THE MOOL MANTRA >>>>>>>>>>>>> A POEM

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THE MOOL MANTRA >>>>>>>>>>>>> A POEM

Postby narinder bhandari » Sun Jan 04, 2009 11:52 am



Ek Omkar

The One …. The One-ness that needs to be known….
The One, the whole of Creation is serving the cause of …
As Cause and Effect….

Cause and Effect
The Law …
The law of Being…

Verily, the One without the second… the Echke …..Omkar
The Echke…..The Being…… The One self …
Whose first manifestation
Echoes in the Universe, Existence and Non-existence
As …. The soundless sound… pure Silence….
Heard by the Yogis as the resonance of AUM

The ONE…

Love Infinite…
Infinite and choiceless…

Is Givingness….
His own Being, He bestows,… to the one, who asks…

Is Compassion…
Beyond all measures…

Is Love…
Love showered as “ Freedom of Being to all to live as their own nature…”

Is Givingness…
As fulfilling the wishes of all that seek refuge…
And all who rebel, in the joy of ego-ness !

Is Compassion…
Compassion as the Law…
The Law, which operates lovingly as ‘The Law’,
In your free choice of being One or Many….......

The Law, which itself is your own justice to yourself…
Leading you to The One-ness that the Law is…
Whether or not you are aware of the presence of the Law !!

That Ek Omkar
Must become your knowing……
Of your own choice,…..
If true happiness you seek !


Nameless the body,
Nameless the Mind
Pure as purity of Being
For One moment , Eternity…
The child entered
The world of Light

Blessed Nameless,
Was given a name !
And then ….
The search began … the great search…
For the name ..
That describes the Joy that one really was,
And will always be…
That , which cannot not-be!
The true Name….. Sat Naam

This search will take one into innumerable joys of Experience…
Each joy , in the embrace of Pain…
Till one day… till some day… till the Day
The searching stops…
Silence reigns supreme…
And, in the silence that is not a ‘ name’ … that just is..
Is heard the soundless sound of Om
Om, the soundless sound…
That leads you back to the nameless state…
To your pristine purity of Being.
To One-ness…
And you are No more… nevermore…
Only He is !
Ever Nameless, and all Names
He, who is.
The One without the second .

Ek Omkar


Karta is not the karta…
The Karta is indeed the Akarta…
For, the freedom to‘do’, He gave to you…
And chose to remain the compassionate loving One-ness ..

One-ness of your Being and His own Being….
Pure Silence…
The Nothingness .
The Shoonya
Purnam .

In His Choosing ,
In Love, choosing to give you freedom of Being….
To be, to do, to play, to sow, to reap.….
In His Compassion, remaining only as The Law…
The One Law….
The Immutable law…
Just the undoing of that you must perforce ‘ do’

In so Being…
He became… the All doing…
The all Doer…

If your Intellect reels under the weight of trying to understand
Understand the Non-understandable..
Knowing the Unknowable ….
Better that you stop trying…

Just adopt one of the two as your Doing….
That …..
He indeed is the all Doer. All doing… you do nothing !
You are the doer… Just you…
He is indeed the loving father
Indulgence supreme allowing you total freedom to do !

The Choice is yours…..
The Immutable Law…
Will take care of the rest…

Effortlessly, one day, some day…. when Time ceases to be.
In the Eternity of This Moment Now
The Understanding will dawn on you…
That Doing and Not-doing are Not - two.
The Karta… is He…
He , who is the Akarta
The Akarta, truly , is the All doer.
You were un-necessarily running hither and thither..
Running, doing…….
DoingThis and That … ! Ek omkar Sat nam…….


Bhau ?
Of whom ?

Of the others, did you say ?
The other .

And, if the silent heart, your heart, in its Joy of Being , says to you …
Says, “ There are no others . No others, only Ek omkar. Only He.
Only He… and, you are That !”
The fear will vanish
As did the illusory snake in the Rope !

Ah !
Free from fear,
Will you sing the praises of The One without the Second
In fearless ness, live,
In fearless ness, sing.

In fearless ness sing the song of Love

In fearless ness feel
The Truth of Not-twoness….
Ek Omkaar.

Nir bhau jape… nirbhau hoye
Nirbhau hoye………. eko paye
Eko paye… Anhad kamaye….

Anhad kamaye…… eko paye
Eko paye…….. nirbhau hoye jaye….
Nirbhay ho… nirbhay ke Gun gaye…..

Ek omkar, Sat nam, Karta purukh……….


Nir vair ?
Who ?

You ?

No ?

Why not ?

Did you not read
“ Ek omkar, Satnam, Karta purukh, Nir bhau” ?
Did you not hear ?
Did you not recite ?

Why, then, O Mana, do you feel Vair
Vair as your expression of Being ?

