Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

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Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Sun May 06, 2012 9:51 pm

The bani says:

This means: Anything which exists, is created by Nam or Shabad. Without Nam or Shabad there is no shore.

From these beautiful and full of wisdom words, what Guru Sahiban wants to tell us, is that, Nam or Shabad is the real form of Wahiguru Akal Purukh, even the form of Wahiguru or Satnam, emanated from Shabad.

So Shabad is the begining of everything. In our physical world, we need a body to be seen, and express ourselves. But Shabad has no roop nor rang, so is Wahiguru.

This Shabad is to be only experienced, by the seeing faculty and hearing faculty of the soul. The seeing faculty is called "Nirat" and the hearing faculty is called " Surat".

That is why referring to this Shabad is said in the Bani: Anter Jot Niranter Bani. Means this inner Shabad has light and the sound of divine melody. This Shabd when experienced by the soul, has an purifying effect on the soul, it is like the Amrit reffered by our Gurus´in the Bani.

Also in the Anand Sahib, reference is given to this Shabad: Nam jinke man vaseh, vaajeh Shabad ganereh.

Means, those who meditate on the Gurparsad received as bakshish, and still their minds, listen to these divine melodies within, thus cleanse their minds and karmas, become pure paviter, and become fit to merge their consciousness in Wahiguru Akal Purukh, and become one with Him.

This is the only way, to meet and become one with Satpurukh, and this is what our Guru Sahibans have stressed upon always. That is why as seen in the beginning, it said Bin Naavai nahin kou thao, means without Nam Bhakti, all else is futile. These words are of Guru Sahibans themselves, are not of any scholar or board member, neither any professor or Phd or doctorate in religion or theology.

All the world may mislead us with their misinterpretations or other reasons, but in the end after all, is only ignorance.

On the other hand, the Bani of our Guru Sahibans, is clear, simple and direct to the point always.
Apart from Nam Bhakti, they will never tell us to engage in, or bind us in outer things. We may do or not do any outer things; but if we have not done Nam Bhakti, we have done nothing......
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Thu May 10, 2012 9:49 pm

Bani of Guru Ram Das:

Anidnu nwmu jphu gurisKhu hir krqw siqguru GrI vswey ] (308-5, gauVI, mÚ 4)
an-din naam japahu gursikhahu har kartaa satgur gharee vasaa-ay.

GurSikhs, chant the Naam, the Name of the Lord, night and day; through the True Guru, the Creator Lord will come to dwell within the home of your inner being.

With this line of Chauthvee Patshahee, importance of Nam Simran as the only method to realize Wahiguru is given in.
Any other activity apart from this will not take us to His Darbar. In our comunities we may perform outer customs and traditions, to show them that I am like one of you, this is a human to human relation, though we may think, we are performing something good ...... sorry to dissapoint....but in the eyes of Akal Purukh, nothing of this has any value. Becasuse with any outer activity, we may become better citizens, better warriors, better scholars, better nationals, better in every field, but not in spirituality or ruhaniyat.

Rather our ego gets inflated, as if we have done something valuable, but the fact is we are totally empty. In the eyes of the people we may look spiritualy inclined, but that is only a dream.

Truth can be realized and experienced by attaching ourselves to it, and so what is that truth?

That truth is ony one, and that is Satnam. So how do we attach ourselves to it? Guru Sahiban clearly states: Chant the Name day and night, means do Nam Simran while drinking, eating, sleeping, walking....... it should be that important for us, just as breathing.

Then He says :through the True Guru. Means, get the updesh or Gurprasad from a Gurmukh, and do it´s kamaee as mentioned in the previous line .....by chanting it day and night, but also taking out time through the day, and regularly and punctually dedicating it to meditate on that Name or Nam, so that our soul can ascend and penetrate into the spiritual realms and have His darshan.

Then He says what ocurrs, if we do Nam Simran according to the instructions given by the Gurmukh; well He says the Lord Har, will come to dwell in our chit, in our innermost being, means we shall have His constant and permanent Darshan.

And once having achieved this....... nothing else is left to be done.

That is why the Bani very clearly says:

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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Thu May 10, 2012 10:28 pm

Bani of Guru Ram Das:

gurmukh sa-udaa jo karay har vasat samaalay.
The Gurmukh who comes to trade gathers the cargo of the Lord's Name.
The Granth sahib also confirms with these words that, the true Gurmukh has the wealth of Nam Bhandar....
nwmu inDwnu hir vxjIAY hIry prvwly ] (309-8, gauVI, mÚ 4)

naam niDhaan har vanjee-ai heeray parvaalay.
He deals in the treasure of the Lord's Name, the jewels and the diamonds.
And so He distributes it freely to those wadbhagee who go to His sharan and take His blessings as Gurparsad...

ivxu kwieAw ij hor QY Dnu Kojdy sy mUV byqwly ] (309-9, gauVI, mÚ 4)
vin kaa-i-aa je hor thai Dhan khojday say moorh baytaalay.
Those who search for this treasure outside of the body, in other places, are foolish demons.
And once one who has got real pearls and diamonds, does not go for stones...this is what the Gurus want to tell us that nothing is compared to Nam bhakti, once Gurprasad is got, evrything is got .... the Lord Har Himself... what else do we need?

sy auJiV Brim BvweIAih ijau JwV imrgu Bwly ]15] (309-9, gauVI, mÚ 4)
say ujharh bharam bhavaa-ee-ah ji-o jhaarh mirag bhaalay. ||15||
They wander around in the wilderness of doubt, like the deer who searches for the musk in the bushes. ||15||
Those who perform other rituals and activities apart from Nam Bhakti, are like beggars, going from door to door, without getting anything valuable....No need to go anywhere or do anything, the Lord har is inside us, and there He is to be found, by the Gurparsad and instructions from a Gurmukh...

kar kirpaa satgur mayli-on mukh gurmukh naam Dhi-aa-isee.
By His Grace, He leads us to meet the True Guru; then, as Gurmukh, we chant the Lord's Name, and meditate on it.
Wahiguru Himself makes us meet a Gurmukh, it is not in one´s hands to do so...and if He wishes us so, to meet a Gurmukh of our time, we learn from Him to do Nam Simran, and then only can we meditate on it...such is the greatness of Sadh Kee Sangat...
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Fri May 11, 2012 7:25 pm

Many of us, we may wonder why our Guru Sahibans, stress exclusively on Nam Bhakti.....

The reason is that, any other activity apart from Nam Bhakti, is just to inspire us to go ahead in spirituality....but that it is all. We may be performing some types of good karmas, like doing several types of sevas, like other activities which we all know.... But these things are done by the body and in a few cases with the mind.... so all these at the most can take us up to the region of Braham, and that´s it.

