Alms/Bheekh in Sikhism???

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Alms/Bheekh in Sikhism???

Postby admin » Tue May 15, 2007 3:06 pm

Often walking to work, I've observed poor people begging money on the streets/train stations. If the person comes up to me and asks me (and they usually do), I give however much I can pull out the pocket, or more importantly how much the person is in need for.

The other day I was watching Alpha ETC Punjabi show 'Excuse Me Please,' the show host, Rana Ranbir (Ranjha) asked random youngsters if the begging that happens in Chandigarh streets should be stopped. Most of the youngsters said if the person is apahij (handicapped, which they assumed to mean that the person cannot work), only then should bheekh/money be given. Even after the show host (Ranjha) explicitly told the people that handicapped/apahij people can also work (giving an example of a girl who learns to write using her feet). On the other hand, a small minority of people said giving money is just wrong as people should work for themselves. They also pointed out that people use this money to buy alcohol/drugs (nashey-patey), which makes giving alms a bad thing.

The matter is that I do not know if by giving blindly to people on the street is a good thing according to Sikhism. Should I be thinking about if the money I give will be used to drink alcohol, or should I rest it upon God to let my good intention for the person work. One thing I can think of is asking the person if they need food and take them to eat (but being busy with work, I fail to help in this way and I do recognize this as my failure). Another thing that comes to mind is how I wish there were 24/7 Gurudwaras here that offer langar, which I could recommend to people who look for food.

Can somebody please help, I've tried quickly searching on google for this answer and did not find anything explicitly addressing this issue. The answers that I've found on the internet, I fail to understand (and that may just be my foolishness). Please advise.

I also fail to understand how the following phrase could be interpreted on the matter I've mentioned above.
"kirt karni, naam japna, vand chhakna (to earn one’s living by the labour of one’s hands, to repeat the Name of God and to eat only after sharing with the others one’s victuals)" (SikhiWiki).

Thank you for your time.
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!!
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Postby neech_agyani_mahapapi » Fri Oct 26, 2007 1:46 pm

Waheguru ji ka khalsa , Waheguru ji ki fateh

Its just my opinion , i also use to think of same thing many a times.....
I think what we should think of is our krit, our karam.... Sikhi has tought us about "vand ke chakhna' te Garib naal vand ke chakhan to wada punn taan koi vi nai hai..... Je tusi Guru Nanak di golak vich kuch paana hai taan garib nu de deo... Garib nu dita rab nu dite saman hai.... what we do should be done in a good faith.....
IF begger use that money in a wrong way, then its his bad karam....
And in front of dharmraj.... we will be asked about only our good and bad karam.... Sab aapne karma de aap bhogi hunde ne....

If we see a begger, and it looks like that he is really hungry, and at that time if we dont give him anything.... then it will be a sin... we should not think of what he will do of the money we are giving him....

But at the same time the question rises that by doin this we r motivating them to beg more ......
so wat i think is..... if there is a gurudwara near by... then we should motivate them to do seva inside .... and as a reward u can give him whatever u want..... .. or motivate him to listen to keertan or do sewa in langar....
te ohnu langar chakhan nu kaho..... es tarah.... tuhadi jholi vich kai nek karam jud jaange.... te ho sakda hai Waheguru us Garib di sewa vekh ke ohda vi uddhar kar den....

Je koi bhul Chuk Ho Gayi hove taan es agyani , neech, mahapapi nu mafi bakhsho
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