Looking for a shabad

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Looking for a shabad

Postby Manish V. Punjabi » Wed Nov 21, 2007 11:48 am

Sat Sri Akalji,

I also tried listening to Gurmail Singhji's Jabey Baan Lageyo. I got it from http://www.ikirtan.com, but even thats not the one I used to listen to. I used to listen to an "audio tape" and it was one side full lenght recording, I think a good 30mins. I am not a Punjabi or a Sikh, Punjabi is only my surname. So I don't know whether it is called a shabad or gurbani, but it wat very pleasant to the ears and I used to listen every morning without fail. It was shabad then some explanation, again some singing and so forth. I do remember a few words like Ponda-sahab, Hari Chand etc.

I have lost the audio tape and have been looking for it almost 10 years now. I even looked for it in Amritsar and New Delhi once when I happened to be there few years back, but because I had very little time so could not search longer. I went to a few shops and no luck.
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