Amrit and amrit wela...

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Amrit and amrit wela...

Postby carlos » Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:20 pm

We humans like to judge in haste, without giving a chance to see the depth of what is said, from all possible angles. Because, then only can a correct and a sound answer be given, otherwise it is just a reaction, which generally turns to be opposite of what one believes, and this attitude just shows one`s inmaturity, inspite of one´s belief of being a wise one.

Having said that, amrit vela is traditionally known of the early hours of the day, because one engages in spritual practices, as that time is appropiate for that purpose, because usually at that time, there are no door bells, no phone calls, no traffic noises, etc. calmness is the sign of that period of time.

But, given a deeper look to it, these are just mere words. Real Amrit wela is, any time one dedicates to the devotion of Nam. Amrit means Nectar of Inmortality, and wela means time, so in this way, Amrit wela means, in fact the time dedicated to this spiritual practice, because this Amrit of Nam is flowing 24 hours a day non stop inside our spiritual body. It is not like a supermarket or a shop or a resaturant which is opened from 10 am to 10 pm, just for an example,

Wahiguru has kept it individually for each person inside, during the 24 hours a day, non stop as said before, and to get its purifying effect, we have to taste it, we have to go inside ourselves and have it, then yes, it is Amrit wela at any time this is done , not otherwise.

Or is it that, just by standing out the supermarket we are going to get the eatables ? No, we have to get in... If a child gets up because it is time to go to school, but actually does not go to school, what is the use of that time? In the same way, time(wela) for Amrit, is the time in having this Amrit is flowing continously non stop... Chim Chim Varse Amrit Dhara.... Anter Jot Niranter Bani, Sache Sahib syu Liv lae... it is the same thing, so only by having this real Amrit, we clear our sins and get the true knowledge of Wahiguru; but this Amrit referred in the Bani is not the outer Amrit we make and take it... that is just a symbol.... the outer amrit is made of one of the 5 tattwas or elements of creation like: air water fire earth and eter, and all of these elements are perishable, so naturally from any of them single or combined real amrit can never be had... the real Amrit which the bani talks about, is the Nam, the Shabad, the Anhad Bani, which Wahiguru has kept in each one of us, to have and become pure paviter and get released from the chaurasee ka chakar forever, and at the same time, mind and the 5 passions come under control and are vanquished, such is the greatness and power of this Amrit...not only that, but also merges our soul in Wahiguru, becoming one with Him.

It is pity, our sikhee is such a perfect source of happiness, but due to the manipulators, to the manmukhs, our sense and capacity of discrimination has been handcuffed, our eyes have been tapped, so we are going astray like the rest of the world....otherwise the bani is very very clear, on each page only mahima of Wahiguru and Shabad or Nam is expressed... but we have been caught up in rituals and ceremonies, and lost in outer things, not paying attention to the message of our Gurus, though we may believe we do, but the reality is far different... We have reduced the high spirited and elevating teachings of our Gurus, in mere symbols, thus have lost the real meaning and value of ruhaniyat, of spirituality

If the outer amrit was the real amrit, surely our kam krodh moh and ahankar had been erased by now and we would have had the darshan of Wahiguru Akal Purukh, so let us ask ourselves sincerely, has that happened to me, have these changes come in me, or am I just fancying in my mind? If not so, I am under braham, under just a great misconception.

So naturally in this way, we have become narrow minded, if any clarification is made, then according to our limited understanding, it seems confusing, it is out of the square chalked by the mahamurakhs for us, without we being consciouss of it, because as said before our freedom of sense of understanding and thinking has been hancuffed.

The outer and unreal amrit is had through the mouth, but the real inner Amrit is made by Akal Purukh Himself, is had by listening to it, that is why, as it is said in Jap Ji sahib, referring to this Amrit, this Bani, this Shabad: suniye, paap dukh sabh naas!

The only means to cleanse our sins, our mind and become pure, to become paviter, is by listening to this Bani, no other way. And the same is mentioned by the 3rd patsahee, of this Anhad Bani in Anand Sahib.

