Sun.
And so, Sach Khand is our true home, as the bani says, Sach Khand vaseh Nirankar. So if our heavenly Father is in Sach Khand, naturally our destiny has to be there. It can not be paradises, Swargs or Baikunths, which is after all in the boundary of Parlay and Mahaparlay.
There is no other power in the creation, other than the power of Nam to literally burn the karmas. That is why our Gurus, told us to do only Nam Bhakti.
Beacuse, by doing it, (Nam Bhakti or abhyass) we incurr in no new karma and secondly, we literally burn or wash the infinite number of our karmas which we have comittted and collected, since we stepped in maya and creation, the moment we left our true home of Sach Khand.
Such is the greatness of our Gurus and Nam. There is nothing superior, or comparable, Shabad is unique, and is the reason or cause of everything else.
Shabad is the dynamic state of Satnam or Wahiguru, through which He is present everywhere.
Wahiguru kee fateh.

Re: Karmas and the Wheel of eighty four...

PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:12 pm
by djjs_khalsa
our "sahchit" Karmas or sins or bad deeds we did are the resons for our "ilness, troubles. loss and misery". there are four ways
four tools that can help you wash away your sins and aproach salvation

1. Darshan (darshan of a ture master of time. or samaya ka puran satguru or Bramha gyani who is enlightned

2. Swea
serving enlightened person of the era

3. Satsang
discourses by the deciples of the enlightened sage present time or sage himself

4. Sadhna
Meditation, meditation is not the process of just closing eyes and imnagining. meditation that scriptures reffer to
is only possible after you get the devine eye awakened by grace of the enlightened sage of the era and you expericnce
the lord withing you.

"Chau girdh hamare raam ka. dukh lage na bhai "

Re: Karmas and the Wheel of eighty four...

PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:40 pm
by carlos
Dear Mr djjs_Khalsa, I would say: hats off to both of yours posts, there is much depth in them and though for me they are correct in every way. But what would you say to the majority of our khalsa brothers, to accrding to their belief and faith that Guru Gobind Singh said: Guru Maaniyo Granth.... while you are saying in your post.... darshan of a true Master of time?

I think, we should be respectfull with the belief of mankind in general. No matter if one thinks to know.... because we should be careful of hurting the feelings of the people. Neither the Gurus in the past could convince the people, though they were the embodiment of Satpurush, nor the later ones... so who are we? It is only by His grace, one understands the truth, the hukum, not by explaining... no matter what amount of explanations are given.
You see, mostly since their birth, have been taught that Granth sahib is the real Guru... then suddenly someone comes and says, no, one must find a living Perfect Master or Satguru..... can you imagine how hurt and angry can people become? As someone has said: we can not convince people in politics and religion. No matter, if you bring a saw and cut somebody`s head into two and put true gyan into it, even then nothing will happen.... if it is not His Hukum to understand and believe, one will never believe in such things, though they maybe true.

As Guru AmarDas says in Raag bihaagarhaa :
kar kirpaa parabh aa-ay mil mayree jindurhee-ay gurmat naam pargaasay raam.
By His Mercy, God comes to meet us, O my soul; through the Guru's Teachings, He reveals His Name.

Further on He says:
har bhaag vaday likh paa-i-aa mayree jindurhee-ay jan naanak naam samaa-ay raam.
The Lord has given me the pre-ordained blessing of high destiny, O my soul; servant Nanak merges in the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

So one can see, on each page of the Granth Sahib, only Mahima is written of Nam and a Pooran Sant Satguru, but who cares for what is written in it? People care more for the jewel box than the jewels contained in it.
Only pity can be felt for them and pray to Him, that He may grant them a sound understanding.

Wahiguru Jee Kee fateh!

Re: Karmas and the Wheel of eighty four...

PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:24 am
by djjs_khalsa
My dear Friend Carlos, and all those who are reading this by LORDS eternal grace on them.

Sikh is one who has followed a ture master of time. Bramhan is one who has got attained Bramha Gyam from true master of Time
Muslim is one who knows the ILM. the truth .. bramha gyan.(which is realization of the supreme within this body with help of devine eye )

Jeusus says
"Human body is temple of living god. but you need a PERFECT MASTER to enter into this temple". Sikhism has a deep meaning
sikh means "shishya" or DECIPLE. how are you a deciple without master ??

