Sikhi And Brahmin Wadi Infulence!!!

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Sikhi And Brahmin Wadi Infulence!!!

Postby sarabjitghuman » Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:51 am

Why Why Why can not you see that we are Sikhs and have our own identity we Sikhs have so much gone and lost our soul and identity that any one can stand up and say what ever they like and we just act like it will vanish off in air like nothing has happened... for the last couple of weeks I have been reading on can Sikhs eat meat.... there have been numerous posts on this topic some are educational and some are just their own thoughts and some have taken Gurbani and mended it to there own knowledge and used it to say Sikhs are not allowed to eat meat why why why why why I ask you why are you so much sold to Brahman wadi people why do you bow your head to Shri Guru Granth sahib Ji and ask these questions... but what will be the fruit of that be if you will mend it to the thinking of Brahman wadi style... I want to write so much I have so many questions to all of you fakers and ill wised people who tell others that Sikhism is this and Sikhism is that. having all the tools available to us and haveing the most and most the biggest order given to us yet we still bow our heads to humans, and ask how our future is going to be and vote some non Sikh in command and believe in a Sikh who over decades and decades have lied and lied and hurt the whole symbol of Sikhism and us cowards have done nothing because it has not burnt our selfish pride cause we are not touched by it even though others have but has not been to our house so we are ok what happened to that Sikhism that was born on 1699 Waisakhi where are those veer brothers who fought for it on time to time not those Khalistani not them they did less and plundered more there were good people among them but most were either hand picked by government or those who had there selfish reason to be in it............ I am not here to start any war of words I am here to Simply ask all and ever one of you that uses Shir Guru Granth Sahibs Banni and mend it to there own thinking please do not do that look or search and if you do not find it then search again and pray that you learn and understand the Banni so you can take right decisions on that behalf and teach our next generation and so on... Meat is made of water Water WATER.... Pawan Guru Pani Pitah pitah.. how the life came and formed from water Guru Nanak Sahib Ji taught us more than 500 years ago that all the life form came from water. Water is what is used to grow plants and water is what we drink to live hence why are we Quarreling over uneducated Brahman wadi people... There is nothing wrong with eating meat and people should not use Guru Granth Sahib ji to support there beliefs...... and there is nothing written it it where it says it is bad to eat meat.... what is written in it is all about human eating other human not by eating them by conspiring to eat there business and there family like a competition a good competition is not bad but a bad hearted competition is certainly against our religion and the one that you conspire against a small and unprotected and week opponent is bad that is what is written... so don't use that to tell people that eating meat is against our religion...
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Re: Sikhi And Brahmin Wadi Infulence!!!

Postby issondhi » Sat Jul 10, 2010 6:09 pm

Dear Sarabjit Singh ji, Vahe Guruji ka khalsa Vahe Guruji ki Fateh.
What ever you have expressed is 100% right.I can feel anger /helpnessin you, but that is the state of Sikhs today.
Let s face it.We visit gurdwaras on Sangrandh(Sankranti) &Pooranmashi (full moon) as if these are speacial days ,
and many more rituals. All part of Brahmanwad.Lets be humble & educate our families and friends and spread the message of Guru Nanakdevji.
God bless,
Iqbal Singh
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Re: Sikhi And Brahmin Wadi Infulence!!!

Postby carlos » Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:22 pm

We are nobody to judge others, when we ourselves we are not complete. What, if you are told, that what you say, are your own poor limited and distorted interpretations of the pure paviter Bani of our Guru Sahibans.

What if you are told, that you are telling others about Brahmin wadi influences ....but you yourself are not less, you are much influenced mentally by those orthodox sikh brothers, who have limited the pure and high teachings of our beloved Gurus, in the square walls of rituals and the rest of the world we too need the support of having our own identity under the misconception of so called sikh religion as such.

Gurmat is as simple as, having Wahiguru above everything, through His simran.

What a pity, our Gurus came to wake us up from all these outer useless activities which bind us even more harder to the world and the creation, and we cling on them . Shame on us.

