Large LED Screens at Harimander Sahib - Donation requested

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Large LED Screens at Harimander Sahib - Donation requested

Postby admin » Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:23 pm

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Vaaheguroo jee kaa Khaalsaa. Vaaheguroo jee kee Fateh..

With Guroo Saaheb Jee’s blessings, Sangat in Toronto has taken the project of installing outdoor LED Screens at Sree Darbaar Saaheb (concept photos attached) for spreading the message of Gurbaanee to the visitors visiting Sree Darbaar Saaheb. The outdoor screens will let Sangat in circumambulation/parkarmaa (irrespective of weather) read the translation of Gurbaanee and get the message of Guroo Saaheb Jee. Some of you must have seen these types of outdoor LED screens in downtown Toronto. We have received the approval from SGPC for the installation and now we need to raise funds to accomplish this project. This project requires a lot of monetary resources and we count on you for the contribution in this huge Sevaa. Here is how you can contribute:

1. Mail or Drop-off the cheque to one of the following addresses:
Gursewa Charitable Society, 23 Pennyroyal Cres., Brampton, ON, L6S 6J7, Canada
Gursewa Charitable Society, 30 Hefferon Crt., Brampton, ON, L6Y 5J3, Canada

2. Pay on-line using Paypal/VISA/MC/AMEX/DEBIT, etc.

The goal is to install four screens at the each corner of circumambulation/parkarmaa but we’re starting with one screen for now for various reasons. One Outdoor LED screen is going to cost us around $50,000 USD. Receipts for Income Tax purposes will be issued to all and expenses details will be available to anyone at anytime.

If you require any additional info, please e-mail us at Sewa@Gursewa.Org or call Parminder Singh at 416-358-4817.

PS:- Please spread the message to your friends, relatives and other Sangat so that they can also contribute to this huge Sevaa.
Possible Concept Pic
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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!!
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