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Postby carlos » Mon Nov 25, 2013 2:49 pm

Madam, maine
“ABC ” yaad karli...

Madam :
Ok , toh sunao..

Banta :

Madam :
Arey aise nahin ….
Aise sunao
A for Apple..
Banta :
Ok ma'am….

A for Apple.?

B for Bada Apple.?

C for Chhota Apple.?

D for Dusra Apple.?

E for Ek aur Apple.?

F for Fokat ka Apple.?

G for Gol Gol Apple.?

H for Hazaar Apple.?

I for Itney saare Apple??

J for Jaao nahin khaane hai Apple.?

K for Kaise nahin khaayengey Apple.??

L for Lena padhega tumko Apple.?

M for Mujhe nahin chahiye itne Apple.?

N for Naa nahin kehtey kyunki yeh hai Apple.?

O for Oye teri ki, tumne khaa daale yeh saare Apple.?

P for Pett bhar khaao Apple.?

Q for Qismat mein nahin hoti hai sabke, yeh Apple.?

R for Roz khaao tum Apple.?

S for Sehetmand rahoge khaaogey agar tum Apple.?

T for Tumko nahin milenge itney achey Apple.?

U for Udhaar kii nahin hai yeh Apple.?

V for Very tasty hain yeh Apple.?

W for Waste na karo time aur khaalo jaldi se Apple.?

X for X’mas mein bhi khana padenge Apple.?

Y for Yun naa chehra phero dekh ke yeh Apple.?

Z for Zara sa aur khaalo Apple.....?

Madam Behosh.....
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Re: HEALTHY JOKES .... hahahahahaha...

Postby carlos » Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:55 pm

Ek admi ne apne Padosi ko sms kiya...

Dear Sir ,

Aapko jara sa bhi andaza nhi hai lekin aapko ye jaan kar hairaani jaroor hogi aur gussa bhi aayega ... ki aapki knowledge mei aane diye bagair , I've been using ur WIFE ..

I used it double than u ordinarily use it......

I used it day and night ....!

I really felt that my requirement for it was more than yours but it is not morally Okkey for me....

And I must confess when I was wrong morally as well as legally....

But I am sure that you will excuse me for my such naughty act...

As otherwise also u were equally keeping it unused...

Logically there's nothing wrong if I grabbed the opportunity but it is against social values and moral values...

All expenses on your pocket and I am enjoying it for free..

If you agree , (only if u agree ) from now onwards I am ready to bear 50% expenses or money spent on ur WIFE.

or with no other option I will get my own..

I could have continued like this for ever without letting u know anything but hope u'll appreciate my honesty and won't take any action against me..

I m also feeling very guilty .!!!

Neighbour just shot his wife and he was going to house of person sending sms ....

He received another sms....
Sorry AUTO CORRECT app. On my phone made it WIFE...

Actually it was about ur Wi Fi connection .
Regards. ..
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