On the other hand, Nam Bhakti is done by the soul, and by the mind also to an extent. But in this case, as Guru Nanak in JapJi Sahib says : when the body becomes dirty, we may wash it with water and soap, but when the mind and soul become polluted, only Nam Bhakti can wash it.

Why is this so, that only Nam can wash our mind and soul? Because, apart from Nam Bhakti any other things we do, become karmas for us, which can be good or bad, in this case are good karmas, but after all are karmas... at the most we can go to Baikunth or Swarg.... but never reach Parbraham.

But Nam Simran, is a seva performed by the soul, and this type of Bhakti carry the infinite blessings of Wahiguru, His power, His love, His daya Meher, His Bakshish... which purify our souls, makes us more humble, make us live in His bhaana; our haume or ego is killed, powerful enemies as mind and kal are defeated, which otherwise could never be possible...and in the end, we reach safe and sound in our Nij Ghar, Sach Khand.

And the most beautiful thing during all this process is that, that Satguru, whom we met through the grace and will of Wahiguru, thus got the Gurprasad from Him, is always accompanying us in our inner journey, so that we may know that we are not alone, but we are under His guidance and protection up to the end, in His Darbar.

Or is that, we feeble, weak, helpless, limited, moorakhs, full of "avguns",( this is our actual condition ),think that we can reach Wahiguru Akal Purukh by ourselves?

At every step, there is nothing, but His Daya Meher being showered, so let us be humble beggars at His door,and spread our jholees, to collect His unlimited Bakshish as much as possible.....

And so once again, what is that spreading our jholees?

It is nothing as simple as : doing Nam Simran of the Gurprasad, got from Sadh Kee Sangat....

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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Sat May 19, 2012 9:56 am

guir goivMid ikRpw krI rwiKAw myrw BweI
Gur Govind, kirpa karee raakhiaa meraa bhaaee.

That Perfect Guru or known as Satguru, has showered His grace on me, and saved me.
When Guru Sahiban says Gur Govind here He means , that being who is one with Wahiguru Akal Purukh, and that is why is entitled as Satguru, not otherwise, has showered His grace...

We must also bear in mind, that only a living human being can merge his soul, his consciousness in that supreme being called Wahiguru, no animals, no birds, no papers, no stones, no metals ..... nothing inert or lifeless things can merge and become one with Wahiguru. So Satguru is that being who is one with Wahiguru, and that can be possible by attaching our minds through Nam Simran only. All of us, can potentially become one with Him....unless we do the real job of Nam Bhakti, and become pure and paviter like our Guru Sahibans, totally inmaculate and merge ourselves in Him

Love and devotion to that being who is one with Wahiguru called Satguru, is the only worthy method of worship as it is the only valid bhakti accepted in His Darbar.

As we have seen, only human beings have this ability and capability... and as we the majority, can not see or approach Wahiguru by ourselves, and He knows that, because of our limitations...

So out of His immense mercy, He manifests Himself in that Satguru, so that we can offer our love to Him with all our hearts, and offer our most sincere devotion; and as we know this can be only possible, when that being is living, is present like us...because once, one leaves this earthly plane... that Being merges totally in Him and becomes one with Him...then again we are left alone, until He manifests Himself in another living being as a Satguru...and this cycle continues....and it has to be so....just like Guru Nanak, Guru Angad Dev, Guru Amar Das...etc...it is a line or chain of living beings, of humans beings...because only the Supreme living consciousness can manifest itself totally in other living human consciousnesses.

We may ask, what for does that Supreme power has to manifest in a human form? Well just to put us on right tracks once again. For we are easily misled and derailed, if for some reasons Wahiguru decides to hide Himself for a while...until He manifests Himself again...that is His Mauj, which we can never question about....
So the thing is, He has to come in human form, to remind us of all the everlasting truths and essences of spirituality, which we easily tend to forget by getting strongly involved in idol worship, rituals, pilgrimages, fastings, bathing in so called holy waters...and a large etc...above all He comes, and has to come as a Satguru, to give us the most precious jewel of Gurprasad, the jewel of Nam, of Shabad...so that once again we may go back to our true home, our Nijh Ghar Sach Khand, which we left eons ago and we are still wandering in this Chaurasee ka chakar.....

So if we see it with attention, the whole Bani, is just but an elaboration to us humans, of Shabad, of Wahiguru and Satguru....
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Wed May 23, 2012 10:02 pm

soriT mhlw 4 Gru 1(604-11)
sorath mehlaa 4 ghar 1
Sorat'h, Fourth Mehl, First House

A couple of lines regarding the present topic, from the sacred Bani of our Guru Sahibans, where it clearly states the importance of Wahiguru, Nam and Satguru, thus simplifying the essence of spirituality for us:

gur kirpaa tay paa-ee-ai pi-aaraa amrit agam athaah. rahaa-o.
By Guru's Grace, the Beloved, Ambrosial, unapproachable and unfathomable Lord is obtained.

We read, by Guru´s kirpa or grace, the almighty invisible Lord is realized. Here grace only means : Gurparsad or Amrit. And as we have seen several times, Gurparsad only a Gurmukh or a Sadh who is present like us, means, is living like us, (not past), can give it to us.

jap man har har naam salaah
O mind, meditate on the Lord, Har, Har, and praise His Name

And tells us, once we get that Amrit or Gurparsad, what have we got to do with it?
Well nothing else, but as simple as do it´s kamaee, it´s bandagee, sitting at one place and do it´s Simran or Nam Simran.

And in the following line, clears our doubts if any.... by telling us, that Wahiguru, Satguru and Nam or Shabad is the same thing, but working on different planes in apparently different aspects:

aapay saagar bohithaa pi-aaraa gur khayvat aap chalaahu.
The Beloved Himself is the ocean, and the boat; He Himself is the Guru, the boatman who steers it.

Guru Sahiban, here when He says: the beloved one Himself is the Ocean, means He is infinite, He is omnipresent, He is immense, just like an Ocean could be....then He says, He is the Guru, means the Satguru, the Gurmukh, the Sadh, at whose charan kamal, the sangat is gathered, when He appears on the earth as a human being, to give us the real bakshish, the real Amrit of Nam, the real Gurprasad; which nobody can give us, neither gods, devis or devtas; and then He says: khayvat aap chalaahu, means, in His Shabad swarup in the spiritual planes, He is the Shabad Guru, who takes care of Dhun the Chela or soul, or as we know, He is that Bani, from where He emerged as Satpurukh in Satdesh, and as a Guru here on the physical level, and when He leaves this earthly plane, again He merges back into that eternal form of Shabad or Bani.

There in the real spiritual planes, nobody is white, black, short, tall , or hindu or a sikh, christian or muslim..... there is only only Shabad or Guru and Dhun the soul.

So if we want to merge in Wahiguru, we have to remove all of our pettiness, we have to become pure and paviter souls, in order to merge in Akal Purukh...otherwise we are still filled with "mann" or "haume", thus not fit, to be one with our beloved Wahiguru.