ALL MASTERS OF PAST HAVE TRIED TO UNITE US. as we are one. BUT it is our misunderstanding of their great teachings. we follow what
we like to .. not what they like us to do.

reciting guru granth sahib, keeping turban. is not beeing sikh.or gurumukh (you may look like one .. but from within you are empty )
guru nanak dev said

"Mund mudhaye. jata sir bandhe . maun rahe abhimaana
Manva dole ,dwesh shtaye Vin tattwa attma gyana"

which means may shave off your head... you may keep long hair ... you may not speak for years
even then your mind will not get stable. you can not gain eternal peace without ATTMA GYAN. which is also BRAMHA GYAN

in Guru Granth Sahib at another occasion we come accross following lines
"Gurmukh hoye so Ved Vichari
Gurmukh Hoye so aantarVidi jaani "

gurumukh is one whose is in accordance with VEDAS. Gurmukh Knows the WAY to withinn.that is devine eye. these eyes open outwards
the devine eye opens inwards. that is also called as DASHAM DWAR or 10th door.
Find a master who can open the 10th door and you see the devine light withing you and become a real SIKH or GURMUKH

guru baani says "Kabir, raja Janak, Dhruv and praladha are some example of GURUMUKHS ...
during that time .. there was no GURU GRANTH SAHIB .. now how were these GURMUKH then ????

in gurnth sahib .. kabir says "Jaani re jaani raja ram ki kahani .. Antar Jyot Ram pragassa GURMUKH virle Jani "
which i know the truth. i know raam. raam is in wihing us in form of devine light. and only very lucky rare GURMUKHS know this "

someone who has seen the LORD withing themselves as devine light is A real SIKH or GURMUKH


this is not written anywhere in guru granth sahib. instead in DASHAM GRANTH. it is guru Gobind Sahib said .. he will come again
will come again and this time we will have "SIKHS" all over. he did not go to Harmindar Sahib. but now when he comes as Kalki Awtar
he will go there.. i will be with him

"Har Jiyo harmandir aayenge.. kalki awatar khayange"

Guru Gobind singh ji said " manas Ki Jaate Sab eK pahachano" he said there is one universal cast that is HUMAN. did did not order
to create a new cast or religion. he said he follows and orders to follows same NAAM as "dhruv, and praladhah did"

At this point of time we have created total mess out of devine thoughts of our masters.. out of our ignorance.

Lord Shiva says

"Agyan Timir Andhaysa Gyan Anjan Shalakaya
Chakshur umilinata yena tasmai shri guru ve namah"

there was darkness of ignorance. Guru opened by eye (deinve) and there was light all around. i bow to such a guru

I know what i said many people do not agree with .. i have not said anything of my own. i have just repeated what masters of past said.
you may want to confront me. but truth is truth. it will remain truth even if no one follows truth. truth is fearless. truth has no enemy. truth
will establish itself.

at sunny mid day. if you close your eyes and say this is night.may be night for you. if every one in this world does so. even then the day will remain day till sunset.

you must have read about gallelio.. he wrote a book. "the dialogue". that was heavely opposed by almost all. especially the chapter
"Haluocentric view of the world" in which he stated " planets do not revolve around earth" but sun is at the center and all other planets revolve around sun."
he had to pay a huge price for reaveling this truth. people sugest apologize and he will be forgived. he laughed. and said. that is truth.
he was put behind bars for his entire life. and now in schools. you know what is tought.

Jeusu was cricified for saying " god is light. i have seen it"

i am ready to make a new history. truth is "ONLY THOSE ARE TRUE SIKHS THAT FOLLOW A TRUE MASTER OF TIME. AND HAVE THE DEVINE EYE AWAKENED" WAHWGURU or (any other word like ..ram.. hari.. ) is not the name of lord. name of lord is not in words. you will come to know the UNSPOKEN name in proximity of a true master
if some one really follows masters of past .. gurus and kabir .. babd farid. and so on follow WHAT THEY SAY ...!!!