May Wahiguru bless us with clear and correct thinking.
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Re: Amrit and amrit wela...

Postby carlos » Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:22 pm

What is the concept we have of Amrit?
That it is something pure and divine that helps us in cleaning our sins, our dirt accumulated since immemorial times. That it is liquid and it is to be had through our mouths....That is the what most of us know and believe it to be true, irrespective of most of the religions. Hindus have it, Christians also know it as "the blessed water", and in Sikhism also we know about it....
In spite of having true Gurus in our Sikh dharam, we are lost like the rest of the world in outer things.....rituals, a lot of importance to the outer forms and manners.... we have lost the sight of the essence of truth, which our Guru Sahibans practiced themselves and taught us. The outer so called amrit can never be what we tend to believe it to be.

According to Guru Arjun Dev in raag Gond, says the following words:
naam niranjan neer naraa-in.
The Name of the Immaculate Lord is the Ambrosial Water.

It is a pity, we have given the reins of our lives in the hands of some chosen ones, with big name, but after all empty in contents. That is why we are going astray. Nobody is bothered about what the bani says. It is like a blind guiding a blind. Because they themselves are unaware of the real importance of the Bani, so they are more involved and occupied of the outer forms, which is much simpler and easier.
But it is a pity, to waste one´s life, without accomplishing the task for what Wahiguru has sent us here as human beings, and that is to realize Him through His Nam, and merge in Him.
The whole Granth sahib, the different saints of different ages, all sing His glory, and the greatness of His Nam or Shabad.

Well, going back to the topic of this post, if we really want to know what is the real Amrit, whether the liquid one we get at almost all temples, churches , gurdwaras...etc or His Nam. We can experiment it by ourselves.
How? Very simple.

First, we may for whole one year take as much as possible the so called outer amrit, if possible everyday, every week or monthly... depending on one´s circumstances.
And see if our kam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankar and the mind have come under control... if we have become more pure minded and humble. If so, congratulations.

If not, we may take the second step, and see the the difference by our own selves, which is as described below:

The second year, we may do Nam simran regularly at home, every single day without fail. And then again observe for ourselves, if there are any changes in our attitude, in our perception of the reality.... according to our Gurus, surely changes have to be take place, it is their guarantee, and their words never fail.... we shall and must become pure and paviter, enough to feel His grace.

Then yes, we can by our own experience see what is the real Amrit, the Nectar of eternal life. The Amrit will not be a concept for us, but rather a convincing reality.

Wahiguru jee kee fateh!
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Re: Amrit and amrit wela...

Postby carlos » Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:37 pm

Following is a Shabad of Fourth Patshahee in Raag Soohee, where He clearly tells us, what is Nam or Amrit, and what are the results by having it.

In the first line He says how it is obtained:
man raam naam aaraaDhi-aa gur sabad guroo gur kay.
My mind worships and adores the Lord's Name, through the Guru, and the Word of the Guru's Shabad.

In the 2nd line He explains, that by having that Amrit through Nam Simran, we conquer the mind and wipe out all our desires, which are the main reason for our coming and going in the wheel of eigthy four or cycle of births and deaths; not only that much that we conquer the mind, but another thing also takes place in us, we become freed from the biggest fear that we all suffer, and that is, fear of Death. Guru Sahiban says, we become fearless, because we now know, we are in the hands of Satguru, of Akal Purukh, so obviously, just like a child is fearless in the company of his Father.

sabh ichhaa man tan pooree-aa sabh chookaa dar jam kay.
All the desires of my mind and body have been fulfilled; all fear of death has been dispelled.

Further on, He simplifies our rehat, our maryada from all external and useless things(not in the eyes of men maybe, but in the eyes of Wahiguru), that is why in His simple and sweet words He says:

raam naam sabh hai raam naamaa ras gurmat ras raskay.
The Lord's Name is all. The Lord's Name is the essence of the Guru's Teachings, the juice, the sweetness of it.