Such is the beauty and majesty of Wahiguru Akal Purukh, beyond any words any concept and imagination.

He is Oooch ..... He is Apaar..... He is Beaant .... and He is Soami
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Sat Jun 02, 2012 9:55 am

We all know what is God...or at least, we have an idea about Him; but we are all sure and we must agree, that He is not something physical, but rather subtle or spiritual.

We also believe, that He is and infinte ocean of consciousness, not only that, but He is the highest level of SAT-CHIT-ANAND, means everlasting truth, all consciousness, and endless bliss; apart from these qualities He is also Love, Grace and Mercy, in action.

He is so much infinite, that, even He unknows His limits....He is Beant, He is Apaar. We also believe, that our Guru Sahibans, are His manifestations on this earthly plane,who come to talk to us about His mahima, so to generate love for His Lotus Feet, in the depth of our chits and hearts.

And this love for Him is genuine and pure, above every other thing in this world. It is also a sign of grace, or "Bakshish" of His utter Daya Meher.

And this Daya Meher He showers on all His creation, but specially on those, whom He wants to go back to Him; from this Maya Bhav-Sagar, to there where He is, beyond Paarbraham, to Sach Khand.

How to know, who are those chosen ones? The Bani says, even the sinners get spouses and money, according to their karmas, but only those ones, get liberation, on whom He graces them with His drishti of Daya Meher or Bakshish.
But then, how to know, who are those wadbhagee jeevas?

First of all, He garces that soul with a human body. Secondly, He puts that soul, in contact with a Sadh, a Sant or a Satguru of his time.* Sants, *Sadhs, *Gurmukhs or *Satgurus, are not men in colored robes, or with tilaks on their foreheads, or those wearing malas os splashing ashes on their bodies, neither yogis nor those who have renounced their families and homes and gone to the forests or mountains, nothing of that sort. Sant Satgurus, in the language used by of Guru Sahibans, are rfered to only those, in whom Wahiguru Akal Purukh manifests Himself, on this earthly plane, who comes in human form to give us the bakshish or prasad of Nam, to be liberated forver from Maya and Kal. That is why the bani says: AApeh Har, Aapeh Satguru, AApeh Mel milaveh. Means only, when He appears as a Satguru, He blesses us with muktee, by uniting us with Himself, by Himself, not otherwise.

So,let nobody be confused with these words, nor misuse them, by giving different meanings to them. These Sadhs, or Sants are like we all know, our Guru Sahibans, Kabir Sahib, Guru Ravi Das, Sant Tukaram, Tulsi Sahib, etc ..... all of them have in common, that, all of them are His manifestations, all of them share the same teachings with us human beings, eternal and simple truths like : Wahiguru, Sahabd or Nam and Satguru.
All of them in their teachings, lay exclusive importance on Nam Simran as means, as the way, as the method or jugtee, for uniting our souls with Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

These Gurmukhs, do not perform any miracles to attract masses,(they are already wealthy with Nam –Dhan),and neither do they engage us in rituals, ceremonies, fasting or pilgrimages. All these activities are just symbols, and chains, are related to the physical bodies…that`s all….nothing spiritual in them.

They maybe from any country, community or dharma, but definitely will always draw our attention towards the only existing truth, and that is Nam or Shabad.
They will say you are the living temple of God, and Wahiguru is inside you, you do not need to do anything nor go anywhere to find Him, because wherever you go, He is there within you. Only one thing you have to do, and that is Nam Simran or Nam abhyaas. This is the base teachings(Nam Bhakti) of all true Gurmukhs .
And they are so humble, that they do not even allow anybody to bow before them, they say, I am just a sevadar of my Satguru, means His predecessor.

That is why it is said: Jis vakhar ko lein tu aaya, Ram Nam, Santan Ghar paaya. Means the true wealth, for which you have come to gather into this world, is got by His Daya Meher in Sadh Kee Sangat.
At other place the bani says: NAM amolak ratan hae…poore Satgur paas; means, that Nam which is the most precious, is got from a real Satguru, means the method or jugtee to meet Wahiguru is got from a Gurmukh of our time.

Wahiguru is the most supreme spiritual entity. Without body, but when He comes into this world as a Satguru, He takes on the dress of a human body, so to express Himself to us in our own human terms, to show how to be humble, how to love and devote ourselves to Wahiguru, but keeping in mind, that the body is not Wahiguru, the body is inert, is lifeless. If the body was Wahiguru, surely He would have brought it with Him, but the body undergoes changes, and as we know from Jap Ji Sahib, it is said: Akal Moorat, means He is changeless since the beginning; so the body can never be Wahiguru, the body decays and is perishable, and Wahiguru once finishing His temporary task in that particular human form, leaves it here, and goes and merges back into His Shabad form or roop. So if the body can not be Wahiguru when He is present among us, in the human form, what profit are we going to get by worshipping stones, water, paper, any lifeless item or thing which has no consciousness in them, how so ever the manmukhs tell us the contrary, and we do it so proudly.

That Shabad was and is the reality manifested in the Gurmukhs, the body is just a means, that`s all, it is a vehicle. For example, a person, a lovely relative of ours drives a car for some years, and suddenly he goes away to another country… and we start loving or bowing in reverence to that car left here…. Now how should we call this situation?

First of all, agyanta. We would surely laugh seeing someone doing this. Because the real driver, who used to drive and move around in the lifeless car, is gone somewhere, the driver is the real entity, not the car.

So this is the case, the reality of the grand majority of us.

That is why Wahiguru comes as a Gurmukh, from time to time to warn us of our misbehaving and deep ignorance, and remind us of the only truth of Wahiguru, to realize Him, through Nam Bhakti.

Wah Wah, Sachhe Badshah !!! Wah Wah, tumre Gurmukh janoh !!!

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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:20 pm

Usually, whatsoever we learn or get in almost any field, is by getting in touch with an expert in that field.
Right from our childhood.
And then we have to follow their teachings and do the homework by ourselves. No matter how well known and famous is that school, nor, how highly skilled and graduated are the teachers of that school. If we just keep looking at them, bowing at them in reverence, we shall never achieve anything.

In the same way, in the spiritual field . the expert we need, is a Sadh, a Sant,a Gurmukh or Satguru. No matter, how much that Satguru is pooran, but if we just look at Him and bow not once, but even hundred times a day, even then we shall be remained empty. The thing is, the dirt, the stain is on us, on our minds, we are impure, so just as by looking at the soap and water we do not get cleansed, in the same we need to take a bath, we need a cleaning, with the soap (of Nam ) and water (grace or Daya Meher). This means we do not need to be inactive, rather we need to take the action of bathing, only then can the dirt( karmas, sanskaras, agyanta) be removed from us.

