Waheguru Simran From ZeePunjabi (etc) advertisement

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Waheguru Simran From ZeePunjabi (etc) advertisement

Postby Tejvir » Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:32 am

Sat Shree Akal everyone,

On Zeepunjabi (etc punjabi), there is a Ad about the programe Ek onkaar.
During this ad there is Waheguru Simran on the background. I like it a lot

But unfortunately i don't know which artist (ragi singh ji) that is.

The waheguru simran is like AKJ.

I hope that someone can telle me who this is or maybe if someone has this waheguru simran it can opload it for me.

I tried to attach the advertisment file, but it saya mp3 extension is not supported.

I can mail this file in mp3 if someone would like to listen to it

Thank you all in advance !! I would be grateful to you !.

Sat Shree Akal.

Tejvir Singh from the Netherlands
Guru Da Pyara
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