While our Gurus, stress on each ang of the Granth Sahib, only one pointed devotion to the only one wahiguru Akal Purukh, through Nam Bhakti.

I myself am a sinner and a very low person, but I am blessed by Him with love for Him, and at no cost I shall leave any stone unturned if I see the Bani of my Satgurus is misinterpreted or misused.

We are human beings, we should help each other without being selfish or harsh... we should talk rationally .... not by imposing.

The teachings of our Guru Sahibans as said earlier are very high, pure and simple. When Prithi Chand could not understand His Father and Brother ...who were the embodiment of Akal Purukh, by being in their company and having their darshan ... who are we then?

So you see, it is not meant for everybody to accept and understand the Bani in the correct measure... it is only by His Daya Meher that one comes to understand the Bani, not otherwise, try however hard you may.

When you read: pawan guru, panee pitah, dhartee mahat.... it does not mean that we are made of water.

First of all, water is one of the five inert and consciousless elements from which creation was made... but creation means gross matter... our souls are like rays of that primal Sun Wahiguru ... we are not the body. Though we humans have all the 5 elements present in us, namely: earth, water, fire, air and akash or ether.... so you see, we humans are not made of water alone.

Secondly, when we read pawan guru, panee pitah, dhartee mahat, means, Guru is essential like as air for us, because we can not live much without air .... in the same way witout guru we are condemed in the creation, guru gives birth to his sikh in the spiritual realm; then comes the role of father, he is like water for us, because we can not live much time witout water ...then comes the role and importance of a mother, she is like the earth, the food we get from it, is necessary to survive, but in comparison to air and water, the earth occupies the third position.... So what Guru Sahibans want to tell us is, that to live in eternity, we desesperately need the help of a Gurmukh ... He is like fresh oxygen for us, in order to continue living.

In our lives, Guru comes first in importance, He is our spiritual father and mother, as said before, He gives us birth in the spiritual planes, then comes the worldly father and then the mother, to whom we owe our woldly births. That is all, we should not try to distort the above words to adjust them to our weaknesses, in order to justify our lack of maturity in spiritual matters.

We all know how much Guru Arjun Dev Maharaj suffered, when He was sent and kept far away from His Father, means it was like being suffocated for Him, without the darshan of His Guru, Sree Guru Ram Das...

That is why He beautifully said:

Mohe rehan na aveh, mohe neend na aveh... I do not know how to survive without You; I can not sleep, nor can I stay awake
Ik gharee na miltey ta kalyug hotaa... Even a moment without You, is like dying, my Lord.

So please brothers do not get angry, be calm and read over and over the bani, and still if any doubt ask and see, if what you are told has any common sense and rationality.

Faith sholud not be blind neither based on fanatism , but rather by being balanced mentally and emotionally. And this can only happen, by doing what the Bani says: Jin Har jaapiya, se Har hoeeya... as simple as that

Sat Sree Akal
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Re: Sikhi And Brahmin Wadi Infulence!!!

Postby carlos » Fri Oct 25, 2013 9:44 pm

In simple words, we can summarize that Sikhi is what our Gurus practiced and taught us, which is Nam bhakti or Nam simran alone.

Because, it reminds us at all times, of the only one eternal truth and reality, which is none other than Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

And on the other hand Brahmin wadi, is all that we have created and added by ourselves, along with Gurmat, in the form of rituals, dogmas, simbolysms, idol woship, pilgrimages, lands, dharmas, rules and regulations ...which are nothing, but very strong chains around our necks, in the form of bonds, which assure our presence in the "mayavee creation".

This means being far away from our true Father Wahiguru Akal Purukh, and our true Home, Sach Khand .

As the saying goes: Jahah aasaah, tahah baasaah. This means, if we keep our mind and heart in the creation, we shall surely be reborn here.... But if we keep our mind and heart in Wahiguru through His Simran, then, in Wahiguru we shall merge.

And loving Wahiguru does not mean, rituals or rules of conduct; but one pointed love and surrender to His Bhana or Will.

This is Gurmat, this is what the sacred Bani says in each Ang.

The rest is all "mannmat" whether we like it or not.