So we have seen, that for our cleaning process, we need soap and water. The soap here, according to Gurmukhta is Nam or Shabad, and water is His grace, His Daya Meher.

So the next question is, from where to get that soap and water?

Let us have a look, to what the bani says upon this matter. As said, water means grace. Saache Patshah Guru Arjun Dev in Raag Gauree Gwayraree tells us something on this subject and topic in a few words:

Mohi nirgun ka-o parabh keenee da-i-aa : I am worthless, but the Lord has showered grace on me. Then He says:

Kirpaa niDh kirpaal Dhi-aava-o. saaDhsang taa baithan paava-o: The merciful Lord has placed me in the company, in the presence of a Gurmukh, a Sadh, and I have been able to meditate on Him.
Such is the importance of a Gurmukh, that we make it possible for us to realize and see that Abnasee, Anami, Antaryami Wahiguru Akal Purukh, with the vision of our inner eyes and listen to His sweet, madhur Bani with the inner ears of our soul.
Further on He clarifies, how this is possible.
As we have seen in the begining of Jap Ji Sahib, and almost every ang of the Granth Sahib: Ik Onkar, Satgur Parsad. Means, there is only one God, and He is realized by the parsad or bakshish of a Gurmukh .

So does Sache Patshah Guru Arjun repeats the words of the first Nanak: SaDh sang Naanak Naam la-i-aa. Which means in the company of a Sadh, a Gurmukh, Nanak has obtained the jewel of Nam.

We must bear in mind, that our Guru Sahibans were Nam or Shabad personified in the form of Satgurus or Gurmukhs, but still, to show us and teach us, the unique path or way to Wahiguru, they become an example for us, by getting in touch with a Gurmukh and getting the Gurprasad of Nam(not otherwise). This is the essence of the teachings of any Gurmukh of any time, of any age, past, present or future.

If Wahiguru is one, the way leading back to Him has to be one. It can not be different for the people of different castes, creeds, nationalities or dharmas. All this is agyanta, murakhta. No Gurmukh ever comes to create new path or way. The path is Nam Bhakti, anything apart from this, according to the teachings of our Guru Sahibans, is called "maanmat" or under the influence of mind and "maya".

So once we get the jugtee from a Satguru or Gurmukh as Gurprasad, Guru Arjun Dev says, what we should do next.
He says: Sant Parsaad japai Har Naa-o.. Means, only then we become fit and start meditating on that Nam or Shabad.
This is very important to keep in mind, by ourselves, we are nothing and we can do nothing.
Unless we get the Gurprasad from a Sant of our times.

We have just seen, what is Gurprasad(Nam), and what is necessary or required to get it, or better said, from whom(Gurmukh) to get it.

So Guru Sahiban is saying, once we get that Gurprasad, we need not do anything else, no rituals, no fasting, no bathing in the so called holy waters, no idol worship....nothing of that sort, we have to just meditate on it, means Nam Bhakti.
This is what it means, when we say : Prabh Ka simran atsath teerath. Means, this type of bhakti is better than going at the famous 68 pilgrimages, Prabh Ka simran sabh te oocha, means this Nam Bhakti, is the highest form of devotion to Wahiguru Akal Purukh, and moreover, Prabh ka Simran dargeh manee, means all our sins are washed away, and our bhakti, is then accepted in the court of Lord.

How simple, clear and direct is the Bani of our Guru Sahibans....But we are ignorant ...We are fooling ourselves, wasting away our precious lives, by not following the directions in the Granth Sahib.

We must remember, salvation is got by applying on ourselves the soap and Amrit of Nam, got as Gurprasad from a Gurmukh....this is all about true dharma or religion, which will enable us, to merge once and forever in Wahiguru Akal Purukh.
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:28 am

This beautifull Shabad taken today is the work of a highly beloved devotee of Wahiguru Akal Purukh. Though He is known and titled as Bhagat Namdev, He is a perfect Sadh, a Sant, a Satguru, a Brahamgyani, like our Gurus.

These Sadhs, these Gurmukhs can be born in any dharma, at any time, but they have the same message to share with us humans.

And to proove this, to we limited manmukhs, Guru Arjun Dev wisely added the messages of other Sadhs, from other panths, other dharmas, than our very sikh dharma. Just to show us, that Wahiguru has only one message for all of us.
That there is only one God, since the very begining, His real form is Shabad or Nam, and the way to realize Him is through His Gurprasad, when He appears on the earth as a Gurmukh of our time, which can be at any place or time, that is His Mauj, His will, we manmukhs have nothing to do, or to interfere, in His plans, He knows best.

And once He does something, that is perpetual, He does not change it just like that, He does not makes adjustments like we manmukhs do, according to our tastes or limited and poor vision. Their teachings and words can not be for a limited time of two or three hunadred years.

No Gurmukh changes anything like that, what has been said or written by all other Guru sahibans. It is only our manipulated and distorted interpretation, that makes us so narrow minded.

If Guru Nanak said Ik Onkar, Satgur Prasad, as in the begining of Granth Sahib.... and this is stressed upon by all Gurmukhs, and is oftenly repeatd on each page ....how come suddenly after some hundred years ... this will stop just like that.

If Wahiguru stopped coming in the human form, as we tend to believe ...... it would be a great unjustice to us .... because if that was so, how would we get that Gurprasad? This Gurprasad is known also as real Amrit. And this as said in the bani is got from a Satguru: Ram Nam Santan ghar paaya

Now to get something from somebody, that being has to be present like us, that is why a living Sant Satguru is needed. At other places the bani says:Bin Naavai nahee kou thao, which means without Nam there is nothging else reliabale, which can save our souls, to the shore of Sach Khand. At other place it is mentioned: Gur bachnee, Har Nam oocharay, which means, the Bhed or Updesh which is got as Gurprasad from a Gurmukh, is in reality the essence of Akal Purukh. At no place, our Guru Sahibans have said, take any name of the Lord and do it´s Dhyan, but importance and value is given only, to the one given by a Gurmukh. That is why it said, Gurprasad kin virlay jaatay.

And to come to the sharan of a Gurmukh is not by chance, or by our will, but by His Grace. That is why Guru Arjun Dev Paatshah says: Nanak ko Prabh bhay kirpala, poora Satgur paaya, which means, by the grace of Wahiguru, I have come to meet a Perfect Master, a Sant Satguru, a Gurmukh of my time, means present like me, by being first placed in Sadh Kee sangat.

And as we can see, Guru Nanak says right from the begining, that a Gurmukh and Gurprsad are essential, for His realization. And thus He(Wahiguru) can not change His ways, just as we change our opinions .

He is far more wise ....whatever He does, He does it for eternity, for all the past, present or future generations. It is like oxygen, for everybody.

