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Security Breach Fixed!

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Security Breach Fixed!

Postby admin » Tue Aug 05, 2008 8:45 pm

We recently had a security breach on one our search page at SikhSangeet.com, which redirected users to a fake antivirus page (called antivirus2008) that told users to install spyware/virus on their computer. We fixed this bug as soon as we found the bug. If you have downloaded any such software from a popup on Sikh Sangeet, please use a real antivirus program or a spyware remover software.

Thanks to Manprabodh Singh and Navi Sidhu for reporting this bug.

We recommend the following FREE programs:
AVG Antivirus: http://free.avg.com/
Spyware Doctor (spyware remover): http://pack.google.com/pack_installer_new.html
Norton Security Scan (antivirus): http://pack.google.com/pack_installer_new.html
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