Sikhi means, sikhiya or siksha .... But the question arises, which siksha?

Well, it is quite simple and clear... the Gurmat according to the Bani.

Wah Wah Sachaay Badshah !!!
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Re: Sikhi And Brahmin Wadi Infulence!!!

Postby carlos » Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:42 pm

Why Why Why can not you see that we are Sikhs and have our own identity we Sikhs have so much gone and lost our soul and identity that any one can stand up and say what ever they like and we just act like it will vanish off in air like nothing has happened...

Please do not confuse anybody with your own limited ideas and thoughts. Do you know what is the real meaning of identity?

What is the real identity of all living beings?

Is it not the soul?

Do you not know, what Sree Guru Arjun Dev Maharaj says or refers to in Sukhmani Sahib, when He says: Toon Thakur Tum peh ardaas... Jeeo pind sabh teree raas.... Tum mat pitah, hum barik tere...

Well, He says, the bodies and the souls belong to you.... The whole of the creation belongs to Him, because He is the Creator of everything. But we also know it is our souls alone, which have the capability and capacity to merge in it´s origin, which is Sat Purukh alone. And believe it: there in Sach Khand, only wahiguru exists...there is no such thing as muslims, hindus, christians or sikhs .... there is no such discrimination ..... only Wahiguru .... because any good lucky soul on arriving there becomes one with Wahiguru a drop of water merges and becomes one with the ocean. All these outer and lower identities are due to the mind, and the differnt dimensions where the mind operates and dominates ...right up to Trikuti, the causal region where the Maha mind in the form of Kal Purukh watches and controls the creation alloted to him.

And so, if the soul is our essence, our identity, which is the same in essence like Wahiguru....then where does white, black, yellow, brown, sikhs or non sikhs, etc .... have its place ?

You see, Akal Purukh created souls and bodies, but we people have created a lots of confusions and controversies.

What else can be expected from us useless narrow minded human beings?

Just tell me, when you die, are you going to carry all your sikh belongings(culture) with you, or are you going to take, your karmas, or the love or devotion(bhakti) for Akal Purukh?

All the outer culture, like slogans, comittees, lands, mazabs, pilgrimages, etc...shall be left here, as it is made of the 5 tattwas...shall be destroyed... as all elements, one day or the other shall blend in its origin.

Just let us take the example of a balloon. The outer cover can be of differnt colours, and may have different designs or paintings(bodies,dressings, ornaments) on them...but it is the air(souls) in them, which makes them have that shape and fly .... when the balloon explodes... the air goes and merges in the sky .... but the embodiment or the rubber coverings fall on the floor.

And when the ballon explodes, the air in the sky does not ask to the air contained in the balloon, oh I am so sorry, but why did you not bring the lovely painted rubber with you?

We may laugh at this example, but that is our human nature. We tend to forget our true spiritual nature and get entangled in the problems and controversies of this mayavee creation, beleiving to be part and parcel of this perishable world.

It is here when we get whips from the nature, like pain and suffreings in the "Chaurassee ka chakar", by forgetting of our true nature, our true essence, our true identity, and our true job of coming into this world, which is none other than doing so much Bhakti of Wahiguru Akal Purukh with love, that we break all our worldly bonds and chains, become free and pure enough, to merge in Satnam.

This is our true essence and purpose of human life in brief.

All of us are more or less dyed with the colour of "haume" or ego .... and all our beleifs like: my land, my properties, my mazab, our culture, my wealth...etc... is nothing but a clear expression of our ahankar, our haume, our ego.... which is a very dirty vice ..... and due to it we are in conflict with everything and everybody ...

So please do not create more confussions with your own limited and distorted vision of the reality. Because you are then being unjust with your ownself and the brothers and sisters whom you try to brain wash with your own polluted ideas and beliefs... this is real Brahmin Wadi ....

On the contrary read and try to put more and more into practice what the Granth Sahib says :
One pointed love and devotion at the Lotus Feet of Akal Purukh, through His simran at all times.

Saas Saas simroh, Gobind. This is Gurmat.

Wah wah Sachay Badshah.
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