So that is why, Guru Arjun Dev, made this Granth Sahib for us, to go through it,s divine gyan, to check it, in moments of any doubts, that whosever comes after them, has the same message to share with us like they did, because He knew, how we were to go out of tracks of real spirituality or ruhaniyat , by forgeting the essence of Nam or Shabad, and getting entangled with rituals, dogmas, idol worshipping, symbols, slogans, and a large etcetera or useless outer worships.

When we can see that all our Gurus have said, that without Nam devotion ,we are like dead corpses... and that "only" Nam bhakti is accepted in His Court: Prabh ka simran , dargeh maneh.

Then even we proudly say, we are sikhs .... when we have forgotten the essence of Gurmat .... thus our behaviour, is pure manmaat.

So today we have take some lines of this devotee of a different place and time, of Wahiguru , justo to illustrate, that His teachings are of the same level like those of our Gurus, that is why they have been added in the Granth Sahib .... because they deal with the same principles of spirituality, which are Wahiguru, Nam and Gurmukhs.

So Namdev says:

ਆਦਿ ਜੁਗਾਦਿ ਜੁਗਾਦਿ ਜੁਗੋ ਜੁਗੁ ਤਾ ਕਾ ਅੰਤੁ ਨ ਜਾਨਿਆ
Adh Jugadh Jugadh Jugo Jug Tha Ka Anth N Jania
He existed in the beginning, in the primeval age, and all throughout the ages; His limits cannot be known.

ਸਰਬ ਨਿਰੰਤਰਿ ਰਾਮੁ ਰਹਿਆ ਰਵਿ ਐਸਾ ਰੂਪੁ ਬਖਾਨਿਆ
Sarab Niranthar Ram Rehia Rav Aisa Roop Bakhania
The Lord is pervading and permeating amongst all; this is how His Form can be described.

ਗੋਬਿਦੁ ਗਾਜੈ ਸਬਦੁ ਬਾਜੈ
Gobidh Gajai Sabadh Bajai
The Lord of the Universe appears when the Word of His Shabad is chanted.

In this line we can clearly see, He says that Wahiguru is realized, when the word of His Shabad is chanted(Nam Simran).
And this Shabad is Gurprasad, it can not be taken like that from anywhere, it has to be given by a Gurmukh, but it can only be given, by someone who has to be present and living like us.

So here is the secret of Gurmat. Gurprasad is essential, for putting into action our love and devtion to Akal Purukh. We should not read the Granth Sahib like parrots, we should carefully read it, and understand it´s depth, and then try to act upon it accordingly.

The Granth Sahib has the same taste from begining to the end .... which is nothing but, the mahima of Wahiguru, His Nam, and His manifested human form as a Gurmukh.
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:23 pm

The bani says: Sabna Jeea Ka Iko Daata. This means there is only one Supreme Being for all creatures. He is known also as Ikoankar, and His name is Satnam.
Satnam is a combination of 2 words, one is Sat and the other is Nam. Sat according to the teachings, it is that truth which is unperishable, which is eternal, which is changeless ....not only that, but it is also the highest level of consciousness, and is all powerfull, and is also the fountain of pure bliss, or let us say, real and everlasting happiness. Then, Nam is His real form or essence. This Nam is not a word as many believe, but it is a power, a state of energy, with all the virtues mentioned above.

This Nam was all alone by itself in the begining. And it is the only reality; which was there, when there was no creation, and shall remain when parlay and mahaparlay takes place. All creation seen or unseen is the work of this Power. Right from the microscopic level to the heights of skies, planets, stars, moons, suns, galaxies ...and whatever one can imagine ....there is no limit. Means, even beyond the limits of mind and senses. That is why the Bani says: Sochay soch na hovaee, jeh sochay lakh vaar, means, even if try to ponder over Him hundreds of thousands of times, it will be of no use. He is so great .....

And when He created this creation, for the purpose which we may not comprehend .... He infused life and His ray of light into it, in some forms, which were that much prepared by nature to hold that light into them, for a limited time .

The whole of the creation was made out from 5 elements: air, water, fire, earth and ether, which are all lifless and inert by themselves ... but only when one spark, or one ray of light ....from the millions and millions rays of that one Sun (Satnam), enters into a body, we say, there is life into it .... be it may a microscopic organism, a plant, an insect, a bird, a beast, devis & devtas( beings with astral and causal coverings) ... or even the human being, which is considered the highest , among all the creation, because it has all the 5 elements in him, plus an active mind, and of course, the ray of light the soul, or call it Atma.

The main difference, between His creation, which can be classified into 2 categories, though as we have seen, all the creation is made out of 5 elements, is the one which has life, because it has that divine light into it, and the second category , is the one, which is inert, lifeless, consciousless ....means, without His ray in it, which makes lifeless items, into those full of life, when infused with it's life conscious force into it ...this is the main or gross difference in the entire creation, from A to Z.

Now, when this ray of light or Atma(contents), leaves any body(container), we say it is dead, or it´s end has come ...it ceases to exist .... and then each element goes and dissolves into its´s origin, like water in water; air into the ir; the fire in fire and so on ...all the elements go and merge into their origin.

If the soul or that ray of light, is still unclean, polluted with mind and burden of karmas, it has to go an evolutionary process, until it is totally inmaculate, and fit to go and merge into it's origin: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, or Satnam.

There are no other states, either one is with Wahiguru, and is free, or, one is without Wahiguru and imprisoned in the creation, going roundabout in the cycle of eighty four : "chaurasee ka chakar".

Just as iron is attracted to the magnet, in the same way, the soul's attraction is always towards Akal Purukh, but the pull depends on the rust that the piece of iron may have on it, the lesser the rust, the stronger the force, of the pull from the magnet, untill that piece is totally free from rust .... then it moves like a bullet, due to the pulling force of the magnet, and attaches itself to the magnet. So the pull of the magnet is always with the same force, but the response of the piece of iron depends on it's purity.

From all this elaboration, some things are cleared.

1st, with the soul/ray of light of Satnam, into some body, there is always life.
2nd), when that soul leaves that body, that body, dies, decays, and discomposes, thus all the 5 lifeless creative elements, go and merge into their origin.
3rd) then the soul, has two options, either goes to the cycle of eighty four, according to the karmas performed, and continue it's cleaning process, or either it goes with the speed of a bullet shot from a gun, back to it's origin, the infinte Sun(Satnam).

There are no intermediate states, neither any soul wants that, to be away even for a second, from Wahiguru.
Once the soul leaves a particular body, that body becomes inert and lifeless, like the rest of the things. This light or soul, can not enter and permeate objects like stones, paper, ink, iron, plastic, glass, etc. Anything in this creation, made out of the five creative elements(earth, water, fire, air and ether), is perishable. Even our bodies are thus perishable, but it is the soul in it, the life force consciousness in it, which makes the difference. If a soul can not enter in stone , paper, or water ... how and why should we think, that Wahiguru Himself as a Satguru, is going to establish Himself in them.