Ah !

Reading, hearing, and Reciting …
Are to no avail…..
When Ek omkar be not propitiated ….
Not worshipped ..
In thought word and deed…

Tarry not, dear Mana. It is not too late !
The Guru is available… as the word….
Only you do not search for the meaning of the word…
You read, hear and recite…
But ‘ KHOJ’… , you do not !
The truth that will rid you of your Vair will have to become your thirst
To know what is true indeed !
And the truth is…
What IS. Vair is only the ‘fear of the other’
In new clothing ….

Ek Omkar, Satnam, Karta purukh, Nir bhau……


Time hangs heavy . O Mana….
The yesterday and the morrow …
They afflict the already heavy Mind..
Today does not become Today
Today is not today.
It remains in the embrace of yesterdays and the morrows !

And yet
The Knowers have said
The sages have said
The seers have said
There is He , who is Timeless
Beyond Time is He
He , whom Time serves as the faithful servant !

Time is His tool, His Play, His Being
His Hypnosis, His Will
His Love for you.

And you say, O Mana, “Time hangs heavy
The heaviness of the heart is timeless.
The joy of the Moment is only Momentary
Not the Eternity of This Moment Now !”

Repair then to the Timeless
To the Akaal purukh…
And pray
Pray to Him
To reveal to you…
The secret of Time.
The secret of Death of Time
The secret of Timelessness
Your own One–ness with the Akalpurukh !

Ek omkar, Sat nam, Karta purukh, Nirbhau, Nirvair…..


Your Link with your Mother
Is reflected in your Yoni.

Of body born, separated from the body source at birth
The trauma must leave a mark on your body !

Yet, you are not the body
For without the pranas, what will you be ?
You are not even the Prana
For, without conciousness what will you be ?

And Conciousness must homage pay
Alongwith its shadow, unconciousness,
To whom …?

To He, who is not of body born
Not born of the yoni
Who is Ayoni
Who is Himself the mother,
Whose link with you needs no affirmation
Nor can ever be denied.
And the indelible mark that the Link bestows on you
Is your Being. Your ‘ I am ness’ .

Your trauma is
That you donot know him
You donot know yourself
You consider yourself separate
You see the other, even though
The other is Not !!
Only He is
The Ek omkar !

Ekomkar, Satnam, Karta purukh, Nirbhau, Nirvair, Akal Murat…….


Not being of body born
Timeless He, whom Time serves
The One without the second.
Himself His own name, The soundless sound of Om
Reverbrating in the Being of the yogis
Does not of ears be the hearing !

Verily He
Who is Existence
And Non- existence
Both and neither
On what and whom shall His existence depend ?

Self existent is He, yes, self existent is He
He, who is the Self .
Swayam bhu… saibhang…

Ekomkar, Satnam, Karta purukh, Nir bhau, Nir vair, Akal Murat, Ayoni…


All your reading
All your hearing
All your reciting
If, to no avail is !
Ever in fear, ever in pain, ever confused,
You keep reciting the Guru Grantha Sahib, day after day….
And feel not the Joy of being Nirbhau and Nirvair……
Hasten , then, to the first injunction of the Guru, you revere as recitation
“ Khoj shabad mein le”

But O Mana,
How will you search for the Unknowable !
If you had the Light that removes darkness
You would not be in the darkness of despair !
The first word of the Grantha sahib
Ek Omkaar
Would have severed the head of Twoness
And in you, the not-twoness, caused to blossom !

O Mana… O dear One
Tarry not
Repair to the One Light reflected in the Being of the sages and seers
Be not sceptical of the Sages,
Aye, judge them not with your Bhau and Vair
Fall at their feet and Pray for the Prasada
That leads to the Light of Lights…

Ek omkar, Satnam, Karta purukh, Nir bhau, Nir vair, Akal Murat , Ayoni, Saibhang……..


Should the Guru be pleased
Pleased with your service, devotion and worship
His Grace , in your conduct, will become The Japa
The constant chant of the Satnam, the true name
Leading to the ‘anahad’ , the soundless sound of Om.
Om, the Embrace, in which all sounds seek repose !
Ek Omkaar…….

Ek Omkar, Satnam, Karta purukh, Nir bhau, Nir vair, Akal Murat, Ayoni, Saibhang, Guru prasada…….



Truth of the Truth shall flower in thee, O seeking Heart
And your thirst ever quenched by the Elixir of Immortality,
Your seeking too eternally rest in satisfaction supreme ......
The Mool Mantra from thy Head moves into thy Heart
To become thy own realisation !
Thy own Not-two-ness !
Thy own Being
That, in the first place was
Never apart from thee

Aaad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Hai Bhi sach, Nanak hosee bhi sach.
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