So if Guru sahiban says Nam is everything, is the essence, the juice, the Amrit....then why do not we pay attention to it and try to practice it and profit from it? Why are we going blindly, seeing and following others like in a cattle of sheep or goats?
Let us not see and follow what others do...let us do something for ourselves by following what the bani says. The bani is very simple, we have only to open and take as much as jewels and spiritual directions from it, so that we may do it practically, not take it just as a mere theory. The importance of the jewel box is because of the jewels contained in it, not because it is a just a nice fancy container....

Further on in the same shabad, Guru Sahiban says, how He came to know that Nam, was the real Amrit flowing inside each one of us,and how He found that real Amritsar, the ocean of Immortal Nectar, which by having it, we also become immortal and merge in Wahiguru. Again we should bear in mind, that all these positive changes do take place, only then and if only one does Nam Simran. So He says:

har amrit har jal paa-i-aa sabh laathee tis tis kay.
I have found the Ambrosial Nectar, the Divine Water of the Lord's Name, and all my thirst for it is quenched.

Wah wah wahiguru!
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Re: Amrit and amrit wela...

Postby carlos » Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:29 pm

Amrit ik Shabad(NAM) hae
So Gurmukh,
paae jeeo jee.

This means:
Nanak, the real and only Amrit(nectar of immortality), is the Shabad or Nam, and it is had from a Gurmukh.

So is also said in the mool mantar:

Ik Onkar, ...... Satgur Prasad
There is only one Lord(Wahiguru),
and He is obtained as per grace, or daya meher(Prasad), from a Gurmukh....such is the way laid by Wahiguru Himself...which no man, gods , devis , devtas , rishis nor munis can change, how so ever these agaynis may try, out of their but limited mind .

Ooch Apaar Beant Soami.
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Re: Amrit and amrit wela...

Postby carlos » Mon Dec 26, 2011 12:48 am

Here are some inspiring and clarifying words, full of truth, from the holy Bani of our Gurus, as per what is the real Amrit and from where and from whom is it obtained. Most of us are in delusion, in braham, deluded by maya, inspite of the Bani being so clear and direct to the point, without any second meanings; the problem is we have placed our destinies in the hands of murakhs and spiritually blinded people, so we are being misled from the real path, of our true home of Sach Khand, it is a pity, but that is our reality, unless we ourselves take our own steps to reverse this polluted misconception and spread our jholees in front of Him, like beggars at His door, to bless us with His grace, with His daya Meher, so that these changes may take place in the lives of each one of us:

888-15, rwmklI, mÚ 5)
har kaa naam amrit kal maahi.
The Name of the Lord is Ambrosial Nectar in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga.

(888-15, rwmklI, mÚ 5)
ayhu niDhaanaa saaDhoo paahi.
This treasure is obtained from a sadhoo, a gurmukh, or sant jan .

(887-1, rwmklI, mÚ 5)
peevat amar bha-ay nihkaam.
Drinking it in, one becomes immortal and free of desire.
This is the real Amrit we have to look for, the one made by Wahiguru Himself, the one which contains His power, and that is why, or then only, we can become pure, paviter and immortal like Him, not otherwise. Outer amrit is man made, is just a symbol in the eyes of men, but in His eyes it has no value, and it is false, as it is made from the 5 tattwas, which are consciousless and are perishable. No perishable objects or things can give us eternity or inmortality. That is only possible, with the Nam or Shabad, "saacha Nao". That is why Guru Sahiban says, the Nam, Shabad, or Gur Prasad given by a Gurmukh is the real Amrit, and because of this real Amrit, if had as Gur Prasad, all these positive changes can take place in us, not otherwise.

(887-1, rwmklI, mÚ 5)
tan man seetal agan nivaaree.
The body and mind are cooled and soothed, and the fire is extinguished. Means, the body´s need are reduced to a minimum, and the mind is conquered with all the 5 evil vices:kam, krodh, lobh, moh and naturally we are at peace witin ourselves...and no more desires or trishnas arise, except the one only to have His Darshan and be one with Him, like water blends with water.