Do we ever realize, how we are being manipulated from the so called gyanis, and others ..... by keeping us away, from the truth described in the Granth Sahib? The truth has been hidden, with rituals, symbols, other customs, etc, and given the name of religion falsely, and so, our attention is drawn outside from the inner reality, which is Nam or Shabad, which is Wahiguru. The thing is, we have been brought up and grown up, with these manipulations, so we have taken them for real.

Thus we find it strange if someone tells us the truth, as per the Bani. We go the extent, by calling them frauds and thieves, when they just draw our attention to the unique reality in the Granth Sahib, which is Wahiguru and His Nam, that is it all, we do not need anything apart from this, as Wahiguru and His Nam are real and eternal, everything else is perishable, thus not worthy of our love and devotion.

How can we even think, that a level of consciousness like Wahiguru, forget insects, plants, birds, or animals, will go and permeate and abide in inmate objects? Those objects and things, which are nor meant nor prepared to contain that divinity in them. We have to be really mentally handicaped, in beleiving so.

But, let us be fair to those who believe so, thay are not be blamed, it is totally His will, as the Bani says, to some He brings them near, to some He sends them apart, man does nothing. So if He wants the creation to continue, naturally imperfections have to continue also, it is not that easy at all to understand and follow Gurmat, the real teachings of the Gurus, which we have totally distorted and manipulated, to the extent, that Wahiguru is the only object of worship, but we have intoduced hundreds of other things, and chained ourselves in this creation; real Gurmukhs will only, and only talk of love and devotion to Akal Purukh....but we have gone astray, and made our interpretations, rituals, ceremonies, dogmas, symbols, slogans, politics, terrorism, fanatism...so naturally we shall be drowned in this creation, or where else do we expect to go?

One more thing, though His ray of light is the same in all beings, but in a some few of them, it shines more, that is because they are pure from each pore, and these beings are known as Gurmukhs, Sants, Satgurus, Brahmgyanis. Their light is without any comparison, and is pure, we can feel it's divine effects, in their presence, they are the swaroop of Akal Purukh, full of love, full of Daya Meher, full of Bakshish....they are one in comunion with His will, His Mauj.

Having their Darshan, is like a man dying of thirst, feels relieved, if given a glass of water ...in their company, once again, we gain knowledge of our real self, then we try to go back to our origin, in the vehicle, of Nam, given as Gurparsad by them.

As we have seen , these Gurmukhs, come for a limted period of time, for a particular task of collecting those wadbhagee jeevas, marked by Akal Purukh, to be brought back to Him. Then this process goes on, souls go on arriving to their reapend state of purity, by that time Wahiguru has once again sent someone as a Gurmukh, to go and collect those souls, this has to go on endlessly, until there are souls left in the creation, He can not be unfair to those, who like us, are still here, in this Mayavee Bhavsagar .

And as said before, once the covering of different bodies are removed from the soul, if it is totally pure, it runs back to Wahiguru, and becomes one with it, like a drop of water in the Ocean, then there is no distinction. Distinction is there, as long there is body and mind, but once freed from these, one becomes one with the Ocean, this is the greatness of Wahiguru.

Or has anybody traced the drop, once it has merged in the Ocean?

If not so, how can, and where do we suppose Gurmukhs keep themselves, once they leave our physicall plane? Are they in some other place than Wahiguru, and not one with Him? Where is Guru Nanak? Where is Guru Angad Dev? Where is Guru Amar Das, and the remaing 7 Guru Sahibans? Where is Kabir Sahib? Where is Sant Nam Dev? Are they waiting for us at some particular place? And what for? The answer is, they have all merged back in Wahiguru, and become one with Him. They emerged from Him, for a limited time, for a particular purpose of giving the Gurprasad of Nam, to those jeevas of their time, marked by Wahiguru...and merged back in Wahiguru. Their Jot or light, was from and of Wahiguru, and so they merged back in that Supreme light, Wahiguru. Their real swaroop was of Shabad,of Nam. The gross bodies are not real Satgurus ... the physical bodies are just vehicles to express themselves to us, to tell us the mahima, the wadiayee, the katha of Wahiguru, so that the flame of love for Wahiguru is kindled in us, and one day becomes that much big fire, that we are consumed in His Love and Devotion, through Nam Bhakti.

They can not tie or keep themselves, in lifeless things, like paper, stone, or metal....or any of the perishable things made out of the 5 elements. The Jot in them, goes and blends in the Jot of Wahiguru, in Sach Khand. If we think, that when we shall reach Wahiguru, we shall see all these Gurmukhs sitting in His Darbar....then, sorry to say ......we are deeply ignorants. Only Wahiguru exists. Everything has emerged from Wahiguru, and in Wahiguru they have to return, and be one with Him. If we think, we shall retain our identities, then, we are still manmukhs, not fit to be one with Him.

Individual personality is due to the wicked mind...once the mind is conquered ....the pure soul, merges in Wahiguru. Who wants to be away and be a separate identity from Satnam? Kal was such a jeev....and we all know ... he was thrown away from Sach Khand. Do we also want to thrown away from Satpurukh?


Then, why do we not understand, that Wahiguru is the only cause for all beings....why do we not understand, that these Gurmukhs, once they leave this earth plane, they merge themselves in Akal Purukh? Why do we cling on so many things, depend on them, to show that we belong to such or such dharma? This is all created by the mind of the evil manmukhs among us.

Our Guru Sahibans have only given importance to Wahiguru, and love and devtion for Him, through His Gurmukhs...that is it all about ...is it that difficult?

Only Nam bhakti will take us to His Dargah. And if we do not do this, we have done nothing.

It is all our agyanta, if we think so.

Wah, wah Saache Badshah ... bless us with the company of yours Saints, your Gurmukhs, so that we can apply their dhoor on our forehead and be worthy of your love and devtion.

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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:49 pm

Har Har Naam japay jap, tari-aa jee-o.
Chanting and meditating on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, I have been saved.

These words above are from the bani of the 5th Patshahee Guru Arjun Dev. As usual, these Gurmukhs, need not to express themselves through large lectures, some words, some lines are enough to convey us the depth of their message in a simple crystal clear way. It is only we are mugadhs, we are full of avagunas ..... so naturally, we do not understand them, and proudly behave in a manmukh manner.

But the truth is the truth.

My God, such beautiful words, they are filled with Amrit, with the Nectar of immortality.

Let us pay a little bit of attention to them, as per what they say. They deal with the salvation of our souls, which is what we all long for .... to become one with Him.

And as we all know, we are away from Him. So, what Guru Sahiban is telling is, if you want to become one with Him, you have to do Naam jaapna, meditate on Him, with His Naam.

This is true religion.

Religion is a word which comes from the latin: religare. And it means union with the Lord. So this updesh, this jugtee of becoming one with Wahiguru Akal Purukh, is the real dharma, the essence of sikhism, and at the same time it is universal; because Guru Sahiban does not say: only such and such people from a particular comunity, class, caste, geographical location, etc. have the exclusive right for doing this type of bhakti.