"Guru Aisa Kijiye, pade nisahne chot
SUMIRAN AISA kijiye.. jeev hile na HONTH"

when you recite the name of lord. there should not be movement of lips .... KABIR SAID SO.

polaris underscore 1942 at hotmail dot com

Re: Karmas and the Wheel of eighty four...

PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:57 am
by djjs_khalsa
and my friends i know when we hear things that are against our beliefs... it hurts. But if you die without with knowing the truth
that pain can not described in words. if you will lose this human life for nothing..
we should try to wake up. and try to align ourselves to a true master of time.

about Jesus. and gallelio and sevral others they were crucified as what they said was against beliefs prevailing that time in society
what they said was truth. that remains truth.

Re: Karmas and the Wheel of eighty four...

PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:04 am
by djjs_khalsa
and my friends i know when we hear things that are against our beliefs... it hurts. But if you die without with knowing the truth
that pain can not described in words. if you will lose this human life for nothing..
we should try to wake up. and try to align ourselves to a true master of time.

about Jesus. and gallelio and sevral others they were crucified as what they said was against beliefs prevailing that time in society
what they said was truth. that remains truth.

Re: Karmas and the Wheel of eighty four...

PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:49 am
by carlos
Dear brother Djjs_Khalsa, thanks once again for your such a great post, not because it is written by you, but because what is written in it, which is only truth. My intention has never been to confront you, but give you total support from my side. If I ask something, it is not for me, but for the sake of the(sangat) masses, as it seems your thinking and mine, is alike.
It is good and a noble thought to think for the spiritual welfare of all our soul brothers and sisters... it only denotes the divine quality of mercy, of which Satpurush is a limitless ocean.
From my experience, I can see the world is quite cruel, is shortsighted, hardly is there any forgiveness or love, no matter if you want to share even the truth, but I guess this has to be so, as we are in Kal Yuga, so the atmosphere in which we move about, is very much polluted with agyanta, with maya.
When people say, Guru Gobind Singh said Guru Maaniyo Granth, (my personal opinion is He could never ever say such a thing, not because I was present then, but because His words can not be different from His previous predecessors or other Sant Satgurus as Kabir Sahib, Paltu Sahib,Guru Ravi Das...etc),there seems to be some misinterpretation or manipulation in this line. So I was just thinking, suppose Wahiguru Akal Purukh decides to come in human form again, and as we have closed our doors with this line of Guru Maaniyo Granth..... how will we ever recognize Him? We will beat Him, taking him as an impostor.... just because of that manipulation which has handicapped our sense of discrimination.... it is a pity, our whole Granth Sahib, is nothing but mahima of Satpurush, Shabad and Satguru, but due to some manmukhs, we have lost all our spiritual values, being reduced to some rules and regulations laid down by these, and loosing the truth out of our sight, and running outwards like the rest of the religions ... it is a real disgrace. I fear, that if a real Satguru comes in front of us,
we shall illtreat Him,as it has be done so even in the past, whenever He has decided to dwell among us, to infuse real love and devotion in our hearts, for Akal Purukh.
May Wahiguru bless each and everyone of us.

Re: Karmas and the Wheel of eighty four...

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2011 8:19 am
by djjs_khalsa
Brothers and sisters,

Once a Jigyasu asked Lord Budha. what are signs of Luck. whom do you call to be lucky ?. Budha replied. a jeev attma getting a human body. manus deh. and comming to this world as human
Jigyasu again asked, who is luckier that that ?
Lord Budha replied. some is born at a time where we have the Lords incarnation in this world with a purpuse or a mission.

Jigyasu again asked, lord who is luckier than that ?

Lord Budha, replied if someone gets in proximity of that great master and attains the Char Padaratha gyan.

Jigyasu again asked. who can be luckier that ?

Lord Budha repled. NO ONE. there is not great luck than beeing shishya of of incarnation of lord when he comes as Jagat Grur

My dear friends. we are lucky that we are born as humans.
if we want go get luckier in that is in our hands ? if we want to get Bamha gyan .. "char padarath je koi maange. saad jana ki sewa laage "

Lord can not give you much clear message than that he is here.