These words above, are their words, the words of Gurus, the words of real Gurmukhs. They are not words of any ordinary manipulator human being. The thing is we have been born in a particular comunity or race or caste, and we have seen things happen in the traditional ways, so we have taken those ways as natural... as they have being performed since a couple of hundred years by our elders and ancestors as well... we have never taken the Bani to see and reason by ourselves what is bowing to the Granth Sahib or performing other rituals, we are hardly going to get any spiritual benefit or is by only doing, what our Gurus have written in the Bani for us, and by following the Bani in the correct way, we shall be able to examinate around us each and every action, every movement, whether by us or by others,( as we are limited), to see what is right and what is wrong.
So what we need is, a revolution if needed, a profound introspection, a new look within and around us, to amend and reform our mistakes, before it is too late.
The thing is, what I have written, maybe many may think, I have gone out of senses, because we are not used to hear these truths with that much common sense and logic, but believe it, I have no personal gain from this, it is just doing justice to the Bani of our Gurus, enough is enough. For me all mankind are His children as seen in the Bani, all must derive the maximum benefit possible from the Gurbani. His mahima, His wadeeayee, His glory, is only what matters, nothing more, nothing less.

In the Bani lies their(Gurmukhs) power, gyan or knowledge, and the real beauty of Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

Wah wah Sache Badshah.
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Re: Amrit and amrit wela...

Postby carlos » Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:54 pm

Raag Soohee: Guru Arjun Dev

Har amrit bharay bhandaar sabh kichh hai ghar tis kai bal raam jee-o.
The Lord's Ambrosial Nectar is an overflowing treasure; everything is in His Home. I am a sacrifice to the Lord.

When Guru Sahiban says: Har Amrit bharay bhandar.... have we ever stopped to ask ourselves which Amrit is He referring to? Is it man made by any of the elements of which this whole creation is made of: like water, fire, air,earth, or akash? Of course not.

Because these are meant to nourish the body. They are fake, mayavee, illusion.This amrit is not for the soul. For the soul, there is only one Amrit. And having Amrit means to have the one, by which, one shall become inmortal, to quench the thirst of desires forever, to wash all our sins and sanskaras, to make us pure paviter, to merge back in Him.

Though it is quite clear, He is referring to the real and only Amrit existing... and that is His Nam or Shabad, flowing inside each and everyone of us all the 24 hours, irrespective of class, caste, creed, nationality or place of birth. It is inside each being, each person, whether he is a criminal, a thief, a sadhu, a sant or a mahatma.
And one when has tasted this Amrit, one becomes a Brahamgyani, one becomes a swan from a crow, one, just shreds off all the evil tendencies automatically. It just washes off any dirt, whether of the mind or the soul.
That is why in the next line, Guru sahiban says the following words to make us understand what the real Amrit is, of which nobody talks to us, so none of us are aware, but this is the truth, as they are the words of Wahiguru Akal Purukh Himself, expressed through His Gurmukhs:

naanak naam mahaa ras meethaa an-din man tan peevaa.
O Nanak, the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the sweetest and most sublime essence. Night and day, I drink it in, with my mind and body.

We can see what is said in such a simple and direct manner, He says: I drink it in, means it is inside us, nowhere outside to be found or made. How and where is it had then? Well, Guru Sahiban says: with my mind and body, which means, sitting down at one place, no need to go anywhere, and doing Nam Simran, and by that, we make ourselves subtle, and try to contact that Nam or Amrit, which is pervading, in the whole creation, in all the directions, so by doing so, one needs not to go anywhere else neither do anything more. That is why it is said in Sukhmani Sahib: Prabh Ka Simran: Sabh te oocha... Prabh ka Simran Jap, tap,puja..tirath ishnan....means everything comes into it and with it, such is the greatness of Nam Simran.

Man deals blindly with the outer aspects of this world and creates(spiritual) confusion.
But the Gurmukhs of any time and place, will always say only one thing: Wahiguru and His Nam Simran, which deals only with the soul, and frees him from all bondages, thus working as real Amrit.
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