The SIKH American Dream, to be Recognized in US Census 2010

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The SIKH American Dream, to be Recognized in US Census 2010

Postby admin » Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:00 pm

Received a lot of messages about the US Census, so all American immigrants/citizens should pay attention and fill out "Sikh" in Question 9 on your Census forms. Here's the full message:

Dear Respected Brothers and Sisters,

Its that time again every 10 years the U.S Census takes place, wanted to give you some materials if you would like to circulate amongst your friends, family, contacts and community members.

Question # 9 {Check off “Other Race” and write-in “SIKH”}

Please lets not be limited to just around our neighborhoods “Think locally Act globally” tell others around the country; do not forget our friends in other parts of the world as well* (These people have relatives who live in the U.S as well, lets use reverse logistics to accomplish this large task at hand). We should use every method possible, word of mouth, phone calls, internet, social media networks- facebook, myspace, twitter; Constant Announcements at the Gurdwara, Newspapers (Gurdwara Newsletters, Local Newspapers, National Newspapers) and TV....

For a complete Census guide and for more information on how to fill out the Census properly, So that the Sikh Community gets Recognized and Counted please visit

This is the first Census after 9/11 it is crucial to get good participation in this Census count as the data will benefit the Sikh community at large. Wah Guru Ji Ki Khalsa Wah Guru Ji Ka Fateh

Jesse Singh Jaspal
Sikh American Census
Project Manager
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!!
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