And His words also imply, that, if you want to merge in Wahiguru and become one with Him: you need not do anything else, no rituals, no ceremonies, no pilgrimages, no fastings, no worshipping to lifless objects(idol worshipping),and images ..... nothing of that outer and lower types of worshipping, rather, our Guru Sahibans, draw our attention to where the eternal reality is present, and that is our human body, which is also known as Nar Naryani Deh ....means, this human body is the real temple, where the Lord Himself resides.

So let us all ask ourselves: how is my life fashioned? Has it got to do something with the words of Guru Sahiban as stated above, or is it, we are watching how other hundreds of thousands, of some millions do (it does not matter if these are of our comunity or not) are going astray, and so we are following and imitating them ..... It is not important, how the world behaves and the direction it goes ..... that is not important ..... What is important, is if we follow the teachings of our Guru Sahibans.

The truth our Gurus expound, is not achieved by belonging to a particular community, or by dressing in this or that way, or by any other outer means .... that Supreme Truth, known as Wahiguru,is achieved, by Nam Simran, Nam Abhyaas. This is what all true Gurmukhs of all times, have stressed upon ...and this law has to go on for the futher yugas.

That is why the Bani says: AAd Sach, Jugad Sach, Hae Bhee Sach .... Nanak, hosee bhee Sach. Means, this truth was so, since the begining of the eras, it is so even now, and it shall be so for the forthcoming eras.

If we are proud of belonging to a particular caste, creed, or comunity, then the the bani says: if you are proud of belonging to a particular community, caste or religion .... you are sure to become prey of Yam Kal.

So, we can see, either we try to merge in Wahiguru only through His Saacha Nao .... or either we do everything else, and achieve nothing, but surely go with Yam doots, and fall again in the wheel of Births and Deaths.

In the eyes of Gurmukhs, there are only two classes of people. One is that which follows their teachings and through their Gurprsad, become worthy to merge their souls in Wahiguru ...and the 2nd is the rest of the creation, which never enjoins Sadh Kee Sangat, and thus remain without Nam.

That is why Guru Arjun Dev in Raag Aasaa says:

Nanak naavai baajh, sanaat.
O Nanak, without the Name, they are wretched outcasts (vile and despicable).

Are we able to see, how our Guru Sahibans are clear and precise in their teachings?

For them Nam alone exists ... so either we try to become one with Him through Nam Simran(previously getting it as Gurprsad), or either we are donkeys and remain without it.

That is it all. Nothing more, nothing less. No religions, no castes, no creeds, no communities, no rituals ...nothing of that sort.

Only Wahiguru, and His Nam, are eternal and worthy of love and devotion.

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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Fri Aug 31, 2012 10:55 pm

Those who do not have the good fortune to come in contact with a living contemporary Sadh, or a Satguru .... are for sure, to go in the hands of Kal, means, they have still to wander in the cycle of births and deaths.

The Bani clearly says, without any doubt, "Satgur Purakh"; which means, a Sadh, a Satguru in a human form.

We do always read, speak and hear Sri Guru Granth Sahib as Guru or Satguru. But if we go through the Banis of all it´s angs, the Satguru referred and mentioned in it, is about Wahiguru Akal Purakh, as Satguru in human form.

We may read the Bani, from the begining to the end, even, one million times, it is all about: Wahiguru, Nam or Shabad and Sadh kee Sangat. Now Sadh in the bani, does not mean, a sadhu with colored robes, malas, tilaks and ashes splashed on thier bodies, neither a sanyasi, nor a yogi ....but that human being who is good, humble and simple in character, more beautifull than a hundred full moons, much brighter than even thousand Suns together, with the perfume and scent of Nam emanating from His pure paviter body.

But we should bear in mind, that wonderful and beautiful physical swaroop of the Gurmukh is not the Satguru. The real Satguru is the Shabad or Nam, manifested in that body. The satguru is Wahiguru Himself, manifested in that body, "not the body". That is why the Bani says: Shabad Guru, Dhun Chela. Means, that Shabad, that power, that level of consciouness in it, is the Satguru. Just as we sikhs (disciples) also, are not the body, but our souls, in the perishable bodies.

Just as a mahapurush has said: the real Gurmukh is the Shabad in that body of that time, the real disciple or sikh is the soul in that body of that time, because both of them have to shed off and leave back their bodies sooner or later, one day . Only Shabd is eternal, souls are eternal.

When we leave this earthly plane, the Gurmukh who gave us the Gurprsad, is with us, guiding us with His Shabad light and sound ..... until, we reach in the lap of Satnam. This is another sign, of a true Gurmukh.

So when we look for a Satguru, we have to pay attention not to where are they from, or how do they dress, or any external appearances; but we have to pay attention and find only, if they talk of only one Supreme reality: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, and if the way to realize Him, is of Nam bhakti, and if they give the Gurprasad of Nam Dhan freely, and also if they do sewa themselves of the sangat, without caring for their personal self, but just for the benefit of the sangat.

Then they are extremely humble, they do not go in hot arguments and discussions; looking into their beautiful faces, we feel the drishti of love, of daya meher .... naturally it has to be so, they are the embodiment of Satnam.

These Sadhs or Gurmukhs, do not come to create any new religion or dharma, nor bind us in politics, rituals, etc ... and they may be from any race, country or dharma born in ....but thier message will always be only one, the one of love and devotion for Wahiguru Akal Purakh, through Nam Bhakti.

These Gurmukhs, like our ten Gurus, like Guru Ravidas, like Kabir Sahib, Sant Tukaram, like Sant Paltu Sahib, like Tulsi Sahib, and some more, were Gurmukhs of the same spiritual level, though they were from different lands, but gave us one same message, the message of Wahiguru and Nam Bhakti; only that, nothing more, notheing less.

Nam or Shabad is the only reality, everything apart from it, is false, as everything is for a limited time, everything is thus perishable. All the creation, even our very bodies, are made from the 5 perishable elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. The only difference between living beings or creatures and non living beings, is, consciousness; the ray or soul in them. So everything is perishable, except consciousness or soul can not be destroyed or finished.

And among all living creatures, human beings are of the highest rank. Even above "gods", "devis and devtas". That is why the human body is called, Nar Narayani Deh, which means, the body where, Har Himself resides.

Wah wah Sache Badshah, wodorous are your ways, we moorakhs can never comprehend your inmensity, your majesty ...
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:34 am

O mind, repeat the pure and holy Name

Bani Of Guru Ram Das, Raag Dhanasree.

ichhaa poorak sarab sukh-daata har jaa kai vas hai kaamDhaynaa.
The Lord is the Fulfiller of desires, the Giver of total peace; the Kaamadhaynaa, the wish-fulfilling cow, is in His power.

