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Hamaari Pyari Amrit Dhari: Album name and ID3 tags fixed

PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 6:01 pm
by admin
We make extreme effort to provide clean and rightly-labled mp3s.

In this case, the album "Hamaari Pyari Amrit Dhari" by Surinder Singh Jodhpuri ( ... Dhari.html ) was mislabled as 'Hamaari Pyari Amrit Pyaari'.

Although there were no reports from users, but when one listened to it, one found that it was mislabeled. Hence all the mp3s have been re-tagged to fix the error.

Thank you and I would encourage all users to kindly leave reviews for albums they listen to... to assist other new/inexperienced users on what is recommended...