Guru Ram Das, in this short and beautiful shabad, is telling us that, by your own karmas and desires, you are entangled in this mayavee creation as a prisoner, but only when you have the single desire of becoming one with Wahiguru Akal Purukh, then He fulfills that desire, because only He has that power through His Gurmukhs, to bestow on us His inmense and infinite Daya Meher, and this nobody, neither Kal can stop and retain the soul, in the creation.

so aisaa har Dhi-aa-ee-ai mayray jee-arhay taa sarab sukh paavahi mayray manaa.
So meditate on such a Lord, O my soul. Then, you shall obtain total peace, O my mind.

So, He insists, that when you get the Gurprasad from a Gurmukh, forget all other activities and rituals, and with one pointed love and devotion at His Lotus feet, meditate on Him.

jap man sat naam sadaa sat naam.
Chant, O my mind, the True Name, Sat Naam, the True Name.

And then He says, remember Wahiguru at all times, by doing the meditation on Him according to the bhed or instructions of the Gurmukh.

halat palat mukh oojal ho-ee hai nit Dhi-aa-ee-ai har purakh niranjanaa. rahaa-o.
In this world, and in the world beyond, your face shall be radiant, by meditating continually on the immaculate Lord God.

Then by following the instructions of the Gurmukh, slowly and slowly your whole being shall start being purified, with the Amrit of that Nam bhakti, and you shall be fit to be accepted in His court, that is why the bani says: Prabh Ka simran dargeh manee.

jah har simran bha-i-aa tah upaaDh gat keenee vadbhaagee har japnaa.
Wherever anyone remembers the Lord in meditation, disaster runs away from that place. By great good fortune, we meditate on the Lord.

By doing this Nam Simran, the curse which is upon us of going rounds after rounds in the cycle of births and deaths, which is the biggest disaster for a soul, stops forever.

jan naanak ka-o gur ih mat deenee jap har bhavjal tarnaa.
The Guru has blessed servant Nanak with this understanding, that by meditating on the Lord, we cross over the terrifying world-ocean.

Servant Guru Nanak, proudly proclaims, that by geting in the company of a Gurmukh, a Sadh, one imbibes Gurmat from them, and gets the blessing of Gurprasad from them, which is compulsary, is a must, to be freed forever and merge in Wahiguru Akal Purukh.
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Some mahima about Gurmukhs and Sant Jana ...

Postby carlos » Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:25 pm

When we associate and keep the company of a Gurmukh, we come under His wise, healthy and spiritual influence. He talks of our latent strength, of our spiritual origin, of our Nij Ghar Sach Khand, point out the way within us of going back to our eternal spiritual home; not merely point out the way and ask us to go alone, but go with us all the way and further, put us no obligation, and charge no fee. Could there be a better offer?

Gurmukhs or Satgurus in flesh are rare ..... they are universal although outwardly they appear as individuals like others. When in flesh, they speak to us of other superior worlds and the Creator Wahiguru Akal Purukh, and of our aim or purpose in human life.

To strengthen our belief, they place before us the writings of the past Gurmukhs as authority, and induce us, in all rational ways, to investigate and experiment by ourselves, the higher truths.

Man learns of the universal, from a man universalized - a Gurmukh....

To follow a Gurmukh, means practising Nam Bhakti. And this Gurprasad of Nam, only a living Gurmukh can give us.

These Sant Satgurus or Gurmukhs, are love personified, and they love not only their sikhs or disciples, but all creation and all around them. They look upon the whole creation with love and kindness....

The (Noorani swaroop) radiant or spiritual form of such a Gurmukh may seem to be far away like the Evening Star of Wagner´s opera, but still it is inside with the sikh or disciple. It is not far away. There is a veil between you and it, but it will be torn by your labour of love, in the form of Nam Bhakti.
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Re: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Nam or Shabad & Sadh Kee Sangat...

Postby carlos » Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:07 am

There is only one reality: Wahiguru Akal Purukh

Everything else is "koorr"(false), is "maya"(illusion), is "fanah"(perishable).

And so, we may dress in any way, means wear any types of clothes on our body, or let our hair, or nails grow .... others shave even their heads .... this is like an actor playing different roles in different films, at different places, topics, dressing, even make ups are done to appear more young or old, or sick or fat ....... all these elements are fullfilled to meet the mental design of the director, but the identity and nature of that actor is maintained intact, at the end of the day when he is out of the studios.

Similarly, we dress and follow some social rules and regulations, code of behaviour, and thus dress and wear complements on our bodies; but we must bear in mind, that inspite of all that, in our innermost we know who we are, what is our name, where we were born, what are our family relations ... and so on ..... nothing changes in that sense; these garments, these complements are just to cover and decorate the body, they are no aids in ruhaniyat or our spiritual developement. They by themselves can not get us closer to Wahiguru. Though in the eyes of our fellow people, we may appear appealing accordingly to the code of conduct established by the social and political leaders.

This is the main differnce between "Sants" or Gurmukhs and the worldly people or so called religious leaders. These Sants or Gurmukhs´main objective is to draw out our attention from the world, and focus only and only on one Wahiguru Akal Purukh, through Nam Bhakti.

Rest does not matter at all. Our spiritual progress is measured by the mental purity we gain, and this naturally is only possible by Nam Simran. In the eyes of Wahiguru, the only important thing is the purity of our mind, of our soul. He does not gives importance like we limited humans, at what we wear, or not wear ... or anything else. He is only concerned of our love for Him, through bhakti, through devotion, which leads us to merge one day in Him. This is really what we should all try to look for and find in our interior mirror.

Prabh ka Simran, sabh te oocha.

We all know, that our karmas, our agyanta, our moorakhta, our manmat .... is all in our mind. And for removing away this, we do nothing.

Rather we are induced and limited to pay attention on the gross body, which is perishable. All our kam, krodh, moh, lobh and ahankar is is in our mental plane, and this filth can not be altered by these outer appearances or roles.

We are forced to believe in a subtle way, that by this we are going in the right direction, which in reality is the oppsite way, because the Bani says only one thing, and we are doing many other things, and naturally, in the wrong direction. So how can the objective(Wahiguru) be reached?

All these bad attributes, if they are not washed away, they are barriers between us and Wahiguru Akal Purukh, and so we do not even move an inch towards Wahiguru, in spite of all our these efforts, and thus waste our golden opportunity of this human life of becoming one with Him, with what our Guru Sahibans have stressed upon in the Bani : Nam Simran. Saas Saas simroh Gobind.

This Simran of Gobind, of Har, cleans us from all mental impurities, which are barriers, are layers upon layers of filth, of karmas, and makes us fit to stay in the Charan Kamal(Lotus Feet) of Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

All this is only possible to know and practice, due to the grace of Sadh Sangat, company of a Gurmukh.

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